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Gaudino Worsted Ring Spinning Frame with Schlafhorst Cone Winder

2 Link coners lines composed of:
GAUDINO Worsted Ringspinning Frame
mod. FPT 260/LA Year 2000/1999, 720 spindles, spinning finger, gauge 82,5 mm., ring dia. 51 mm., draft SKF PK1601, updated 2012 audodoffing type Idea,
Caddy for transfer to:
Mod.338V, Year 2001, 28 heads, 6″, 4°20, splicer, waxer, clearers Uster Quantum II C20 F23.


Gaudino Ring Spinning Frames

Quantity: 2, Year: 1990, 144 spindles, Pitch 165mm, Ring dia 127mm, Tubes 500 mm, With automatic cops doffer, condensor bobbin elevator, condensor bobbin transport system, automatic joining/connection of ends.
linked with: 1x Murata Winder
14 spindles 8″, tubes 3°30, length 230mm, splicer, Loepfe clearer TK 680, doffer, 380V/3Ph/50HZ
Still running, in good condition


Gaudino Ring Spinning Frame FP99/260LA

Quantity: 3, Year: 1999, Model: FP99/260LA
528 spindles – spindle gauge 75 mm. – ring diameter 48 mm. – tube height 260 mm. – spindles
equipped with finger type spinning head – with automatic doffing without loaders (pre-arranged
for link to coner) – SKF PK 1601- 3 rollers – supplied with Magitex travelling cleaner – included
spinning tubes


Gaudino FST Woollen Spinning Frames

Quantity: 4


1 x Gaudino FST, 236 spindles, one side.

Ring dia. 75 mm.


1 x Gaudino FST, 472 spindles (236 spindles each side)

Ring dia. 90 mm.


2 x Gaudino FST, 236 spindles each, one side.

Ring dia. 75 mm. Automatic doffing.


Gaudino Carded Spinning Frames FST/D

Quantity: 2, Year: 1996, 236 spindles each, ring dia. 75 mm., tube 350 mm., automatic doffing