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Sewing & Steamer & Washer

Sewing machine on rail: DOHLE
Steamer FLEISSNER total 16 meter (they can shorten..) (with NEW stainless steel belt): (complete with all sensors, motors etc)
Frame guider
Washer, complete: 2 vacuumslots, 2 spray-units, motor, vacuumpump 45 kW, etc

Still in production,
We dismantle 15/07/2021.
Everything in perfect working condition!!
Can be loaded in 3 x 40 FT HC containers.



Quantity: 1, Year: 2000, Ww 2.6 m, With Teflon belt, Gaz heated, 4 chambers, Total length 11 m
Complete with:
Beltguiding, Regulation temp UP/DOWN, Exhaust,, Control panel, Drawings, etc., The machine has been maintenant by INTERSPARE Germany., In perfect condition., Is dismantled ( we will sent pictures), Is in warehouse, Can be loaded in 2 x 40 FT HC containers


M-Tec Polishing line Sistig

Quantity: 1, Year: 1998‎
Working width: 1800 mm‎, Power installed: 198 kW‎, Power use : 230 kVA‎, Compressed air: 60 l/min, 8 bar‎, Water consumption ‎: about.150 l/h‎, Dust exhaust: fan M 600-KR
M-TEC model SFS – System SISTIG
The SFS rang e is designed for finishing of Fabrics made of natural and chemical fibres and their ‎blends: like chamois Feather (flock), velours, plushes, needled fabrics as well as any other fleece ‎textiles. ‎
Shearing – Model SFS 180 with POLROTOR, Fllece lustering typ FPM-4‎, Shearing with integrated POLROTOR, Hydrodynamic padder, Compensation zone, Dedusting ‎


Hansa/Omar/Mathys Coating/Lamination Line

Type: latex carpet backing
Year: 2015
Width: 2500mm
A unique line for Latex lick roll application and Gelfoam application in the same line.
The line is designed for narrower special products, in limited series, for branding, housing and/or offices where pattern or logos shown are important for the buyer.
The line can be a complement to the standard wide width coating or a good investment for an entrepreneur who wants to make special products.

Complete line for carpet backing with both Latex-Lick roll application as well as Gelfoam application possibilities, designed for special carpet, customer oriented products for niche carpets and short production series consisting of:
1x Omar entry with j-box
1x Hansa mixer type Compact Mix 600
1x Matthys application unit for both Latex roll application as well as Gelfoam application
1x Weisstechnik infrared unit
1x Omar dryer covering 7 compartments with cooling zone
1x exit in plaiting with J-box accumulator
Line is complete with all electrical cabinets and other relevant accessories installed in 2015 and very little used.
Overall technical information is; connected for 3 x 885 amps, 550 kW (of which infrared is 130 kW), max. speed 5 m/min, average weight of coating 400 – 600 grams


Carpet Finishing Line

Carpet Fringe, Carpet Cutting, Carpet Sewing, Etc…Full Automatic
Year: 2010


Sellers Shearing

Quantity: 1, Year: 2000, 4.2m width , Single cutter.


M-TEC Shearing

Quantity: 1, Year: 1995, 3 Heads, Length of cylinder = 540 cm, Diameter of Cylinder = 300mm, Number of Blades 30, File cuts: 9/cm, Quality of blades: 2 Heads have blades changed 2014, 1 Head has blade Changed 2020. Diam of cylinder: 29.7 cm
Machine is high quality, in production, all cylinders, blades are good quality.


Artos Tuft Backcoating Line

Width: 5000 mm
Line with gas – 7 chambers
Consist of the following
1. Sewing area – 1.75 meter
2. Gangway – 1.5 meter
3. J .box – 2.50 meter
4. Free area and gangway – 4.00 meter
5. Felt backing or secondary backing system – 2.40 meter
6. Gangway – 2. m
7. latex tank – 1.50 meter
8. from the latex to the dryer – 7.5 meter
9. Dryer – length 23 meter
10. Cooling area – 3.2 meter
11. Cutting and free area ( you can deduct it ) – 8.00 meter
12. Accumulator – 1.80 cm
13. Extra accumulator if need – 1.8 meter
14. Inspection area upon your request – about 5 meters
15. Rolling system – 2.5 meters
So the maximum length for the big coating line is about 68.75 meter
Felt – Action back – Grass – Gel foam can be done.
From 1000 mm up to 5000 mm


M-Tech Shearing

Quantity: 1, Year: 2004 , Width: 4000 mm, TSM 3/4,4 – 3 heads .


M-Tech Shearing

Quantity : 1, Year: 2011 , Width: 4000 mm, 1 head .


M-Tec Shearing Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 2001
With SIMATIC Touch Screen Panel & ELMETA Metal Detector, Working width: 4.20 mt, 1 shearing Head ( Right hand ), Cylinder diameter: 30cm diameter, How many spirals: 32 spirals, Excellent running condition


Sellers Full Backcoating Line For Woven Carpet

Quantity: 1, Year: 2007, 4.4 mt width, with following sub parts; carpet backcoating machine, 2 cylinder carpet shearing machine, carpet pre-cleaning mchine, 1 cylinder carpet shearing machine, very well maint


Sellers Complete Carpet Finishing Line

Quantity: 1, Year: 2004, Width: 440 cm, 5 chamber
With Mahlo 2010 model, With shrink device, With Shearing M tec 2 heads model 2010, Machine renewed all electric system in 2014, Running in good condition, Delivery after 3 month, Its 60m length


Sellers Shearing Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 2000, WW: 5,1 m, Big Cylinders, Metal detection, Brush-unit, Controll panel computer. Machine is a 2 shearing head machine.


Nordmeccanica Complete Coating And Lamination Line

Type: Triplex SL – L1500 Matic
Width: 1500mm
Year: 2012
Complete solventless coating and lamination line capable of laminating three films or sheet webs coming from three separate unwinders, while coating two of the film webs with solventless adhesive and re-winding the laminated material, consisting of:
01 x turret unwinder – max dia 1016 mm, with automatic splicing – 5-88 PLI tension, edge guide, corona treatment
01 x solventless 5-roll coating head with World mixer
01 x turret unwinder – max dia 1016 mm, with automatic splicing, edge guide, corona treatment
01 x laminator and 01 x solventless 5-roll coating head with World Mixer
01 x turret unwinder – max dia 1016 mm, with automatic splicing, edge guide, corona treatment
01 x laminator
01 x turret re-winder – max dia 1016 mm with automatic roll change
Maximum speed: 396 m/min.
Complete with Siemens AC motors and drive system, Siemens PLC, HMI, all software on back-up, all documentation and drawings.
Only 6000 running hours and located in an ISO Certified Food Grade Operation.
Condition as new


Sellers Shearing Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: ‎1980’s‎, ‎440cm, Single Head with metal Detector & vacuum piping and filter‎


XETMA Shearing Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 2011, 2 head, 4.30 cm, Made in Germany, Machine in good condition,


Xetma Shearing

Quantity: 1, Year: 2008, 1 shearing head, Type: Orienta XCS-1, Working width 4,60m, 30 blades.


M-tec Shearing & Mahlo

Quantity: 1, Year: 2006, 3 Head (Cyl) Shearing machine Mtec w.w 4.5m, Mahlo weftstraightner W.W 4.5m, Ouput Jbox and folder in Trollys


Carpet/Tufting Shearing Machine

Quantity: 1 , Year: 2005, Turkish: Diarler, 2 heads, 4.30 cm, German Blades: Schlenter, Machine in Production, We would dismantle and renew and overual and paint, and look completely new.


Sellers Horizon Shearing Line

5m – Flocking unit – cradle – accumulator – steamer for pa6 – metal detection EL – Sellers Horizon 3 heads 1987 – accumulator – inspection frame – accumulator – cutting – roll up
The machine is in great condition.


Shearing ‎Machine

Sellers Twin ‎Head Narrow ‎Shearing ‎Machine
Quantity: 1
Working ‎Width(Inches / ‎Centimetres‎)‎: ‎60” / 152.46‎
Number ‎of ‎Shearing Heads ‎: 2
‎1st Cylinder ‎Specifications: LH incline, ‎15mm depth‎, ‎26 spirals‎, ‎9 file cuts/cm ‎
‎2nd Cylinder ‎Specifications: RH incline, ‎10 mm depth‎, ‎26 spirals ‎, ‎9 file cuts/cm‎
Spirals Mounting ‎Method: Caulked ‎in

Sellers Single ‎Head Narrow ‎Shearing ‎Machine ‎
Quantity: 1
Working ‎Width(Inches / ‎Centimetres‎)‎: ‎60” / 152.46‎
Number ‎of ‎Shearing Heads ‎: 1
‎1st Cylinder ‎Specifications: LH incline, ‎15mm depth‎, ‎26 spirals‎, ‎9 file cuts/cm ‎
‎2nd Cylinder ‎Specifications: RH incline, ‎15 mm depth‎, ‎26 spirals ‎, ‎9 file cuts/cm‎
Spirals Mounting ‎Method: Caulked ‎in ‎ ‎

WM ‎Whiteley & ‎Sons ‎Single Head ‎Narrow ‎Shearing ‎Machine ‎
Quantity: 1
Working ‎Width(Inches / ‎Centimetres‎)‎: ‎‎66” / 167.71‎
Number ‎of ‎Shearing Heads ‎: 1
‎1st Cylinder ‎Specifications: Incline to be ‎confirmed ‎‎(TBC)‎,Spiral depth ‎‎(TBC)‎, ‎10 Spirals ‎, ‎“Heusche ‎Aachen, ‎Konkav ‎Spirale, ‎H147131”‎, ‎9 file cuts/cm‎
‎2nd Cylinder ‎Specifications: Not ‎Applicable ‎
Spirals Mounting ‎Method: Screwed ‎in ‎

Sellers Single ‎Head ‎Shearing ‎Machine ‎
Quantity: 1
Working ‎Width(Inches / ‎Centimetres‎)‎: ‎‎‎150” / 381.15‎‎
Number ‎of ‎Shearing Heads ‎: 1
‎1st Cylinder ‎Specifications: RH incline, ‎25 mm depth ‎, ‎18 Spirals ‎, ‎9 file cuts/cm‎
‎2nd Cylinder ‎Specifications: Not ‎Applicable ‎
Spirals Mounting ‎Method: Caulked ‎in
Metal ‎Detector ‎Included ‎

Sellers Twin ‎Head ‎Shearing ‎Machine ‎ ‎
Quantity: 1
Year: Probably ‎‎80’s, ‎refurbished ‎in 2014 ‎
Working ‎Width(Inches / ‎Centimetres‎)‎: ‎192” / 487.87‎
Number ‎of ‎Shearing Heads ‎: 2
‎1st Cylinder ‎Specifications: RH incline ‎, ‎22 mm depth ‎, ‎30 Spirals ‎, ‎9 file cuts/cm‎
‎2nd Cylinder ‎Specifications: LH Incline, ‎21 mm depth ‎, ‎30 Spirals ‎, ‎9 file cuts/cm‎
Spirals Mounting ‎Method: Caulked ‎in
Metal ‎Detector ‎Included ‎


Sellers Carpet Shearing Line

Quantity: 1, Year: 1988, 4 head Sellers horizon shear. 4.8 meters, Fortress metal detector.
Spiral shearing blades were serviced/renovated 2 months before machine stopped production.
Spiral height of shearing cylinders: First pass 24.5mm, Second pass 24mm, Third pass 22.7mm, Fourth pass 25.5mm.This machine is stopped,


MENSCHNER Shearing Machine

Quantity: 1, Working width 5,20 m, J-Box, with small steam unit, Knock Unit, Suction unit, Vertical 3 cutter heads, Accumulator, The heads Scheer works with hydraulic





Officina Meccanica Hot Melt Lamination

Officina Meccanica (Italian) brand, Year: 2004, 1.8mt working width, 2mt roller width
fabric+fabric, fabric+ membrane, fabric+membrane+lining lamination, coating type lamination, working speed 20 mt/min, consists of following units; fabric entry, lamination, lining entry, exit, Mitsu brand heating-chemical, Mario Cotta brand side cutting, fabric and lining centering feature, invertors, underutilised, SITUATION: INSTALLED and RUNNING


Carpet Back Coating Line

carpet back coating-shearing finishing line Henry Paulus year of construction 1996, working width 420lm,
Entry frame,J-box, drying chambers wit 10 burners, steam heated ,manuel kitchen
Mario Crosta shearing machine type :CTD/95 year 1996, with 2 shearing , each with 33 spirals, cylinders diameter (without spirals) 230 mm
Spiral’s height 22-24 mm, N° Dents per10 cm on the spirals 130,max.lenght of the spirals 4,40 lm,with dust section
Cutting machine Magatron type:MT1/90, year 1990 ,with 7 knifes
condition of the line is good, It is stopped.


Back Coating

Quantity: 1, Year: 1998, 5 m, Standard carpet back-seizing machine, with inlet J-box, linear straightener, pre steamer on the backside of the carpet, latex applicator, pile steamer, infrared unit, 1,5m drying drum, 2 big drying ovens, automatic tension control, control section, J-box, automatic linear cutting machine 5 heads.


Standard Carpet Back-Seizing Machine

Year: 1998, 5m width, With inlet J-box, linear straightener, Pre steamer on the backside of the carpet, latex applicator, Pile steamer, Infrared unit, 1,5m drying drum, 2 big drying ovens, Automatic tension control, Control section, J-box, Automatic linear cutting machine 5 heads.


Back Coating Line

Quantity: 1
This is a 4 meter coating line that was designed to run a rubber embossing latex.
They also ran an SBR latex on turf with this line.
4 meter wide embossed latex coater with 3 pass oven.
Sew-on rail with TISI 38-500 butt seamer and cutter.
J-box. Pivoting frame guider with Hydralign controls.
48″ steam drum. Roller over bed direct coat applicator.
4 meter embossing roller. 3 banks of gas infra-red heater.
Three shoe steamers. Two zone, 3 pass Dalton Sheet Metal belted oven (no Tenter) with natural gas burners. 170″ wide metal belt. Slitting station with 6 slitters. Three roll dumping rollup. Two head Perpetual latex foamer.
loaded in 6 to 8 containers


Famatex Coating Line For Latex Resin

On carpet or synthetic brus, width 4200mm.
-Entry with Jbox capacity 100/150 mt.
-preparation resin device OMS GROUP for polyuretan
-2 tanks with electric motors mixing resin, from capacity 2000 lit. Each
-1 coating head with deposit resin by chain trolley, and deposit resin /latex on carpet by fix brushing of nylon.
– horizontal chain with pins
– Plate Infrared metan gas, lenght. 1200mm.
– Oven lenght 18.000mm., heating diathermic oil
– In exit special device of 2 bars with needles for perforated carpet to distances of 100 /200mm.
– Vertical Compensators by multirolls. (2.000mm.) Capacity 20/30 mt.
– Exit winding big rolls by friction 2 tangential cylinders with brushing covering
– Babcock boiler diathermic oil generator, burner metan gas, year 2001
-Eurochiller for cooling resin polyuretan
This line Still running.



Year: 1989 – 2015
Product width: min 2m – max 4.5m
Butt – stitcher
In-feed carpet – unroll
Steamer with exhaust
Mahlo Weft Straightener (year 2007)
Latex Applicator 1
Open Pup – stenter with infra-red heating
Secondary backing unroll – for tufted carpets
Stainless Steel Latex Storage Tanks
Campen Latex Mixer/Foaming Machines (year 2007)
Foam & Latex Applicator 2
Latex trough with lick-roller – for tufted carpets
Drying oven with 8 heating and 1 cooling chamber
Temperature controllers(16x) with steam valve arrangement
Mahlo Ecopac Exhaust Humidity Monitoring & Control System (year 2014)
Mahlo Ecopac Dwell-time & Fabric Temperature Monitoring & Control System (year 2015)
Carpet Edge Trimmers (2x)
Accumulator / Compensator 1 & 2
Tufted Carpet Inspection
Printing Station (Product code & direction arrows)
Needle – punch Carpet Inspection
Accumulator/ Compensator 3
Carpet Slitter with hydraulic control
Tru-meter (2x)
Carpet Cross-cutter
Core Storage and Feeding System
Automatic Carpet Re-roll / Roll-up


Babcock Backcoating For Woven Carpets

Quantity: 1, German Origin BTM, working width 5 m , verry les availlable in this width with automatic Cutting heads, working on Gaz


Lafer Shearing Machine


single blade: year 2009. 2400mm width


double blades: aound year 2010. 2100 mm width.


Paulus Back Coating Machine

Quantity: 1, Year 2008, Width 4200 mm, Miscellaneous including Shearing machine


M-Tec Shearing Machine

Year: 2007, 3 heads, 4 m, Stop on mill Floor, MACHINE IS 2 CYLIDRE NOT 3‎


Backcoating Exeptional

5 m , Will be updated clean and some parts repaint


Sellers Carpet Finishing

Year: 2004, Width: 440 cm
Fully equipped with 3 head shearing, Mahlo weft straightener, Steamer , Glazing, Sewing, Kitchen, And all options.
Very high quality and looking new as seen in pictures.


Nordson “Porous Coat” Laminating Head

Year: 2004
Model BC.62
Working width 2400mm
Hot Melt Laminator – “Breathable Materials”
Coating weight 0.85 to 60 grams per square meter
Hot Melt Applicator with Heated hoses
Metering gear pump
Hot melt Application Min 0.60 grams per sq meter
Hot melt Application Max 50 grams per sq meter
Hot Melts: SIS / SBS: PSA: EVA: PUR based
Siemens S7 controls with Lenze Motors throughout
For the random coating of hot melt adhesive.
Production of breathable materials, open-weave goods and other substrates. Speed 70 m/min.
The BC 62 Porous Coat system delivers breathable coating at extremely low application weight tolerances.
Coating weights from 0.6 GSM to 50 GSM can be easily achieved by changing the pump speed.
By shutting off individual control modules, adjustments in application width can be made without effecting coating weight.
Coating can be changed between 500- 2400mm width manually.
Coating can be changed between 1600- 2400mm width automatically.

Complete with:
200 Liter Bulk Melter Tank
One Spare Silicon Roller
Coating Stand FC 1260
Bulk melter BM 200
Heated Hose, TC80-20K
Melter, MX 44110-1×1
Heated Hose, TC60-20K
Control Cabinet
Cable Set
With Upgrades since new
Bracked for BC 62
Pump Station GP 200-12/4
Heated Hose, TC12-8K


Sellers Shearing for Carpet & Tufting

Quantity: 1, Year: 1988‎, ‎420 cm‎, ‎1 Cylinder‎


Complete Carpet Finishing Line

Quantity: 1, Year: 2007, Width 440 cm‎, ‎51 m, long‎, Comprising;‎, Unwinding, J-Box, Face and Back Brushing, Steamer, Latex Application, ‎4 Section Gas Heated Drying Chamber, Drying Cylinder, Alternative Feed in ‎, J-Box, Swinging Cuttler, ‎2 Head Shearing‎, Compensation Roller, Steam Heated Drum, J-Box, Length Cutting, Swinging Cuttler, Cart Roll Up