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Axminster Carpet Looms

Quantity: 1
Year 1998 (to be confirmed)
Type: Jacquard Loom
Colors: 1-11
Working width: 4 M
Reed density: 7 pitch/inch: 276 pitch/meter
Linear qualities 7 rows/inch to 12 rows/inch
Pile lenght at draw off: 21-29 mm
Speed (picks per minute) : 10-11
Nominal speed (m/h): 0,8-2,6
Efficiency (m/h): 2
Wool type used: 330×2-300×3 Pile – wool , weft-jute,pp
Max. Power (kw): 7.5
Jacquard : Crabbtree (original)
Lenght of the loom without frame (m): 5,45
Rapier: Elastic rapier powered by Lenze step motor
Width (m): 3,05
Height (m): 4,32
Weight (kg): 18450
Power supply : AC 240/400V 50Hz
Camera matrix detectors of missing ends

machine can be shipped in 3×40′ HC and 1x 40′ OT
NOTE: Machine is good quality and in production.