Filament Complete Lines

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  • AC29/310819/BG/
    Zimmer / Barmag Direct Spinning POY
    Zimmer / Barmag Direct Spinning POY
    Quantity: 3 Line
    Line 1:
    Automatic Winder, Year: 1998, Model: BN 90, Capacity: 20 ton/day, 144 positions, Diameter of spikes mm: 100
    Line 2:
    Year: 1998, Model: BN 90, Capacity: 20 ton/day, 144 positions, Diameter of spikes mm: 100
    Line 3:
    Year: 2000, Model: BN 90, Capacity: 20 ton/day, 180 positions, Diameter of spikes mm: 85
  • AB60/150719/
    Quantity: 1, Year: 1999, FDY (CF) / POY line for the production of multifilament yarn based on polypropylene
    Neumag Extrusion Line, 6 position machinefe - each position can be set up individually. The Air Quench and diphyl can be adjusted for 3 positions. On each position both FDY (CF) or POY yarn can be produced. 6 threads per position, Standard count (FDY) : 300/80 den, Standard count (POY) : 240/40 den, The speed depends on the concentration of colouring. Extrusion equipment : 6 volumetric measuring devices with each 3 components (PP, 2 x masterbatch) 6 extruders with a capacity of each 50 kg/hour - 30 L/D, AC, inverter operated Diameter of the extruder ca 50 mm Drive power ca 22 kW, heating power ca. 4 x 5 kW 12 spinning pumps 72 spinnerets 145 mm 48 spinnerets 300/80 den, cross section : trilobal for FDY 24 spinnerets 240/40 den, cross section : round for POY 1 Vacuum station for the setup of the temperature for each diphyl line, per 3 positions 2 Diphylheaters 6 Air Quenches Yarnguides Jets - Heberlein and Temco 2x2 heated godets, length 300 mm Temperature : 140 °C 1 cold godet = chrome 6 winders with automatic doffing, yarn guided by wings cones of 170 mm - maximum diameter of the bobbins = 400 mm Fully equipped with a process control system with historical data
  • AA02/130619E/CRI-CI/F/DP/
    Year: 1994
    6 Pos.
    Equipped with:
    (3) BARMAG Extruders, Type 7E8/300, Year 1994, Dia. 300 mm
    Each with Colortronic Vacuum Conveying System ,Type CSB 4/4
    With Spinnpumps and Air Chambers
    (1) TRANE Chiller, Type 5-SE 17.5, Year 1994
    (1) Oven for Spinnerets
    (1) Silo for Granulate Dia. 3000 mm – Heigth 10.000 mm
    (6) OERLIKON-NEUMAG Camtras Autom. Doffing Winders
    3x Year 2014, 1x Year 2013, 1x Year 2011, 1x Year 2006
    Bobbinlength 290 mm, Dia. 80 mm
  • AF05/270519E/AALI/M/
    PP BCF Yarn Extrusion Line
    PP BCF Yarn Extrusion Line
    1 SML 3 colours pp bcf yarn extrusion line 2017 model, 4 positions, total 8 bobbins , Complete spinneret cleaning unit and heating oven, 1 superba heat setting line 2002 model, 24 ends, 1 rieter cable twisting line 2008 model, 136 ends, 2 x Compressor ingersoll Rand 2016 model, 75 kw each, Chiller 2016 model, 73 Tr, Stainless Steel tanks , Pallet wrapping robot, All Lab equipments included
  • AC29/230519/BP/
    Neumag BCF
    Neumag BCF
    Quantity: 1, Year: 2008 , Type : Sytic , 2 extruders , 2 dosing doteco gravmetric , 6 positions each one bobbin , 6 tons capacity at 2100 dtex , Below one video show the machine, With chiller and compressor, Mono color, It's especiall Machine that each winder one bobbin
  • AC29/230519E/YOL-X/F/
    SML BCF Line
    SML BCF Line
    Quantity: 1, Year: 2012, Tri color and can do mono , 3 extruders , 3 dosing doteco gravmetric , 4 winders SAHM each 2 ends , 6 tons capacity at 2000 dtex , Machine in Running condition
  • AC29/200519E/LCI-CI/M/AS/
    Neumag BCF Line
    Neumag BCF Line
    Quantity: 1, Year: 2002, Model: NPT , 3 extruders , Dosing doteco gravimetric 2007 , 6 winders each 3 ends , 10 tons capacity at 2000 dtex ,
    Machine stopped from 2013 until 2017 , In 2017 totally renewed at Eur 160,000 cost, Machine running in good production condition
  • AF63/180519D/RLII/M/BQ/
    Polyester FDY Lines-TMT
    Polyester FDY Lines-TMT
    Year: 2008, Total Positions: 48, Total Winders: 48, 12 Ends Each, ATI-615 R/12 (2008), Line1: 12 winders, Line2 : 12 winders, Line3A:6 winders, Line3B: 6winders, Line4: 12 winders, Total Ends: 576 Ends all in good working condition, Total Extruders: 5 Nos. Chips Dryer: 4 Nos. (Crystalliser & Chips Dryer), Chips Conveying: 3 Nos. Wet Chips Hopper: 4 Nos. Master Batch Dryer: 3 Nos. Dry Chips Hopper: 5 Nos. Color Dosing: 2 Nos. Spinnerets: Dia 85mm, Monthly Production is approximately 1000 MT on an average 75 D, All utilities are also available. Installed in Its Place.
  • AC11/100519D/LRI-RI/M/CW/
    Barmag PES POY/FDY Spinning Plant
    Barmag PES POY/FDY Spinning Plant
    Quantity: 1, Year: 2005, 6 + 6 positions high-speed spinning and winding machines comprising:

    Line A:
    6 pos. of High-Speed spinning for production of POY applying 10 end spinning and winding technique
    Maximum capacity amounts to 7,500 kg/d of POY
    Product ranQE: 70150 den(final)l24-144 filaments

    Line B:
    6 pos. High-Speed spinning tor production of FDY, applying 12 end spinning stretching and winding technique.
    Maximum capacity amounts to 8,300 KG/d of FDY.
    Product range: 70-150 den(final)l24-72 filaments
  • AF60/140419/AS/
    SML BCF Line
    SML BCF Line
    Quantity: 1, Year: 2012, Trciolur bcf line., 5 tons per day production., Extra one more winder line.
  • AE45/310517E/OY-Y/M/BK/
    Plasticisers BCF Line
    Plasticisers BCF Line
    Quantity: 1, Year: 1997, Model: BCF/2S, Production rate: 100 Kg/hr,Denier range: 3000 -1200,Mechanical speed : 3000 m/min ,Extruder Speed: 60 mm,2 winder, model 2002R
  • AC64/060319/BL/
    Complete State Of The Art Technology POY, HOY, DTY Line
    Complete State Of The Art Technology POY, HOY, DTY Line
    - For the production of Nylon Polyamide 6 Yarn, in both raw white and dope dyed.
    - Spinning machines produce both POY and HOY in both Raw white and colored dope dyed. It could produce from 50 dtex upto 200 dtex
    - Capacity production depends on the dtex, approximately dtex 50-120 around 1.5 ton/for each spinning line so in total 3 tons for both lines,
    from 130-200 around 5 tons for both/ 2.5 each, ending up with POY or HOY nylon 6 yarn.
    - After taking to texturizing machines, for 50-120 dtex is 800 kg for each machine with total of 1.6 ton for both in generating texturized dty yarn from 45-95 dtex .
    - Further, for 130-200 dtex is 1300 kg for each machine with total of 2.6 ton for both in generating texturized dty yarn from 100-150 dtex.
    - Operating Period Duration: Installation completed by end of 2009, production was from 2010 to March 2011, almost 14 months.
    Including all Utilities
    Year of make ‎‎2007-2008
    it's almost a new line
    Not used much after installation.‎
    for the production of Nylon Yarn PA6 Polyamide 6 yarn in both POY as spinning machines and ‎DTY as texturizing machines.‎
    ‎2 Spinning machines manufactured in 2008 Type 9E11/24D with ACW wing winders.‎
    ‎2x Texturizing Machines, Oerlikon Barmag, model EAFKHQ, 576 positions with 4 deck ‎construction. ‎
    Chillers from trane company, year 2008, model numbers EKR2XXX EKR3XXX‎
    Pressure Vessel,from Maschinen and Behalterbau Gmbh Germany, year ‎‎2008,
    LTG air-water systems and inductions units, and, year ‎‎2007, serial number 758XXXX type 2400/3100/2520‎
    Compressors, Kaeser brand, year 2008‎
    Ultrasonic cleaning machines
    A dosing unit from Colortronic Company Germany,
  • AF46/061218D/TLII/M/BQ/
    FDY Polyester Filament Line
    FDY Polyester Filament Line
    Quantity: 1
    Denier range we were producing was from 20 Denier to 300 Denier.
  • AC29/081218E/CCLI-YI/M/AS/
    BCF Neumag S Plus Mono Color For PP
    BCF Neumag S Plus Mono Color For PP
    Quantity: 1
    All machines 2013 and start in work in 2014
    2 extruders
    2 dosing doteco gravmetric
    4 winders each 3 ends
    Capacity 10 tons at 2000 detex

    cabling Volkmann VTS 05-C
    Quantity : 3
    Each :
    176 spindles
    285 diameter

    Superba TVP3
    Quantity : 1
    72 spindles
    With dryer
    B401 winders

    One compressor Atlas Copco 160 kw with inverter
    One compressor Atlas Copco 160 kw no inverter
    One cheller Tren capacity enough for line
  • AA44/281118E/CCI/M/
    Fare Tape Extrusion Line
    Fare Tape Extrusion Line
    Quantity: 1, Year: 1985, The line is suitable for PP tapes for Raffia, agro and geotextiles., Output max. 350 kg/h., The line is composed of:
    Extruder, RM dosing unit, Thickness control, Motor cooling, Spinning pump, Deye head, Air knife, Chill roll, First godet, Stretching oven, Second godet, Relaxation oven, Relaxation godet, Third godet, Cooling, Safety fences for godets, Tape winders SAHM type 260, Thermo oil boiler, Dosing is volumetric
  • AC56/201118E/TLL-RI/M/AS/
    Neumag BCF Line
    Neumag BCF Line
    Quantity: 1, Year: 2004, MODEL: NPT, TRICOLOR
  • AC29/101018E/ALLI/M/AS/
    Neumag S+
    Neumag S+
    Quantity:1, Year:2012 capacity 15 tons, 6 winders
  • AC29/101018E/AAII/M/AS/
    Neumag S+
    Neumag S+
    Quantity:1, Year: 2011, Capacity 10 tons, 4 winders
  • AC29/120918E/SLI-AII/M/AS/
    Neumag S 5
    Neumag S 5
    Quantity: 1,Year: 2006 , Tri color and working mono , For PP and Naylon ( polyamide )
    3 extruders , 3 dosing doteco , 6 winders each 3 ends
    Capacity : 10 to 12 tons , New steel frame 2018 , Machine renewed 2018 and needs one month to be in production
  • AA44/160818/ ( Sold )
    PLANTEX BCF Extrusion Line
    PLANTEX BCF Extrusion Line
    Quantity:1, Year:1998, 12-threads, 3 extruder. 800 dtex to 3000 dtex PP or PA-BCF yarn uni colour or tricolour. Production capacity approx. 230 kg/h. Spinning jets and sundry spare parts (motors etc.) available. The line is reconditioned and ready to use. Electronics are latest standard, A/C motors and inverters were re-newed. Dosing system and chillers included. Improvements done on the line: Electronics on godets re-newed, texturizing jets improved. Additional information: 1-All motors are new A/C inverter drive. 2-Air condition new. 3-Dosing system new. 3-Electrical cooling system added and cabinet are cooled recirculating. 4-Control panel is touch type all plc system. 4-The machine is reconditioned and painted. It was never used for production since then and worked on test run only to check good function. 1. Electrical System: All have been renewed with ABB drives (UK) and Danfoss inverters. 2. Machine Winder: Cognesint Synthetic Line (Model TS 36) Bologna Italy, 3. Maximum speed of winder: 2500 m/min, 4. Speed of godet: 660-3330 rpm and 1200-5040 rpm (DIENES Germany), 5. Heat Zones: Each position has 3 godets which all of them are heated. 7. Machine melt pump: Its from Original Plantex Line Italy
    8. Water Pump and Oil pump: Water Pump - DAB Pumps Italy / Oil Pump is from original Plantex Line Italy, 9. Press Interlacing: Its from original Plantex Line - TEMCO Textilmaschinenkomponenten GmbH Germany, 10. Dosing System: Brand new with servo motors (ESTUN), The Control panel is from BEKHOFF Germany. The two chillers which are re-newed are TRUST chillers.
  • AE21/230718E/YCI-CI/M/AY/
    POY Complete Lines
    POY Complete Lines
    Year:1997, Ventilator Model AEL 4.5KW, Power Resistance 90KW, capacity 10000 Mts3/Hour. Ventilator, Model AEL 15KW Power Resistance 45KW, capacity of 16000 M3/Hour, 6 Cooling yarns store rooms, 1 Chiller Carrier GH60 Power 95KW Average working temperature 7ºC year 1998, Water pumps and deposit connected with Chiller working systems, Cooling yarns store rooms in weighting, 6 polymer pumps 2.4 x 6cc, 7 Motor reducers of polymer pumps, 6 Oil pumps silage 0.06x12cc, 7 Geared motors of pumps of oil silage, 2 Oil tanks silage of 100LTs, 2 Deposits with shaker for oil silage with capacity of 200lts each time, 1 Dryer (drying capacity of 200Kg per hour), motor 15KW and incorporated resistances with electric board beside, 3 Fan Motors connected with the drying system: Fan Air Feed Motor 2.2KW Capacity 2300 M3/Hour; Fan Extraction Air drying Motor 18.5KW Capacity 2620 mt3/Hour; Fan Extraction Air Regeneration drying Motor 0.55KW Capacity 1150 M3/Hour. 1 Mounter also connected with the motor drying 0.18KW, Complete electrical boards (Control of automatic process), 1 Extruder EOC 90 year 1989 Motor 55KW Resistances 32KW average working Temperature 285ºC, Line C with capacity of dosage 130Kg per hour, 284DTEx 3140Kg Day, 140DTEx 1548Kg Day, 105DTEx 1161Kg Day, 85DTEx 940Kg Day, 60DTEx 663Kg Day, 1 stock screw for Extruder EOC 90. 1 Extruder EM60 FO year 1997 Motor 45KW Resistance 26KW Medium working Temperature 285ºC Line D with dosage capacity 65Kg per hour 284DTEx 1570Kg Day, 140DTEx 774Kg Day, 105DTEx 580Kg Day, 85DTEx 470Kg Day, 60DTEx 332Kg Day 1 stock screw for Extruder EM60. 2 Motors for Polymer PET transport by helicoidally spring internal deposits. 7 Cognesin Winders medium working speed of 3200 meters per minute. 1 Pulse vein to transport PET to the internal circuit with internal circuit with automatized system. 1 Silo with capacity of 25.000Kg of PET., 1 Equipment with Compressor incorporated to transport polymer (can be received in bags of 1000Kg or in bulk) to the silos supply, 2 filtration Blocs of PET incorporated with both filters each line, 2 Dosing devices line C: 1= Engin Plast DG 15 dosing from 0.300Gr to 10Kg 1= Ketron 0.500Gr to 10Kg, Obs. Can produce mate yarns; Anti fire; Antibacterial; Anti UV; others… 2 Dosing devices line D: 1= Engin Plast DG 15 dosing form 0.300Gr to 10Kg 1= Ketron 0.500Gr to 10Kg, Obs. Can produce mate yarns; Anti Fire; Antibacterial; Anti UV; others… 1 drying glasshouse of dyes year 1997 with capacity of drying +/- 50Kg each time., 1 drying glasshouse of dyes year 1994 with capacity of drying +/- 30Kg each time. Die heads of 10 Filaments, Die heads of 24 Filaments, Die heads of 36 Filaments, Die heads of 48 Filaments, Die heads of 68 Filaments, Die heads of 72 Filaments, Die heads of 96 Filaments, Die heads of 36 Oco, Die heads Multilobal, Die heads Octolobal, Die heads Triangular, Die heads Trilobal, Die heads Cross Section, 1 Boiler Line C ORLANDI Maximum working values 2.5Bar/350ºC; Medium working values 0. 7Bar/283ºC Power 66KW; Diathermic liquid Capacity 850LTs, 1 Boiler Line D ORLANDI maximum working Values 2.5Bar/320ºC; Medium working values 0. 7Bar/283ºC Power 36KW; Diathermic liquid Capacity 620LTs, 1 Oven to burn PET from: die heads; pumps; static mixers and others, 1 washing equipment by glass microspheres to wash materials: Blocs of die heads and others, 1 Ultrasound to wash die heads and others at +/- 80ªC. 1 Microscope to inspect die heads. 1 Press for assembly rings on the spinning frames., Electric boards connected to the control of polymer pumps; oil pumps of silage and extrusion, 4 deposits of PET internal supplies: 1= 400Kg PET; 1= 560Kg PET; 1=260Kg e 1= 50Kg, 1 Oven year 1989 die heads heating; polymer pumps and others, 1 Oven year 1994 die heads heating; polymer pumps and others
  • AE21/230718E/RAL-AL/M/AY/
    POY Complete Lines
    POY Complete Lines
    Quantity:1, Year:1998, POY Yarns; Textured Yarn and Raw Material; Coloured POY Yarn; Mates; Anti UV; Fire retardant; Anti-Bacterial MuktiFilaments, Microfilaments, Hollows, Triangulars; Trolobals, etc,
    1 x Line is composed by 4 COGNESINT Winders and can produce maximum +/- 3140 kgs, condition:stopped but can be inspected in working conditions,
    1 x Line is composed by 2 COGNESINT Winders and can produce maximum +/- 1570 kgs, Condition:still in Production,
    THESE LINES ARE COMPOSED OF FOLLOWING MACHINES: 2 LEONARD Extrusors capacity +/- 200kgs/hour; Year:1990, 2 Diathermic Liquid Deposits; 6 Boilers: 2 Filter Blocks PET; 1 Filter Blocks PET Washing Machines; 1 Dryer capacity +/- 400 kgs/hour; 3 Fan related to the Drying System; 1 Munters to remove the moisture from the air; 4 PET Deposits of the internal circuit with capacity to 5000 kgs +/-, Extrusors Boards; Drying Boards; Year:1990, 12 Reductor Motors related to the PET pumps; 6 PET pumps; 12 Reductor Motors related to the oil pumps; 12 Oil Pumps; The rande of Denier or Dtex is 60 to 290 Denier/Dtex;These Lines are now stopped but still erected in mil floor;
  • AA01/110718E/CLI/M/AR/
    Neumag BCF Extrusion Line
    Neumag BCF Extrusion Line
    Quantity:1, Year:1994, 8 position – 2 end per position, Single Extruder 6 inch diameter – L/D 28 with automatic screen change unite, Colortronic dosing system, Produce BCF-PP yarn from 1000 to 3000 dtex, 10 ton production at 2900 dtex, Including 2 setS of spinnerets
  • AC61/070418E/TOL-CL/M/BP/ ( Sold )
    Neumag BCF Yarn S5
    Neumag BCF Yarn S5
    Quantity:1, Year:2006, 6 positions, 3 ends, Tri-color, 12mT/day @2600Dtex for PP & PA6, Status: running in good condition