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SSM Precision Winder DP1-D

Quantity: 1, Year: 2005, With system DIGICONE preciflex, 40 positions (8 sections of 5 positions), Cylindrical cones 6” to 10” (conical upto 4°20) with feeding. For precision winding or the step-by-step precision winding DIGICONE. device serves optionally for winding, assembly or surface treatment. Processes all common yarns consisting of natural or synthetic fibers up to yarn number max. 3300dtex, command with LC-display & touch screen. 3x380V / 50-60Hz.


SSM Assembly Winders & Savio Twisters

1x SSM Assembly Winder
Year: 1998-2002, mod.DPY, 60 heads, 20 heads updated 2018 with Precicontrol electronic cards, delivery 8″ cylind., max 3 ends, 10 heads 4 ends, autodoffing, 2 Acqua splicer Mesdan 492, 2 Magitex blowers.

2x SAVIO 2×1 Twisters mod. TDS
Year: 1995-1981, 190M, 372 spindles each, feeding 8″, delivery 6″, 4°20, air threading device, blower.

1x SAVIO 2×1 Twister mod.GEMINIS
Year: 2002, 202B, 360 spindles, feeding 8″, delivery 6″, 4°20, air threading device, blower.


SSM Assembly Winder DP1-D

Quantity: 1, Year 2000, Nos. 30 Spindles, Exit 8”, Tube 200 mm cylindrical, Automatic doffing, Traveller cleaner, Yarn tensioner with motor control, Plc model V1.520.01 , Exterior creel (nos. 20 Spindels 4 ply – nos. 10 spindels 12 ply), Condition: Running


SSM PS6 D Doubler

Quantity: 1, Year: 2006, 30 spindles, 8” traverse, 2 ply creel, Sohler OH cleaner.


SSM Electronic Assembly Winder DP-W

Quantity: 1, Year: 1999, Precision cross winding adjustable by control panel, Individual drive per spindle, Frequency inverter, Traverse length from 100 to 250 mm. infinitely, Take up tube length 275 mm. or 10″ 3°30, Control panel to set working parameters, External feeding creel , 4 ply, Blower, Refurbished.

Machine can be supplied with:


20 heads with autodoffing.


20 heads without autodoffing.


25 heads without autodoffing.


SSM Assembly Winder

Quantity: 1, Year: 2000/2001, mod.DP1-D, n.45 heads, pitch 8” (200 mm), tube diameter 43 mm
feeding from external creel with 3 ply + reserve,n.3 yarn presence sensors in the creel + internal creel 2 ply, n.2 yarn presence sensors in the machine
cutter, automatic doffing
additional meter counter, one per head to increase, precision in metering


SSM Assembly Winder MDF 400

Quantity: 1, Year: 1997, 28 positions
Air jet HEBERLEIN P212, 4-end rotating creel, waxing, traverse up to 10″ , Suitable from 15 to 3300 dtex.


SSM PW 1-F Rewinding

Quantity: 1, Year: 1998­, 42 Spindles left side, Exit cylindrical 8” (230 mm) – diameter interior 85 mm – external 95 mm, Oil dispositive, yarn tensioner, Yarn sensor, Manual doffing, Computer for program all work parameter, Kind of yarn filament yarn, smooth yarn, texturized yarn, elastic yarn, silk, Range of counts: 10 – 10.000 dtex, Individual drive for each spindle, 400 volts 50 hz.dismantled


SSM Assembling Winder

Quantity: 1, Year: 2006, 48 heads, Precicontrol head board, Electronic yarn guide, Mandrel, Precision crossing, Pitch 6”- 8 “(200 mm), Conical tube length 230 mm – diam.internal base 56 mm-diam.tip 30 mm, lower creel with three feeding heads, Positive overfeeder.


Volkmann VTS 08 Twisting & SSM Doubler

3 x Volkman VTS 08 Twister:
Year: 2003/2002, 260 head, Pot diamater: 16 cm, Pot deep: 6 inch, Delivery cones: 4.20-6 inch, Machines has dual motor (2 drive) this is very good thing. Right and left is independent motor drive. Luwa traveller blower, Air yarn end finder: yes, Brake pedal: yes, Reserve: yes, Machine lenght: 31 meter long.

2x SSM Doubler:
Year: 2003/2002, 30 head, Drum take up type, Delivery 6 inch tube, 2 ply, Traveller blower, Yarn break sensor yes, Inside creel.


SSM Assembly Winder/ Covering

Quantity: 1, Year: 1997, Type: MFD 400, 28 positions, Air jet HEBERLEIN P212, 4-end rotating creel, Waxing device, Traverse up to 10″, Suitable from 15 to 3300 dtex.