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Saurer Epoca 5. 22/Epoca 6. 22 Yards

Quantity: 9
3x Epoca 5. 22, Year: 2008
6x Epoca 6. 22, Year: 2012,2013
The machines 2nd generation, B cord


DAYU Embroidery TSB-920

Quantity: 2, Year: 2006, 20 heads


ZSK Embroidery Machine

Quantity:1, Year:2004, Including sequin machine, Type: YCF4405 ; 2/T/1400 , 44 heads, Producer: ZSK Germany


ZSK Embroidery Machines

Quantity: 3, Year:2004, Without sequin machine, 44 heads, 5 needles, 850 rpm
Embroidery area: 16 cm x 120 cm, Type: YCF 4405-24/4T/1400
Producer: ZSK Germany, Split sale is possible, Status: machines in excellent condition.


Embroidery Machine Sheen Type GG-758 J

Quantity: 1, Year: 2006, 2 heads


Embroidery Machine Sheen type GG-758 M

Quantity: 1, Year: 2006, 20 heads


Saurer Unica Standard 20 yard

Year: 2001, Computerized Shuttle Embroidery Machine, 1104 pieces needles and shuttles, 1104 pieces borers, 125cm working height
350 revolution working speed, 20 yard length, 4/4 big cone holder, together with endless fabric device,working condition


Lasser Single Floor Multi Drive Embroidery Machine

Quantity: 3, Year: 2012, Brand: Lasser. Switzerland, Type MD55,Embroidary length 16 yds, 536 position, Shuttle timming device Included, 1set:, Color change pattern cut type., Laser cutting type, 2set: normal type


Lasser Single Floor Multi Drive Embroidery Machine

Quantity: 2, Year: 2012, Brand: Lasser. Switzerland, Type MD55, Embroidary length 16 yds, 536 position, Shuttle timming device Included, 1set: Color change pattern cut type, 1set: normal type


Comerio Ercole Embroidery Schiffli Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 1997, Futura model, Type CE-15/108 FT
With: Working width 15 YDS, 2 Frames 108 cm high e/o, 4/4 Borers set 4/4 Metallic shuttles, TOP size, 2 sets, 4/4 Needles set,
Machine in very good conditions.


Ricoma Multi Head Embroidery

Quantity 1, Year: 2015, Model FHS.1206, 6 Heads, 12 Color, Individual Frames, Trimmers, Full Computer Control, 220 Volts at 50Hertz.


Mammut Quilter

Quantity: 1, Year: 2014, Type VMK 250 CNC601
Double lock chain stitch multi-needle Quilter, 96 separately controllable needles, Fully automatic needle plan change, Top and bottom thread cutter at each sewing position, Material width up to 2.700 mm, Two needle bars, 150 mm spacing, Computer numeric control CNC 601, software for creation of quilt patterns, Status: running, in excellent condition; full option machine.