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Sellers Back Coating Line

Year: 2008, 4m, 5 chambers, With mahlo, 3 heads shearing sellers, 5 cutting machines Evilo, Kitchen not including.


Sellers Back Coating Line

Quantity: 1, Year: 2012, 5 m width, 4 chambers
With kitchen, With Mahlo, With shring system
With 3 head Xetma shearing machine, With 5 cuttings machines Evilo


Menschner Tuft/Carpet Shearing Line

Year: 1991, ww 5.2 m
Including: Sewing machine, Unroll trolly, Accumulator, 3 head shearing machine Menshner, Pile heber (pile lifting unit), Dust remover with aspiration, Steamer Fleissner, J-box, 4 x 40 ft HC containers needed.


MENSCHNER Shearing line for Tuft/Carpet

Quantity: 1 , Year 1990, Width 5 m, Type NTS-T-III
1 Accumulator
1 pre-steaming at 98 degrees
1 Brush
The Vertical shearing unit with 3 shearing cylinders
1 rolling unit
1 spare shearing block
All in perfect condition


Mahlo Carpet Weft Straightner

Quantity: 1, Year: 2011, 4 M width, Its stopped.


Hansa/Omar/Mathys Coating/Lamination Line

Type: latex carpet backing
Year: 2015
Width: 2500mm
A unique line for Latex lick roll application and Gelfoam application in the same line.
The line is designed for narrower special products, in limited series, for branding, housing and/or offices where pattern or logos shown are important for the buyer.
The line can be a complement to the standard wide width coating or a good investment for an entrepreneur who wants to make special products.

Complete line for carpet backing with both Latex-Lick roll application as well as Gelfoam application possibilities, designed for special carpet, customer oriented products for niche carpets and short production series consisting of:
1x Omar entry with j-box
1x Hansa mixer type Compact Mix 600
1x Matthys application unit for both Latex roll application as well as Gelfoam application
1x Weisstechnik infrared unit
1x Omar dryer covering 7 compartments with cooling zone
1x exit in plaiting with J-box accumulator
Line is complete with all electrical cabinets and other relevant accessories installed in 2015 and very little used.
Overall technical information is; connected for 3 x 885 amps, 550 kW (of which infrared is 130 kW), max. speed 5 m/min, average weight of coating 400 – 600 grams

Order confirmation no later than December 17th, 2021
Removal latest by January 31st, 2021. Anything not removed after that will be subject to rental charges.


Sellers Shearing

Year: 2001, For Carpet, Tufting, 4300 mm width, Knife condition best, 1 ‎Cylinder, Cylinder and Blades very high quality, Cylinder Diam 26cm, Stopped on Mill Floor, Requires 1×40′ Ctr for shipment


Sellers Carpet Shearing Machine

Quantity: 1, ww 4300 mm, 2 heads shearing ,with steaming unit, carpet rolling and doubling system


Back Coating Line for Area Rugs Woven on VDW and Schonherr Looms

Machine made year is 2005 Overall condition is good.
Total length of this machine is about 50m , width is 15 m, highly 9m
Made by Tuftco Finishing Company In USA
There is a oven and drum in the line
(the Drum have problem of water leakage need to repair)
No shearing heads
Working width 4000mm (4M)
Working speed is about 4-5M per min, Capacity one shift is about 6000 -10,000m2 based on Coating requirements.


Babcock Tufting Finishing Line & Laminating Line

Laminating Line, 4 meter
Line for lamination BABCOCK, YEAR 1994
Perforation unit , YEAR 2015
Mixer 1, YEAR 2002
Mixer 2, YEAR 2007
Unwinding unit , YEAR 2018
Paste application unit , YEAR 2018
Paste mixing unit , YEAR 2018
Coating unit , YEAR 2018
Cooling system , YEAR 2018
IR heating unit , INFRA RED, , YEAR 2017
Embossing unit , YEAR 2018
Back printing machine , YEAR 2018
Alignment of filc unit , YEAR 2018
Modular steem oil unit , YEAR 2018
Cooling tower MG-12, YEAR 2018


M-Tec Shearing Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 2001
With SIMATIC Touch Screen Panel & ELMETA Metal Detector, Working width: 4.20 mt, 1 shearing Head ( Right hand ), Cylinder diameter: 30cm diameter, How many spirals: 32 spirals, Excellent running condition


Sellers Shearing

Quantity: 1, Heads were acquired mid 1980’s through early 1990’s, 4.8 Mtr, Horizon out of Crossley Carpet Mills.


Sellers Carpet Shearing Line

Quantity: 1, Year: 1988, 4 head Sellers horizon shear. 4.8 meters, Fortress metal detector.
Spiral shearing blades were serviced/renovated 2 months before machine stopped production.
Spiral height of shearing cylinders: First pass 24.5mm, Second pass 24mm, Third pass 22.7mm, Fourth pass 25.5mm.This machine is stopped,


Sewing & Steamer & Washer

Sewing machine on rail: DOHLE
Steamer FLEISSNER total 16 meter (they can shorten..) (with NEW stainless steel belt): (complete with all sensors, motors etc)
Frame guider
Washer, complete: 2 vacuumslots, 2 spray-units, motor, vacuumpump 45 kW, etc

Still in production,
We dismantle 15/07/2021.
Everything in perfect working condition!!
Can be loaded in 3 x 40 FT HC containers.



Quantity: 1, Year: 2000, Ww 2.6 m, With Teflon belt, Gaz heated, 4 chambers, Total length 11 m
Complete with:
Beltguiding, Regulation temp UP/DOWN, Exhaust,, Control panel, Drawings, etc., The machine has been maintenant by INTERSPARE Germany., In perfect condition., Is dismantled ( we will sent pictures), Is in warehouse, Can be loaded in 2 x 40 FT HC containers


Carpet Finishing Line

Carpet Fringe, Carpet Cutting, Carpet Sewing, Etc…Full Automatic
Year: 2010


Sellers Shearing

Quantity: 1, Year: 2000, 4.2m width , Single cutter.


M-Tech Shearing

Quantity : 1, Year: 2011 , Width: 4000 mm, 1 head .


Sellers Full Backcoating Line For Woven Carpet

Quantity: 1, Year: 2007, 4.4 mt width, with following sub parts; carpet backcoating machine, 2 cylinder carpet shearing machine, carpet pre-cleaning mchine, 1 cylinder carpet shearing machine, very well maint


Sellers Complete Carpet Finishing Line

Quantity: 1, Year: 2004, Width: 440 cm, 5 chamber
With Mahlo 2010 model, With shrink device, With Shearing M tec 2 heads model 2010, Machine renewed all electric system in 2014, Running in good condition, Delivery after 3 month, Its 60m length