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Comerio Ercole Embroidery Schiffli Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 1997, Futura model, Type CE-15/108 FT
With: Working width 15 YDS, 2 Frames 108 cm high e/o, 4/4 Borers set 4/4 Metallic shuttles, TOP size, 2 sets, 4/4 Needles set,
Machine in very good conditions.


Ricoma Multi Head Embroidery

Quantity 1, Year: 2015, Model FHS.1206, 6 Heads, 12 Color, Individual Frames, Trimmers, Full Computer Control, 220 Volts at 50Hertz.


Mammut Quilter

Quantity: 1, Year: 2014, Type VMK 250 CNC601
Double lock chain stitch multi-needle Quilter, 96 separately controllable needles, Fully automatic needle plan change, Top and bottom thread cutter at each sewing position, Material width up to 2.700 mm, Two needle bars, 150 mm spacing, Computer numeric control CNC 601, software for creation of quilt patterns, Status: running, in excellent condition; full option machine.


ZSK Embroidery Machine

Quantity:1, Year:2004, Including sequin machine, Type: YCF4405 ; 2/T/1400 , 44 heads, Producer: ZSK Germany


ZSK Embroidery Machines

Quantity: 3, Year:2004, Without sequin machine, 44 heads, 5 needles, 850 rpm
Embroidery area: 16 cm x 120 cm, Type: YCF 4405-24/4T/1400
Producer: ZSK Germany, Split sale is possible, Status: machines in excellent condition.


Embroidery Machine Sheen Type GG-758 J

Quantity: 1, Year: 2006, 2 heads


Embroidery Machine Sheen type GG-758 M

Quantity: 1, Year: 2006, 20 heads


Meca Ecording Quilting Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 2002, 3mt working width, 3.20 mt machine width,
TK 115 MD ECD tipi,, ultra speed multineedle embroidery quilter,
this machine revolutionises the industry by combining quilting and embroidery technologies into one highly productive and efficient sewing system, installed and running situation.


Quilting Machine Computerised

Quantity: 2, Year 2012, Brand : Meka quilting, Korea, Width; 96″ & 65″, Computerised driving


MECA Multi-needle Quilting Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 1994, model SK 115 E3, Bar width: 3 m, ‎3 bars, 20 needles per bar, Programming PCS 386‎


Krenzler Braiding Machines

2 Krenzler braiding machines, gauge 88, year 2002 / 1995
2 Krenzler braiding machines, gauge 64, year 2003 / 1995
1 SSM winder PSA/2, year 2011
The Krenzler and the SSM to be sold as package only. The machines year 1995 were modernized with latest electronic devices and central computer system. Machines were working only 35 hours per week.


Mammut Multi Needle Quilting

Quantity: 1, Ww. 2500 mm, Type: VMT


Meca Ecording Multitech Quilting Machine

Year: 2003, RECONDITIONED with warranty 6 months
Meca Ecording multitech 115 : lock stitch shuttle quilting machine.
3 -needle bars gauge 3” each , 115 needles each bar , gauge needles 1”
Width of quilting 115”, working width cm.290, Carriage motion 12”, Speed 550 / 600 rpm
Thread sensors BTSR, Software Pegasus, In set with-the panel cutter and the winder.


Techna 95” Quilting Machine

Year: 1999, RECONDITIONED with warranty 6 months.
TECHNA 95 : lock stitch shuttle quilting machine, Master computer.
3 -needle bars, Width of quilting 95”, working width cm.240, Carriage motion 12”, Speed 800 / 850 rpm, In set with-the panel cutter and the winder.


Saurer Embroidery

1 x Saurer embroidery, 3040 Pentacut, 15 yds, year:1995
1 x Saurer embroidery, 3040 Standard, 15 yds, year:1995
1 x Saurer embroidery, 4040 HP, 15 yds, year:1998
Availability: immediately



Year: 2006
2 x JL65/1 F 132″ 24E S/NR 95000+
1 x TL66/1/36 132″ 24E S/NR 95000+