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PA.FA Ring Spinning

Quantity: 4, Year: 1 x1991 – 3 x1989, mod.DC2/75 L.A.I.P., n.608 spindles each, double drive, ring diam.50 mm, gauge 75 mm, draft arm SKF PK 1601, tube heigth 260 mm, automatic doffing single pliers


Edera Ring Spinning

Quantity: 1, Year: 1979, n.528 spindles, single drive, with old type flame device, ring diam.60 mm, gauge 82,5 mm, draft arm SKF PK 1601, tube heigth 260 mm.


H.D.B. Semi Worsted Ring Spinning Frame

Quantity: 1, Year: 1993, with 176 spindles ,
gauge 120 mm. , ring diam. 85 mm. , tube H. 400 mm. ,
n. 07 rollers , double adjustable drafting zone ,
Hight draft pendulum arms ( composed by 1 feeder top cots roller , 1 elastic cots rollers besh , 1 middle cots roller , 3 elastic cots rollers besh , 1 release top cots roller ) ,
feeding by cans , 380 V, 50 HZ ,
Set twist gears included ,Spindles tubes included in available quantity ; Machine complete in good running condition ;


Gigliotti Spinning Frame

Quantity: 1, Year: 2014, mod. ring roc gmt st3, 20 spindles.


Bigagli Spinning Frame

Quantity: 1, Year: 1999, mod. Novafil br1, 136 spindles.


Bigagli Spinning Frame

Quantity: 1, Year: 2000, mod. Novafil br1, 160 spindles.


HDB Spinning Frame

Quantity: 1, Year: 1986, Type CBY 2, 192 spindles, Ring dia. 127 mm, Tube height: 600 mm.


HDB Semi-Worsted Ring Spinning Frame

Quantity: 1, 180 spindles, Ring dia.110 mm. Tube 500 mm.


NSC Semi-Worsted Ring Spinning Frame

Quantity: 1, Type CF 52, 28 spindles, rings diameter 75 mm, pitch 105 mm, Double zone drafting unit (adjustable pitch)‎, Tubes 360 mm.


NSC Worsted Spinning Frames

Quantity: 4, Year: 1986, Type CF32 D, 416 spindles on 2 sides, Rings dia. 75 mm, Tubes 350 mm.


HDB Ring Spinning Frames

Quantity: 4


2x Spinning Frames CBY3

Year: 1988, Single side, 92 spindles each, Φ160mm, Gauge 200mm, Tube 600mm, False Twist.


2 x Spinning Frames

Year: 1973, Single side, 150 spindles each, Φ 127mm, Gauge 165mm, Tube 600mm, False Twist, Electric panel with Inverter.



HDB Spinning Frames

Quantity: 2, Ring diam. 127, Tube 500 , False twisting.


CSM Ring Spinning Frames

Quantity: 8, Year: 1998, 640 spindles, Gauge 75, rings dia. 52 mm, Auto-doffing, Tubes length 26 cm, SFK Drafting Type PK 1601, Spindle height 21,5 cm.


Parafil-Hollowspindle-Spinning Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 2000, Sussen, Type Parafil PL 2000-3, 40 spindles, pitch 360 mm, Delivery: 10” cylindric tubes 290 mm, Modernized ca. 2015 with motors and inverters Siemens each spindle, 25.000 t/min, variable speed by inverter Siemens, With dust extraction tubes on each spindle, New special separate creel for filament and metal yarn.


Schlafhorst BD380 Rotor Spinning Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 2010, 288 spindle, Rotor dia 54, with original cleaner, Running condition.


NSC Worsted/Semi Worsted Ring Spinning Frame

Quantity: 1, Year:1990, Type CF43, General overhaul, 204 spindles, Pitch 120mm, Ring dia 89mm, Tubes 400mm, Nm 2-16, Double drafting zone NSC, Automatic cops doffer, Feeding from cans, Variable speed by inverter
‎- Draft range 3,9-61‎
‎- Twist range 57-779 per m‎
‎- Ratch/reach? Distance between the input cylinder and the output cylinder of first drafting ‎zone is variable 180-220mm, of the second drafting zone with aprons 270mm, suitable also ‎for long fibres
‎- Bobbin lift 385mm, tube length 400mm
‎- Ring him ring diameter 94,5mm, ring high 16,7mm, spindle speed maximum 9.500t/min

linked with:
Karl Mayer winder
Year: 1990, Type RC10 AWD/VD, 12 spindles, Traverse 10”, Tubes 280mm, 1°50 for cones until 4 kg, Splicer, Electronic clearer Loepfe TK680, Meter counter, Doffer, 380V/3Ph/50Hz

The Mayer winder has each spindle a normal splicer for Nm 2-20, suitable for all types of semi worsted yarn, wool and synthetics.
Machines are in running condition.