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ICBT DT 860P Twister

Quantity: 1, Year 1998, 36 position, 32” Gauge
14” pot, 10”drum width, 1 1/2” x 3” x 11 1/2” Conical Take up, 575 volts 60 Hz


ICBT False Twist Texturing

Quantity: 03, Year: 1998, ICBT FTF-15E2HT, False Twist Texturing Machine, 440 V.


ICBT TFO Twister DT 660R

Year: 1998
(Rieter) 48 Positions
Tape twisting machine, used mainly for turf/ARTIFICIAL GRASS twisting, but it can also used for carpet yarn or other multifilament.
Stored in warehouse.
Details quoted by the factory:
It was twisting with S and Z which means lefts as well as right turn twisting.
Depending on the material were twisting in a range of 30 – 50, but the machine is able to twist up to 100.
It was twisting yarns in a range of 6000 – 20000 (dtex)
The total machine length of approximately 18 -19 meters
8 modules with 3 twisting stations on each side, each 2 meters long
Control Unit a about 2 Meters
Each Module is 210cm high and 150cm wide
The machine is able to twist on cones with a length of 290mm
The diameter of the bobbin pot is 32cm
Note: the ICBT has some items to fix/repair, its better to be used as spare part machine.‎


ICBT 2×1 Twister

Quantity: 1 , Year: 1995, Type CD-DT 560
2 x 24 spindles = 48 positions
Can dia. 300 mm and height 230 mm, Feeding and delivery traverse: 10’ cylindrical
Z and S torsion , not dismanted



Quantity: 7 , Year: 2002, Model CD 460
120 spindles, Cable Creel, Air Treading
Rip cord cable stop, Tube Take-Up __ mm Tube Lengt, S and Z Twist
10-inch Cone Take up, 2 position Cable Creel with Pull-Down Loading, 500 mm Spindle Gauge


ICBT Two For One Tire Cord Twisters

Quantity: 2, Year: 1992, Model DT800ST, 32 Positions, 800mm gauge, 14” Æ Pot / 11” Depth, 9” Tube Take Takeup, Overfeed Roll, Barco Control, Air Threading, Emergency Stop Cord, Central Conveyor.


ICBT Carpet Cabler

Quantity: 1 , Year: +/- 1993
Electrical cabinet a little more recent, 2 x 48 spindles, Can diameter 290 mm, height 270 mm
Feeding and output in 10″


ICBT Two for One Twisters

Quantity: 2, Year: 2000, Type DT326E, 120 positions each, 230mm take up, 290mm supply package, 230mm pot ø.


ICBT 2 x 1 Twister

Quantity: 1, Year: 1996, Type DT 360, 96 spindles, Pot diameter 230 mm, Traverse 250 mm, Tubes 290 mm.


ICBT Carpet Cabler

Quantity: 1, Year +/- 1990, 2 x 48 spindles
Can diameter 290 mm, height 270 mm, Feeding and output in 10″


Twisting/Winding Machines

ICBT DT 354 TFO Twisting Machines
Quantity: 40, Year: 1994, 288 spindles , Double storied  , 220V, Drum Spec, Bobbin Length, Stopped on Mill

ICBT PRIN Winding Machines
Quantity: 3 , Year: 1994, 80 Spindles, 220V, Previously used for filament, Bobbin Length, Stopped on Mill

Nakagoshi Jumbo Winders MT-JS
Quantity: 7, Year: 1994, 24×2 Spindles, Previously for filament, Drum length, Stopped on Mill