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RPR Two For One Twisting Machine

Quantity: 3
2 sets with model of GC96DF, with heater, heater high of 500 mm., 1 set with model of GC96D.
120 spindles, very good condition and equipped with invert device,
spindles type of DT 140 mm, take up tube length of 230 mm, take up package of 3 Kg, each set with


RPR Twisting

Quantity: 5, Year: 1998, mod. GC 96, 96 position, Spindles number: 96,120, Sections number: 12,15, Number of spindles per section: 8, Take-up, Biconical individuai taper or centralized taper, Single drive, Spindle Type DTS 220, for bobbins diam. 210×250 mm.
NOTE: The machine/s in the factory are almost like new (no damage or missing part), because they worked very little. Machines stopped in 2020. Some spare parts are given with the machine/s.


RPR Two for One Twisters

Quantity: 13
5x Type GC960D – 1997 year – 120 positions each
2x Type GC120N – 1995 year – 140 positions each
6x Type GC96-DN – 1989 year – 120 positions each


RPR 2 x 1 Twisters

Quantity: 6, Year 1995, Type GC120N, 90 spindles each, Can dia. 140 (tulip), Individual Bicone.