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Muratec Vortex 861 Spinning Machine

Quantity: 16, Year: 2011‎, ‎80 spindle‎, ‎3 splicer‎, muratec clearer, doffing car, ‎800kg/ 12 hour‎, ‎400 meters/ one minute‎, running viscose 40 yarn count, running condition


Delpiano Semi Worsted Ring Spinning Frame

Quantity: 1, Year: 2006, mod.SW8 ELECTRONIC, 200 spindles single side, 8 cylinders, Ring dia.110 mm. Gauge 140 mm. Tube 500 mm.
Note: Machine is professionally dismantled and stored in warehouse.‎


NSC Semi-Worsted Ring Spinning Frame

Quantity: 1, Type CF 52, 28 spindles
rings diameter 75 mm, pitch 105 mm, Double zone drafting unit (adjustable pitch)‎
Tubes 360 mm


Murata MVS Vortex Spinning Frames


10x MURATEC Vortex Spinning Frames Model 850

6xYear: 1997- 4xYear: 1995
All machines upgraded:
Take ups modified for higher speed
Air Nozzles replaced with improved material
Air handling improved/modified
Muratec 1 A/3 Monitor
Seletex Clearers
6” tube take up
72 spindles each
Automatic piecer


6x MURATEC Vortex Spinning Frames Model 851

Year: 1998
72 Positions Each
6" Traverse
Length Measuring
Tube Take Up
1 Automatic Piecer
1 Doffer


4x MURATEC Vortex Spinning Frames Model 861

Year: 2005
80 Positions.
Cylindrical Take-up
Muratec Yarn Clearers
Murata VOS Monitoring System
2 Automatic Knotters Model 86.C
1 Automatic Doffer Model 86.D


Galan Ring Twister

Quantity: 1, Year:2008 like new, very little worked in the company.
Model: CRB187/96 of 96 spindles, ring dia 140mm with creel
The twister machine is equipped with an automatic electronically controlled yarn twisting system, as: twisting speed, number of turns per meter, direction of S, Z turns, bench pitch, bench lift speed, pneumatic lifting of roller clamps in case of yarn break, frequency of spindle lubrication and others. The twister has 96 screw spindles. Each twisting point controls four threads. The Galan twisting machine is designed for twisting the yarn into ALFA cylindrical spools measuring 382 mm x 140 mm. Possible is spooling with one disc / bottle form / or for spools without discs, setting the appropriate program in the parameters. Possible change pitch of the bench by adjusting it to the right reel.
At present machine is in factory warehouse professionally dismantled by owner. Machine complete with low working hours ! Like new.
The Galan machine can process: PES, PA, PP, Aramid, Rayon, glass fibres as well as metal yarns were tested by factory.
Ring diameter is 140 mm ; speed up to 8,000 rpm. Yarns up to dtex 26600, Variable speed. 2 different yarns can be run on each side. Assembling – up to 4 yarns. Practical output speed to 150m/min. Output in kgs depends on number and density of yarns used.


Murata MJS 802HR

Quantity: 22
Year: 1998
Model: 802 HR
Number of Positions: 72
Seletec Yarn Cleaners: Yes
Knotter / Splicer: Knotter
Murata Monitor: A1/3
Traverse rods: 10mm Diameter
Electronic yarn Tensionner
Present but not connected
Waxing: 26 out of 30 have waxers
Tube Take up: 0.96, 0.97, 0.98, 0.99, 1.01, 1.02 (Take up gears)
Tube Length: 170 mm
Type Take up Drums: Grooved, no rubber drive bands
Number cans in creel per position: 1 Can
Can diameter: 20”
Side Plates: We have 39/42 & 41/42 & 36/38
Quick change nozzle: 4 Body
Quick change bodies: Yes
N1 nozzle type: H3
N1 insert type / shape: H3 Round hole
N2 Nozzle type: H3, H26, H40
Guide Color . shape hole: H3 Pink Triangles, H26 Purple Round, H40 White Round
Full package conveyor: Yes all frames have both of theses
Number of Doffers per machine: 1 Doffer per machine
on the mill floor


Vortex 861 Spinning Machines

Quantity: 2, Year: 2009, 80 spindle, 2 splicer, With original cleaner, With waxing.


Muratec Vortex 861 Spinning Frames

Quantity: 16, Year: 2011, 80 spindle, Speed 400 meters/min, Original cleaner, Two robots, Ex polyester, Running condition.


Muratec Vortex 861 MVS Air Jet Spinning

Quantity: 6


1x Year: 2006

80 Spindles, Conicity : 4°20, Yarn Joining : Splicer, No Of Splicer : 2, Clearer Type : MSC, Waxing : Available, OHTC : Available


3x Year: 2005, 1x Year: 2004

Machine Hand : RHS, 80 Spindles, Spindle Type : Eco, Spindle Size : 1.2, Conicity : Cylindrical, Traverse : 6", Feed Can Size : 18", 20", Doffers : Available, Yarn Joining : Splicer, No Of Splicer : 3, Clearer Type : MSC-F, Nozzle Type : ECO, Needle Holder Type : L8.8.8, Waxing : Available, OHTC : Available, Splicer Nozzle Prism : G8Z, OHTC Make : Pneumablo


1x Year 2004

Machine Hand : RHS, 80 Spindles, Spindle Type : Eco, Spindle Size : 1.2, Conicity : Cylindrical, Traverse : 6", Feed Can Size : 18", Doffers : Available, Yarn Joining : Splicer, No Of Splicer : 3, Clearer Type : MSC-F, Nozzle Type : ECO, Needle Holder Type : L8.8.8, Waxing : Available, OHTC : Available, Splicer Nozzle Prism : G8Z, OHTC Make : Pneumablo, With Polymaster (2018)


NSC Worsted Ring Spinning Frame

Quantity: 1, Year: 1990, NSC type CF43, 1990, 204 spindles, pitch 120mm, Ring dia 89mm, tubes 400mm, Nm 2-16, Double drafting zone NSC, automatic cops doffer, Feeding from cans, variable speed by inverter.
linked with:
Karl Mayer winder type RC10 AWD/VD, 1990, 12 spindles, traverse 10”, tubes 280mm, 1°50 for cones until 4 kg, Splicer, electronic clearer Loepfe TK680, meter counter, doffer, 380V/3Ph/50Hz, good condition, still running.


Delpiano Semi Worsted Ring

Quantity: 1, Year: 2006, 110 mm ring, 450 mm tube, 200 SPINDLES, Electronic head.


Saurer Winspin Worsted Spinning

Quantity: 1, Year: 2004, 48 pos., Clearers Loepfe TR940T, 2 robots, Automatic doffing, Delivery cylinders 2800mm traverse, To produce torque-balanced worsted yarn direct from roving, Friction twisting by using oscilating rollers, Yarn to 4 strands (2 rovings, lycra, filament) .


Murata Vortex 861

Quantity: 5, Year: 2008, Model: MVS 861, 80 Super fat spindles SF1.1 and SF1.2 mm.
Conicity: 4°20, Traverse 6” (146 mm), Feed Can size: 16~20″, Doffers: 86D x 1 head, G2Z air splicer – 2 , MSC Clearer, Star nozzle
440 V / 60 hz
2 are stopped and 3 are running



Quantity: 1, Year: 2006, SW8 ELECTRON, SPINDLE / HEAD NUMBER: 200 PIECES – DIAMETER: 110


Muratec Vortex 870 Spinning

Quantity: 8, Year: 2013, 96 spindle, Make Rayon, Yarn count 21, One minutes/400 meters, Running condition.


Worsted/Semiworsted Ring Spinning Frame NSC

Quantity: 1, Year: 1974, CF28, 100 spindles, pitch 180 mm, ring-dia. 140 mm, tubes 600 mm, inverter, motor 80 kW, 380V / 3Ph / 50Hz, overhead cleaner.


Muratec Vortex 870 Air Jet Spinning With Polymaster

Quantity: 3, Year: 2013, No Of Spindles: 96, Draft Gauge: Standard 1.5″, Creel, Size of Cans: Diam 25″ (3 lines), No of splicing carriages: 3 heads, Main Spinning Material: Viscose, Main Yarn Count: 25-40, With Waxing Device, Wax inner Diam: 15, Yarn Clearer: FFD, With Spinning Sensor, Without Core Yarn device, Direction of Exhaust: Machine t0 floor, Direction of Electric service: Floor to machine, Direction of compressed air: Floor to machine, Parallel Traverse Cambox, With package conveyor, Left to Right Package conveyor direction, With package lifter, Installed spinning zone: Orient (Z) , Installed fiber guide: Orient (Z) , Traverse length; 6″, Parallel Take up bobbin angle, With splice monitor, Splicer Nozzle; G2Z-FB1-H-N2.


Muratec Vortex Spinning Frames


2x Model 870 III , Year: 2013 :

80 positions, Tube Take up, 6 inch traverse, VOS Computer Control, MSC-F yarn clearers, Model 87D Doffer, Model 87C Air Splicer, Travelling overhead Blower and Tracking, 3 Row Feed Can Creel.


1x Model 861, Year: 2008

Computer VOS, Spindles: 24 Positions, Take up Tube, Traverse 150mm, Tube Len 170mm, Clearers MSC-F, Foreign Fiber Yes, Creel 3 Rows, Travel Blower Yes, Doffer 86D, Air Splicer 86C


NSC Semi Worsted Ring Spinning Frames

Quantity: 2, Year: 2002, Typ: CF53with accessories each, 408 spndles, 120mm gauge, 100mm x 9/2mm ring, 380mm traverse, 8 roll drafting