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Van De Wiele VSI-22 Velvet Loom

Quantity: 1, Year: 2015, Width:175 cm, Velvet machine with dobby, 2 accumulators, 8 frames, 4 beams, Batching motion. You can connect 4 beams on this loom (2+2). Loom is highest quality looms and some of the original packing plastics is still on the looms. Loom is in production.The machine has 2 colours, 11.7 density of the reed.


Metex Velvet Looms

Quantity: 2, Year:2003, 1997, Type: Metex ONE for velvet.
Technical parameters: Width: 1420 mm (finished width 1400 mm), Reeddensity: 1280 reedents, Jacquard type: Giropan 2 x 1320 hooks, Harness (number of cords): 7720 harness bands – 2 colours, 2560 harness bands for pile, 5120 harness bands for the ground, Beam stand: 2 beams of 800 mm, Take up roller: included, Creel: for 2 x 1280 bobbins, weights included cuting wires of 2 x 1,3 x 1750 mm, One jacquard machine were completely renovated in year 2019.
Also for sale is preparing devices: production cards machine, seaming machine and copying machine.
These looms are still in production and are in very good condition.


Van De Wiele MPS22 Carpet Loom

Quantity: 8, 180cm
4 x cx 960 staubli 5120 hooks
4 x cx 960/990 staubli 6144 hooks


Van De Wiele Velvet Looms VTR-33

Quantity: 3, Year: 2×2012 , 1×2014, Hooks 11520, Width 175 Cm can be 200 with some modifications.


Wondae Velvet Looms

Quantity: 10, Year: 1999, Width 60”, Wondae brand, Korea, Cam dobby type shuttle looms, Including Pirn Winder & accessories.


Van De Wiele VSI32 Velvet Looms

Quantity: 2, Year: 2015, Width: 175cm, 120 Reed Density, 3 Colors, In production of Velvet Fabric Upholstery, Jacquards have 11520 hooks, Looms work without shaft but with servomotors.