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Picanol Air Jet Terry Loom

Quantity: 1, Year: 04/2017
Model: Terryplus Summum-8-J 260 complete with accessories, STÄUBLI jacquard with single weaving and spring harness. Model: LX Format: 6144 hooks 16 rows G- measure = 3770, Spring harness: Scale GA 2000 with 6144 wires year of construction 2021 , Complete with reed, drop wires, batching motion, warp beams and spare part kit. Max rpm 700, Accessories: Weft yarn reserve with bobbin stand and 8 yarn storage heads, Additional equipment reserve and spare parts (value 16.000 Euro) are included in the sale. Batching motion- Eco winder, 2 warp beams with 800 and 940mm , Without gantry.
The machine is as good as new and in perfect condition. Machine can be give in week 42, 2022.


Dornier LWV 4/S Loom

Quantity: 1, Year: 1999, Width: 210, Pneumatic with a jacquard device for applying patterns to the selvadge.


Picanol Pneumatic Jacquard Loom

Quantity: 1, Year: 2017, Type OMNI PLUS SUMMUM 6 J, w. w. 360 cm
STAÜBLI Jacquard machine, SX type format 2688, Gallery thread number 17800, 6 colors, 1 fabric roller, 2 warp shaft, 18,000 lamellas, lamella apparatus.


Picanol Jacquard loom OMNI Plus Summum 6/J

Quantity: 2, Year: 2017, ww. 3600 mm, Stäubli jacquard LX 1602, 5120 hooks, controller JC7, 6 colours, 2 pre-feeder, 1 cloth roller, 2 warp beams, 18.000 droppers, dropper device


Fischer Knotting Machine

Quantity: 1, Year 1997, Type FA BDO RZ, Single knot, With 1 frame width 220 cm.


Knotex Knotting Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 2007, Type TS/2T B4/ 2T, Single knotting, With 2 frames of 1600mm and 2200mm, In very good condition, very little used.



Quantity: 1, Year: 2006‎, STAUBLI dobby 2670‎, ‎8 colours‎, ‎‎8 weft feeders‎, ‎10 heald frames‎, 6 droper rails‎, ‎1 Warp beam‎, Batching motion


Somet Mythos 320

Quantity: 10, Year: 2003
Working width 3200 mm, Dobby Staubli 2861,12 levers, 8 wire frames, 1 machine reed,14,000 drop cables and 14,000 headls,
2 weft motor with reel sensor, 1.5 bending beam, 1.5 cloth bundle, Extra parts,
Prewiders, Warpbeam, Cloth rolll etc…
Machines are complete, full accessories,
Very good working Condition, still in operation


PICANOL Omni Plus SUMMUM-F-4-P-400

Quantity: 3, Year :01/2015, working width 4000mm, 4 colours, with cam box STAUBLI type 1781A, 11 levers installed. Each equipped with: SUMO, ELO, ETU, PRA II-plus, AIRMASTER, 4 weft colours, 4 weft feeders PICANOL type 1131-X2 with PFL and balloon breaker, 1 feeder stand, 1 bobbin creel with 4 bobbin switch sensors, double warp tension rolls Ø 140mm with springs RHS+LHS, Propeller Leno PL-CAN RHS+LHS, Elsy LHS + RHS, 8 heald frames GTP XLF Xtra Light 152 DRC30 13″ C-type, warp beam position 14, warp detection GROB with 5 detection bars, 5000 healds, 5000 droppers, 2 warp beams Ø 1100mm Q3, touchscreen (with USB), walking step, waste-system with dustbin, BLUE BOX (= LDEC), external batching motion NEUENHAUSER type DW2422L (WOB 410cm) with lighting table and walking floor.


Picanol loom Optimax

Quantity: 1, Year: 2014, working width 2200 mm, free fly tapes, Staubli dobby 3020 (20/20/20)
Each loom equipped with:
2 warp beams, 2 take up rollers, 12 heald frames
4 weft accumulator heads.



Quantity: 2 , Year: 2006 , with Staubli 6144 hooks jacquards


VAMATEX sp1151es Terry Towel Jacquard looms

Quantity: 6, Year: 1997‎, ‎Model : SP1151es, Width 2600mm, 8 colors‎, Bonas 1344 hook jacquard, ‎Each looms equipped with, ‎04 weft accumulators‎, ‎1.0 upper & down beam‎, 1 5 cloth roll‎, Other accories as attached on the looms


Knotmaster High-Performance Knotting Machine (GROZ-BECKERT)

Quantity: 1, Year: 07/2018, Type ZS/3 230V, Knotting table type KR-10D (3600mm), box on wheels to protect the knotting machine, electrical cables and some spare parts, book.
Specifications KNOTMASTER : compact design / user and service friendly modular system / single and double knots / electronic knot counter / yarn break detector / designed for natural yarn, chemical yarns, special yarns, glass fibre, in particular fibrillated polypropylene / knot range yarn : 0.7Nm – 70Nm (145dtex – 14000dtex) / up to 400 knots per minute / touchscreen.


Picanol Omni Plus Loom

Quantity: 16, Year: 2001, Width 2500 mm, Staubli 2861 dobby, 15 shaft, 4 color, 4 feeder – 8set, 2 feeder – 8set, (Before all 2 feeder), 5/6 heald frame, 1.5 beam, 1 Dropper bar, 5000 Dropper, 5000 heald, Batching device, Complete set