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  • AC86/030120/
    ICBT Twisting
    ICBT Twisting
  • AD43/031019E/AL-R/BK/
    ICBT TFO Twisting DT 660-R
    ICBT TFO Twisting DT 660-R
    Quantity: 2, Year: 2000-2001, 1 machine 36 positions from 2001, 1 machine 48 positions from 2000
    thereof 1 machine with 48 positions:
    3 x 380 V, 137 A, 50 hz, press air 5 bar 1 m3/h, position width 660 mm, pot dia 330 mm
    thereof 1 machine with 36 positons:
    3 x 380 V, 50 hz, 100 A, press air 5 bar 1m3/h, position width 660 mm, pot dia 330 mm
    Dimensions of the bobbins are: feeding and exit after twisting :
    Feeding 290 mm, The company worked with bobbin carrier not with creel, so feeding was directly from bobbin carrier, Final bobbin length 290 mm, Innerdia 2- 74 mm, end bobbin dia up to 27 cm, weight: up to 6.5 kg. possible.
    dtex is from 6.000 up to 14.000 ( this is the range the company worked )
  • AF28/270919E/AO-O/M/AN/
    ICBT TFO Twister DT 660R
    ICBT TFO Twister DT 660R
    Quantity:1, Year: 1998, (Rieter) 48 Positions
    tape twisting machine, used mainly for turf/ARTIFICIAL GRASS twisting, but you can also use it for carpet yarn or other multifilament
    stored in warehouse
    Details quoted by the factory:
    We were twisting with S and Z which means lefts as well as right turn twisting
    Depending on the material we were twisting in a range of 30 – 50, but I assume the machine is able to twist up to 100
    We were twisting yarns in a range of 6000 – 20000 (dtex)
    The total machine length of approximately 18 -19 meters
    8 modules with 3 twisting stations on each side à each 2 meters long
    Control Unit à about 2 Meters
    Each Module is 210cm high and 150cm wide
    The machine is able to twist on cones with a length of 290mm
    The diameter of the bobbin pot is 32cm
  • AD76/110119/AS/
    ICBT DT 354 Yarn Twisting
    ICBT DT 354 Yarn Twisting
    Quantity: 20, Year: 1996, 352 spindles (176x2), two for one, for nylon ve polyester, CONDITION : installed and running sitaution