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M-Tec Shearing Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 2001
With SIMATIC Touch Screen Panel & ELMETA Metal Detector, Working width: 4.20 mt, 1 shearing Head ( Right hand ), Cylinder diameter: 30cm diameter, How many spirals: 32 spirals, Excellent running condition


Sellers Shearing

Quantity: 1, Heads were acquired mid 1980’s through early 1990’s, 4.8 Mtr, Horizon out of Crossley Carpet Mills.


Sellers Carpet Shearing Line

Quantity: 1, Year: 1988, 4 head Sellers horizon shear. 4.8 meters, Fortress metal detector.
Spiral shearing blades were serviced/renovated 2 months before machine stopped production.
Spiral height of shearing cylinders: First pass 24.5mm, Second pass 24mm, Third pass 22.7mm, Fourth pass 25.5mm.This machine is stopped,


Sewing & Steamer & Washer

Sewing machine on rail: DOHLE
Steamer FLEISSNER total 16 meter (they can shorten..) (with NEW stainless steel belt): (complete with all sensors, motors etc)
Frame guider
Washer, complete: 2 vacuumslots, 2 spray-units, motor, vacuumpump 45 kW, etc

Still in production,
We dismantle 15/07/2021.
Everything in perfect working condition!!
Can be loaded in 3 x 40 FT HC containers.



Quantity: 1, Year: 2000, Ww 2.6 m, With Teflon belt, Gaz heated, 4 chambers, Total length 11 m
Complete with:
Beltguiding, Regulation temp UP/DOWN, Exhaust,, Control panel, Drawings, etc., The machine has been maintenant by INTERSPARE Germany., In perfect condition., Is dismantled ( we will sent pictures), Is in warehouse, Can be loaded in 2 x 40 FT HC containers


Hansa/Omar/Mathys Coating/Lamination Line

Type: latex carpet backing
Year: 2015
Width: 2500mm
A unique line for Latex lick roll application and Gelfoam application in the same line.
The line is designed for narrower special products, in limited series, for branding, housing and/or offices where pattern or logos shown are important for the buyer.
The line can be a complement to the standard wide width coating or a good investment for an entrepreneur who wants to make special products.

Complete line for carpet backing with both Latex-Lick roll application as well as Gelfoam application possibilities, designed for special carpet, customer oriented products for niche carpets and short production series consisting of:
1x Omar entry with j-box
1x Hansa mixer type Compact Mix 600
1x Matthys application unit for both Latex roll application as well as Gelfoam application
1x Weisstechnik infrared unit
1x Omar dryer covering 7 compartments with cooling zone
1x exit in plaiting with J-box accumulator
Line is complete with all electrical cabinets and other relevant accessories installed in 2015 and very little used.
Overall technical information is; connected for 3 x 885 amps, 550 kW (of which infrared is 130 kW), max. speed 5 m/min, average weight of coating 400 – 600 grams


Carpet Finishing Line

Carpet Fringe, Carpet Cutting, Carpet Sewing, Etc…Full Automatic
Year: 2010


Sellers Shearing

Quantity: 1, Year: 2000, 4.2m width , Single cutter.


M-Tech Shearing

Quantity : 1, Year: 2011 , Width: 4000 mm, 1 head .


Sellers Full Backcoating Line For Woven Carpet

Quantity: 1, Year: 2007, 4.4 mt width, with following sub parts; carpet backcoating machine, 2 cylinder carpet shearing machine, carpet pre-cleaning mchine, 1 cylinder carpet shearing machine, very well maint


Sellers Complete Carpet Finishing Line

Quantity: 1, Year: 2004, Width: 440 cm, 5 chamber
With Mahlo 2010 model, With shrink device, With Shearing M tec 2 heads model 2010, Machine renewed all electric system in 2014, Running in good condition, Delivery after 3 month, Its 60m length


XETMA Shearing Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 2011, 2 head, 4.30 cm, Made in Germany, Machine in good condition,


Carpet/Tufting Shearing Machine

Quantity: 1 , Year: 2005, Turkish: Diarler, 2 heads, 4.30 cm, German Blades: Schlenter, Machine in Production, We would dismantle and renew and overual and paint, and look completely new.


MENSCHNER Shearing Machine

Quantity: 1, Working width 5,20 m, J-Box, with small steam unit, Knock Unit, Suction unit, Vertical 3 cutter heads, Accumulator, The heads Scheer works with hydraulic


Babcock Backcoating For Woven Carpets

Quantity: 1, German Origin BTM, working width 5 m , verry les availlable in this width with automatic Cutting heads, working on Gaz


Lafer Shearing Machine


single blade: year 2009. 2400mm width


double blades: aound year 2010. 2100 mm width.


Backcoating Exeptional

5 m , Will be updated clean and some parts repaint


Mario Crosta Shaearing

Year: 1973, Width: 5 m , 3 Heads