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Kusters Triple Cylinder Thermobonding Calender

Quantity: 1, Year: 1981, ww: 2.4 m


Kusters Calender

Quantity: 1, Year: 1990, Type: 412.40, Width: 2100mm, 2-cylinder nonwoven calender, Oil heated, pressure 150N/mm, Speed up to 100 m/min. HOT-S 170 roll and engraved cylinder dia 415 mm – plain cylinder dia 329 mm. 2 cooling cylinders. Complete with oil boiler.
Machine is in excellent condition. Taken out from one of the nicest and most well-known European nonwoven factories last year. This factory is also the largest meltblown producer in Europe.


Bombi Double Cylinder Thermobonding Calender

Quantity: 1, Year: 2003, ww: 3.2 m


Santex Double Cylinder Thermobonding Calender

Quantity: 1, Year: 1992, ww: 2.7 m


Ramisch Double Cylinder Thermobonding Calenders

Quantity: 2, Year: 1983, ww: 2.5 m, Each machine is available separately.


Ramisch Double Cylinder Thermobonding Calender

Quantity: 1, Year: 1987, ww: 2.4 m


Non Woven Thermobonding Machinery & Equipment


1x Kusters Thermobonding Calender

Two Roll,
3.6 Meters Wide
Fulton Thermal Oil Heater
Heat Exchanger
With extra Rollers
(6) Engraved Rolls, 150"
(3) Swim Rolls, 150"
(2) Smooth Rolls, 150"


1x Fulton Electric Boiler

Model FT-0240-C
600,000 K-Cal/HR
20 HP Motor/60 HZ
RPM 3525
Pump 3 x 4 x 8 x ½


2x Fleissner Through Air Thermo Bonding Ovens

Year: 2006 & 2007
Model Vario Air TV/Z24’
240cm working width
4 Heating Zones
2 Cooling Zones
Double Teflon Belts (Top and Bottom)
Re-Moisturization Units


1x Bombi Three Roller Thermobonding Calendar

Year: 2007
Model CAL/3C/5.8
3 Rollers
5.8 Meter working width
6.1 meter max roller width
800mm Roller diameter
25 Tons working Pressure
Oil Heated