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Fehrer / Fleissner Thermo bonding Lines

Quantity: 2, Year: 2006,2007 , 2.4 meter


Monti Hotmelt Line

Year: 2007, ww: 2.5 m


Nordson Hot Melt Line

Year: 2004, ww: 1.8 m, Consisting of Nordson hotmelt machine, A. Celli slitter/rewinder, Polycomm roll packaging and labelling line.


Nordson Hot Melt Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 2004, ww: 1.8 m.


Non Woven Thermobonding Machinery & Equipment


1x Kusters Thermobonding Calender

Two Roll,
3.6 Meters Wide
Fulton Thermal Oil Heater
Heat Exchanger
With extra Rollers
(6) Engraved Rolls, 150"
(3) Swim Rolls, 150"
(2) Smooth Rolls, 150"


1x Fulton Electric Boiler

Model FT-0240-C
600,000 K-Cal/HR
20 HP Motor/60 HZ
RPM 3525
Pump 3 x 4 x 8 x ½


2x Fleissner Through Air Thermo Bonding Ovens

Year: 2006 & 2007
Model Vario Air TV/Z24’
240cm working width
4 Heating Zones
2 Cooling Zones
Double Teflon Belts (Top and Bottom)
Re-Moisturization Units


1x Bombi Three Roller Thermobonding Calendar

Year: 2007
Model CAL/3C/5.8
3 Rollers
5.8 Meter working width
6.1 meter max roller width
800mm Roller diameter
25 Tons working Pressure
Oil Heated


STP Impianti Spunbond/Meltblown Line

Quantity:1, Year:2000-2005, Width: 1500mm, Complete SSS triple-beam spunbond line including off-line slitter. Max capacity 300 ton/month, but average running 250 ton/month, but depending also on mix of GSM, speed from 300 m/min @ 10 gsm to 20 m/min for 190gsm, net fabric width 1500 or 1400 mm if desired, running 10-190 gsm, dtex 1.8 – 2.2, consisting of: Moretto polymer feeding and Jonix volumetric dosing system, two per spinbeam (color masterbatch + additive), 24 spinpumps in total (8/beam), 66 individual spinnerets in total, 216 holes each – dia 0.6 mm, Comerio CAL NT 410×2000 calender, electrically oil-heated, two cylinders – one engraved with diamond pattern and one smooth – cylinder dia 410 mm for both cylinders.Celli AC4-Windy winder, Testa Rossa 113 JT EK1 off-line automatic unwinder and slitter/rewinder, yoc: 2005, 2 slitting knives and semi-automatic crosscut, max ingoing width of roll is 1700 mm – max diameter 1500 mm and 800 kg weight.Atlas Copco ZA200 air compressor. Eurotherm inverters, Dynisco pressure controls and Euroterm temperature controls.Total power consumption 420 kW, Normally for medical grade products, SMS-technology should be used, due to extremely high barrier properties from meltblown fabric. Still in production.
APPROX WEIGHT of the line 90 tones
Customs Tariff No/ HS code is 84490090
Width 1500 (Normal Line Configuration)
GSM 10 to 14, GROSS WIDTH:1520, NET WIDTH:1400
GSM 15 to 17, GROSS WIDTH:1560, NET WIDTH:1500
GSM 18 to 150, GROSS WIDTH:1560, NET WIDTH:1530
Width 1400 (Reduced if needed)
GSM 10 to 16, GROSS WIDTH:1420, NET WIDTH:1300
GSM 17 to 150, GROSS WIDTH:1460, NET WIDTH:1400


Melt blown Fabric Machine

Year: 2020, Width 1.4 meters, Make 95+, Daily output 1.2 ton.


Line Thermobonded wadding

Also coupled for wadding , 100/800 gr.x m2.
Year built 1990/1992
n. 1 FOR carding machine double drum double doffer working width 250 cm., production 400/500 kg / h
n. 1 FOR cross-lapper , entry 250cm. / exit 350cm. – 400cm.
n ° 1 conveyor belt from the cross-lapper to the oven
n ° 1 Tomes thermofusion oven, width 330cm. length 600cm.
n ° 1 Tomes longitudinal cutting system
n ° 1 Tomes winder
n ° 1 Transversal cutting system
n ° 1 MAGETRON Packing machine to reduce the volume of large rolls,
The plant is located in Italy and is in operation, but at this moment stopped


Melt Blown Production Lines(NEW MACHINE)

Quatity: 1
Year : New Line
Please find spec of line in PDF File.