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Picanol Air Jet OmniPlus 800-F-4-R-280 Weaving Loom

Quantity: 1, Year: 07/2006, Type OmniPlus 800-F-4-R-280, working width 2800mm, 4 colours.
with jacquard STAUBLI type CX880 serial number BFM/COF1 year of construction 07/2001, format 1408, 1344 hooks installed. Equipped with : SUMO, ELO, ETU, 4 weft colours, 4 weft feeders PICANOL type 1131X2 with PFL, feeder stand, bobbin creel, with end bobbin detection, double warp tension rolls Ø 140mm with springs RHS + LHS, single pressure roll, Leno RHS + LHS, STAUBLI harness year of construction 2018, warp beam position 13, warp detection GROB with 6 detection bars, droppers, melt cutters RHS+LHS, touchscreen, walking step, waste-system, cardan axe, controller STAUBLI JC7 (year of construction 2016), 176 modules MP (=M6), single gantry, foreseen for warp beam T280 but without warp beam T280, foreseen for external batching motion but without external batching motion, speed 750 TPM.


Dornier LWV 4/S Loom

Quantity: 1, Year: 1999, Width: 210, Pneumatic with a jacquard device for applying patterns to the selvadge.


Ratera Braiding Machines

Quantity: 20, Year: 1999-2002, Type: 16B-E115, 16 bobbins, Volume 115 RS.