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Kusters Calender

Quantity: 1
Year: 1985
used 3 rolls thermobonding calender
Working width: 3200 mm, type 413.50, Machine/order number 10 62 470 4
Nominal width: 3700 mm, fabrics width: 3500 mm / conversion to 3200 mm
Total force: 555 kN, Line force: 150 N/mm, production speed: 10-150 m/min
Roller equipment:
1 swimming roller Kusters (S-roller); 1 Racolan; 1 steel roller
Technical documentation and electrical documents available
Special feature: Heat exchanger is part of the scope of delivery.
Electric heater no longer active, so conversion to heating via external thermal oil system (not included)
Ready for operation, line in very good technical condition


Bombi Calender

Quantity: 1, Year: 1998, Type: CAL 2C/5.7, Width: 5700mm, Two hard chromed and polished rollers (dia 700 mm), max pressure 20 t with air pistons, min. gap 0,14 mm, max opening 60 mm, felt thickness max 20 mm, speed: 1.2m/min to 12 m/min, max temp 260 C, yoc: 1998 including oil boiler.


Olbrich Calender

Quantity: 1, Year: 1994, Width: 2600mm, horizontal 2-roll thermobonding, smoothing and embossing calender. Max fabric width 2400 mm, max hydraulic pressure 20 tons, heated embossing roll – 450 mm dia, max speed 300 m/min. Electrical cabinet, maneuver panel, drive unit, counter pressure cylinder, embossing cylinder. Heating capacity max 200 kW. 1 embossed spare roll and 1 rubber spare roll.


Ramisch Kleinewefers Double Cylinder Thermobonding Calender

Quantity: 1, Year: 1982, ww: 2.5 m.


Comerio Ercole Spa Nonwoven Calender

Quantity: 1, Year: 1996, Model NT 2/480×2700 mm, With 2 Oil Heated Cilinder in Vertical execution and 2 Cooling CIlinders.
IncLusive of: Heat regulation, Oil Unit, Double Drive of 76 Kw in CC .Machine designed also for perforation, Pressure : 200 N/mm, Electrical Cabinet :2012-2015, Equipped (but it can mount also 480 mm diameter), 1x Smooth Cilinder 410×2700, 1x Engraved CIlinders 410×2700.


Comerio Ercole Spa Nonwoven Calender

Quantity: 1, Year: 2006, Model NT 2/410×2700 mm, With 2 OilHeated Cilinder in Vertical execution and 2 Cooling CIlinders.
Inclusive of: Double Motorizaztion under Inverter in AC, Pressure: 100 N/mm, Heat regulation TR-190 O-48-45+60-45 OIL, Year 2005, Flow Capacity 25.000+25.000 lt/h, Heating Capacity: 48+60 kW, Cooling Capacity: 46 kW, Oil Unit LUBE CALANDRA NT2/410X2500.
Equipped with: 1 smooth CIlinder 410×2700, 1 Engraved Cilinder 410×2700


Schott & Meissner Calender

Quantity: 1, Year: 1998, Width: 2500 mm, Smoothing calender, pressure 4 tons on full width, thermo-oil heated, Aura boiler also included, 2 cylinders, fabric guiding with two guide rollers for S-guiding as well as feed table for tensionless infeed.


Ramisch Kleinewefers Calender

Quantity: 1, Year: 1987, Width: 4700mm , 2 cylinders, with two cooling cylinders, max. temperature 240°C +/- 1°C, max. pres. 150 N/mm, including Aura heating unit.