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Picanol Weaving Mill

16x Picanol looms Optimax-8-R, year 2007
ww. 2200 mm, Stäubli electr. dobby 2861, FF (free flight), 20 levers capacity (16 installed), 8 colours, 6 pre-feeder Luna C2, with QSC (quick style change), reinforced / heavy execution, ETU (on loom take-up), EWL (electr. warp let-off), ELSY selvedge device, 6 contact bars, 10-12 heald frames, 5000
heddles and droppers, 4 cloth roller, 1,5 beams, Neuenhauser batcher (Kohl centre batcher for big rolls on A-frame optional)

4x Picanol looms Optimax-i-8-R, year 2018 (installed in 2019)
ww. 2200 mm, 8 colours, 6 pre-feeder IRO Luna X2, Stäubli electr. dobby 3060, 20 levers capacity (all installed), with QSC (quick style change), 10-12 heal frames, 6 contact bars, ELSY leno selvedge device, ETU (electr. on loom take-up), EWL (electr. warp let-off), 10-12 heald frames, 4 cloth rolls, 1,5 warp
beams (dia. 940 mm), 5000 heddles and droppers, batcher (Kohl centre batcher for big rolls on A-frame optional) – less running hours

4x Picanol looms Gammax-8-R, year 2004
ww. 2200 mm, with Dracup (UK) elctr. name selvedge jacquard HS2000Servo, side tuck-in units, Stäubli electr. dobby 2861, 20 levers capacity (all installed), 8 colours, QSC (quick style change), ETU (electr. on loom take-up), EWL (electr. warp let-off), ELSY selvedge device, optional Kohl centre batcher for
big rolls on A-frame

1x Karl Mayer sectional warper BAND-O-MATIC, year 1997
ww. 2200 mm, waxing device, beam pressure device, reeding-in device (2006), Benninger creel (2006), H-type, 480 positions, electr. stop motion, pneumatic roller brakes, gauge 400 mm

1x Benninger sectional warper BEN-MATIC, year 1999
ww. 2200 mm, waxing device, beam pressure device, reeing-in device, Benninger creel, H-type, 384 positions, gauge 330 mm, electr. stop motion, pneum. roller brakes

1x Karl Mayer sample warper ROM 2 , year 2000
12 colours DART pre-feeder, rotary and standard creel

1x SSM winder DP1-D, year 2013
40 positions, Digicone, Preciflex

2x Kohl inspection tables ST-P 1900, ww. 2200 mm, year 1999

2x M-Tec inspection and winding machines MMS, ww. 2400 mm, year 1998

1x Moers high pile folding machine, ww.

2x Uster knotting machines Topmatic PC with frames ww. 2200 mm

1x Genkinger beam lifter for quick change

3x Atlas Copco compressors with dryer

1x Linde fork lifter, 3 tons

1x Brand (Aachen) selvedge winder with creel

Many spare parts, beam lifters, trolleys , warp beams, cloth rollers, etc.

Split sale possible


New & Never Used Industrial Fabric Plant


Sectional Warping:

Model UI-505SI eXpert
Year of Manufacture 2020
3800mm Maximum Warping Width
2400mm Cone Length
5 deg incline angle
300 meter per min Max Warping Speed
600N Warping Tenmsion
Maximum Section Width 600mm
Single Roller Beaming Stand
Maximum Beam Flange Diameter 1000mm
Maximum Beaming Speed 100MPM
Maximum Beaming Tension 1300 kg
Full computer control

1x UKIL Automatic Leasing Stand
Model eXpert Leaser
One touch operation

1x UKIL Roll Off Creel
312 ends total
6 rows High x 13 Long
Arranged in 2 banks Double sided
Unrolled Packages
270mm package centers vertical and horizontal
UKIL Tension units Type CRG-200F
Max Tension capacity 200 grams per end
Drop wire broken end detectors
Static eliminator bar at the creel front



15x Brand New PICANOL Rapier Looms
Type OptiMax-I – 4P-380
Year of Manufacture October 2020
Working width 380cm
4 color weft electors
Staubli Positive Cam Shedding
Type 1692 with 8 lever capacity
8 Levers and * cams Installed
Off Loom Take up Type PBM3-C380
Single Beam Execution
Electronic Let Off 1000mm beam diameter
With Double Back Rest Roller Tensioning
With TSF Electronic sensoring
Sumo Econo Drive
Electronic Take up
ELSY Selvedge units
Each Machine Supplied with
1 Warp Beam
1 Batcher PBM3-C380
4 Weft Feeders – IRO Chrono X3
8 Harness frames with DRC30 connections
1 Grob Warp Stop Motion type KFW 5601
Heddle Wires
Dropper wires


Weave Preparation:

Model Magna T12
Year of Manufacture 2020
Lease to Lease operation

1x New STAUBLI Warp Tying Frame
4-meter wide


Year of Manufacture 2020
Battery Operated
Personnel walk behind
Maximum warp width 4 meter
With Beam lifting arms
Maximum Flange Diameter 100mm
Maximum Frame capacity 20 Harness Frames



Type: FX 8
Year: 2018
Range: continuous tubular or flat fabric in PP or HDPE
Thread count: 1680
Creel positions: 1728
Number of shuttles: 8
Weave speed (max.): 850 rpm
Weft density: 20-75 /10 cm
Warp/weft bobbin inner diameter: 35 mm
Length of warp/weft bobbin: 218 mm
Maximum diameter over warp: 180 mm
Maximum weft diameter: 120 mm
Winding roll diameter: 1200 mm
with Web take-off device
with Electric lubrication device
with SmartTRONIC machine controller
with Machine evaluation system


59,000 NEW STARLINGER Dura Core Bobbins



7x AMTRAC Needle Looms
Model 4-75, 4 Head, 75mm wide tapes, Year 2019

9x AMTRAC Needle Looms
Model 6-50, 6 Head, 50mm wide tapes, Year 2019

1x AMTRAC Needle Looms
Model 8-30, 8 Head, 30mm wide tapes, Year 2019



1x STC Spinnzwirn (Starlinger Group) Two for One Twister
Model DD 2000
Year 2019
4 Position
Double Sided 2 position per side
Enclosed Pot position
With lubrication
Pot Diameter up to 350mm
Take up Package tube length 330mm
Maximum Bobbin Diameter 320mm
500 – 16,000 Denier Range
20 to 150 turns per meter
Take up speed 70 to 500 meter per min



One Lot of 49 Heavy Gauge Industrial Sewing Machines
Industrial Canvas, Lifting Straps etc
Comprising of:

2x JUKI Industrial Sewing Machines
Model LU151N70BBZZ/M51NSC922AN/CP180C, With sewing table and stand, Year 2019

7x JUKI Industrial Sewing Machines
Model LU151N70BBZZ/M51NSC922AN/CP180C, With sewing table and stand, Year 2019

10x UNION SPECIAL Industrial Sewing Machines
Model 81300B2, 2 Needle, With sewing tables and stands, Year 2019

10x UNION SPECIAL Industrial Sewing Machines
Model 81300B2, 1 Needle, With sewing tables and stands, Year 2019

10x UNION SPECIAL Industrial Sewing Machines
Model 56100MZ27BT, 1 Needle, With sewing tables and stands, Year 2019

10x UNION SPECIAL Industrial Sewing Machines
Model 80700C4, 1 Needle, With sewing tables and stands, Year 2019



1x POLYTEK Bag Printing and Packing Line
Nominal Working width 1600mm, Year 2022

Comprising of:

2x POLYTEK Belt Cutting and Marking Machine
Model BCM.1200, Year 2022

1x POLYTEK Big Bag Flexographic Printer
Type FP1600 N, With 4 colors and 4 print heads, With Drying

1x POLYTEK Bag Cutting and Holding Machine
Model CH2200D, Year 2022

2x POLYTEK Vertical Balers
Type BP.2400, Hydraulic, 24 Ton, 8 KW, 200 Bar, Year 2022

5x POLYTEK Hand Wrapping Machines
Model Strapex, Year 2022

2x ROBOPAC Stretch Wrappers
Model Ecoplast KP, Turntable 30 inch diameter, Plastic Stretch wrap holder, Motor foo control, Year 2022



1x STARLINGER Plastic Re-Cycling Line
Model RecoStar Universal 65
Year Of Manufacture 2019
Recycling of Industrial Polymer waste
Non Wovens
Film, Lump and fiber
PP, PE, PS, PA, PES, PET, PPS, PLA and others
Into pelletized Chips
No Pre Cutting is Necessary
Conveyor Feed
Internal Shredder with rotary and stationary knives
Out put 150 to 1300 Kg Per Hour
Energy Consumption 0.2 to 0.35 KWh/kg
Extruder Screw Diameters 65 (24,40) mm
Feeding of Material via inclined conveyor
Edge Trim Cyclone
Cutting with single shaft cutter
Feeding ro single screw extruder
De-Gassing to purify the melt of contaminants.
Filtration of the melt without back flushing
Automatic Pelletizing
Storage silo



1x SCC Air Compressor
Model Focus22, 22 KW, Year 2021, Tolpec Gmbh, Germany

1x SCC Air Drier
Model DR330, Year 2021, Tolpec Gmbh, Germany

1x Shamal Air Compressor
Model 2.2 0.8 ES, Year 2021, 2.2 kw (3 HP), 8 Bar, With combined drier and air receiving tank, Shamal, Italy

1x Shamal Air Compressor
Model 22 0.8 VS, Year 2021, 22KW, 8 Bar

2x Vertical Air Receiving Tanks
Model RV900, Year 2021, Kharkiv Plant & Machinery, Ukraine

1x IPC Gasnow Floor Scrubber
Model CT160, Year 2018, IP Cleaning srl, Italy

Warranty Disclaimer

This is a sale of pre-owned goods which are being sold "as is" and "with all faults", and purchaser
acknowledges that there is no implied warranty that the goods shall be merchantable, or any implied
warranty that the goods shall be fit for any particular purpose, the purchaser acknowledges that it has
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description of the goods on the face of this invoice.
In no event shall Gibbs international, Inc, or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries be liable for special, collateral,
incidental, or consequential damages on account of this sale, any and all claims related to the goods and
the use and operation thereof must be directed to the original manufacturer.
Purchaser agrees to indemnify and hold the seller harmless from and against all damages, costs, and
expenses (including attorneys' fees) incurred by seller in the defense of personal injury claims brought by
persons injured while using the goods at the purchaser's premises, or while in the purchaser’s employment.


Complete Modern Weaving Plant

Consisting of Prepration & Weaving & Controlling and rolling.
Produce: very special Technical, wool and mix Fabrics.
Aprox loading in: 20 Trucks or Containers.
ALL MACHINES IS IN WORKING CONDITION till end of September 2023.


Quantity: 28 Looms

20x Picanol Optimax Rapier Weaving Machine Year: 2008-2010
Width 2200 mm, with Dobby type 2861 Staubli 16-18 Levers, 8 colour with 6 Accumulator type iro. Quick-Change system. each weaving 4 machine have 1 quick-change table. Extra Higth Performance speed machines.

4x Picanol Optimax-i Rapier weaving Machine Year: 2018
Width 2200 mm, with Dobby Staubli 16-18 Levers, 8 colour with 6 Accumulator type: iro. Quick-Change system. each weaving machine have 1 quick-change table.

4x Picanol Gamax Rapier weaving Machine with Jaquard DORKOP for side Weaving Year 2005
With Dobby Staubli 16-18 Levers, 8 colour with 6 Accumulator type Quick-Change system. each weaving machine have 1 quick-change table.

All weaving Machines is with Baching Center motion KOHLE.

Weaving prepration and Controlling:

1) KARL MAYER Section Warper, Width: 2200 mm with Crell.TYPE: BOM, Year 2000 with CRELL BENINGER YEAR 2015. 480 position crell. Width 2400 mm.
2) BENNINGER Section warper Width 2200 mm. TYPE: BEN MATIC, YEAR 2002 . 380 position Creel.
3) KARL MAYER SAMPLE WARPER ROM 12 colour. Year: 2002.
4) SSM Doubling machine, Year 2002 with 40 HEAD Beams.
5) 2x pice CORD SLITTING MACHINES Menschner.
6) 1x GENGIGER Liftrak Linde 3 Ton.
7) 3x Compressor ATLAS COPCO.
8) MORES Plainting machine for CORD.
9) 4x Table for Rolling. Mending , controlling Menschner.
10) 2x Knotting machine ustermatik. Topmatic USTER with trolly 2200 mm.
11) 1x Lift for Quick-chang GENGINKER.
12) Different Beam Lifter.
13) Full spareparts and accessories Raum for all machines.
15) Weftstraigtner PLEVA Year 2016.


Complete Weaving Unit

Can be sold SEPARATELY, comprising:
1x BENNINGER warper BEN-EGOTRONIC, year 1998, 250 cm, 2 creels of 400 spindles
2x BENNINGER warpers Type SUPERTRONIC, year 1992, width 220 cm, creel 480 spindles
4x SULZER RUTI air-jet looms, Type 5400, year 2004, width 230cm, STAUBLI dobby Type 2881, 16 shafts, with inspection machine + batcher
24x SULZER RUTI air-jet looms, Type 5300, year 2000, width 210cm, Dobby STAUBLI Type 2861, 16 shafts
24x SULZER RUTI air-jet looms, Type 5200, year 1997, width 190cm, Dobby STAUBLI Type 2580RS, 16 shafts
3x TESTA Type 111 BGDF inspection machines, width 180 cm, year 2002, CORINO centring and labelling table
1x TESTA inspection and rolling machine, year 2003, width 180 cm
2x Inspection, measuring/cutting machines Type 111 BT EK8 CM, year 2002, 180 cm
1x BEKA packing machine, year 1998, with longitudinal sealing


Complete Denim Plant

Including: Ring Spinning, Open End Spinning, Weaving, Finishing, and all accessories.
8,640 spindles Ring Spinning Line
1,920 spindles Open End Spinning
112 Fabric Looms
Dyeing machines
Finishing Machines
Yarn and Fabric Labs
Ready made DENIM, 900,000 meter (1m Yard)

See Encloses Pictures of machines, PDF details, Videos of the machines.