Roving Frames

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  • AB45/200320/BY/
    Marzoli Simplex Roving Frame
    Marzoli Simplex Roving Frame
    Quantity: 4, Year: 2000, Model: FT 1, 144 spindles, 3/3 Draft System, 32 mm bottom roll diam, PK 2025, Short cradle, 3 Servo motors + 1 main moto 15 kw, No blower, 380 V 50 Hz, Conditions: dismantled.
  • AE02/240220/
    Zinser Roving Frames FL 670
    Zinser Roving Frames FL 670
    Quantity: 5, Year: 2x2008 , 2x2006 , 2x2005 , 120 positions, Tube size 16 x 6,5, Auto doffer, Overhead blower.
  • AB45/040120/BY/
    Zinser 670 Roving Frame
    Zinser 670 Roving Frame
    Quantity: 1, Year: 2001, 120 spindles, Murao cleaner System , Spol Exit 16”x 6”, Draf SKF PK1500, DRAFTING SYSTEM : 3 OVER 3, Automatic Doffing, Creel in alimentaton for can 18 ” in 4 row, Blower Jacobi, 400 V 50 HZ, BAR 10-7, Condition: stopped on mill floor
  • AB45/111119/BY/
    Marzoli Roving Frame
    Marzoli Roving Frame
    Quantity: 4 , Year: 2X2000 , 2X2001 , Model: FT1D, 144 Spindles, Spool size 6″ x 16″, Drafting System Marzoli, Short Cradle for cotton, Whitout Automatic doffing, Creel 3 position for cans 20” or 24” , Blower Magitex
  • AB45/081119/BA/
    Quantity: 1, Year: 1998, Automatic Doffing , 120 : splindels, Tube 6”X 16”, Draft System SKF PK 1500, 3 over 3, Creel for cans 24”, Inverter , Eletrojet Blower, 380 V 50
  • AF19/141019D/SS-T/C/BF/
    Toyoda High Speed Simplex Roving Fly-Frames
    Toyoda High Speed Simplex Roving Fly-Frames
    Quantity: 3
    Year: 2011
    Model: FL200
    Right hand drive (Headstock positioned at right hand when facing flyer)
    No. of Spindles per machine: 140 Spindles
    Staff Length: 520 mm
    No. of Spindles per staff: 4 Spindles
    Lift: 406mm
    Bobbin Lift x
    Nominal full bobbin diameter (actual): 16 inch/406mm x 6 inch/146mm
    Easier doffing device (Flyer supported and driven at top flyer rail): Included
    Fibre to be used: CVC
    Fibre Length: 22 - 40mm
    Yarn Count to be spun: Ne 7, 13 and others
    Kind of Yarn (Combed or Carded): Carded
    Driving System: 3 types of Individual Motors
    (Motor built-in gear-end head - Main (Flyer + draft part) - Bobbin & Lifting
    Push button switch control: for run, stop, and inching
    Soft Start: by Inverter
    Main revolution journals: mounted with ball bearings
    Drafting system: 4-roller double apron D-type
    Roller stand inclination: 15 degrees
    Short bottom apron: Toyota standard
    Weighting Arm: TEXparts PK1500-001938
    Top Roller Load (kg/2 spindles): Front 12 (9, 15), 2nd 20 (15,25),3rd 15 (10, 20), Back 15 (10,20)
    Cradle: TEXparts OH514-110
    Radius and width: Radius 34.5mm, Width 40mm
    Tenser Guage (mm): Black/Beige/Green/Blue
    *Reference;Dimension of tenser gauge(mm): Cradle-OH514,Black-4.5,Beige-5.4,Green-6.5,Blue-9.3
    Top Apron: Toyota Standard
    Bottom Roller (Front, 2nd, 3rd, Back) Dia.: 28.5 x 28.5 x 28.5 x 28.5mm
    Bottom Roller Type (Front, 2nd, 3rd, Back): Helical x Helical x Knurled x Knurled
    Bottom Roller finishing: multiple chromium coating, neck mounted with needle bearing and jointed with screw
    Top Roller made by SKF: Front, 2nd, and back = LP315-110. 3rd = LP317-110
    Bare Diameter: all 4 top rollers are 19mm
    Covered Diameter (Front, 2nd, 3rd, Back): 28 x 28 x 25 x 28mm
    Rubber Cot Width (Front, 2nd, 3rd, Back): 39 x 39 x 40 x 39mm
    Type of Rubber Cot: Press Fit type
    Bottom Roller Gauge: Armstrong, Front to 2nd: 35-42mm, 2nd to 3rd: 47-52mm, 3rd to back: 45-52mm
    Front Collector, Condenser, Sliver Guide: 7.0mm, 15mm, 17 x 4.0mm
    Clearer: Positive intermittent revolving clearer with comb for top, bottom rollers
    Top Clearer Cover: With (open type)
    Bottom Clearer cloth: Dual type
    Pneumatic Suction under clearer: for collecting bottom clearer waste by comb
    Exhausted air: floor
    Air Suction: intermittent and continuous suction selectable
    Waste Collecting device: CWC System, (Pneuma-less Clearer Waste Collector)
    Flyer Spindle Diameter: 22mm
    Type of Flyer: SL, Slitless type
    Type of Presser: Stainless presser
    Flyer Cap: Standard (Smooth front row, with groove back row)
    Driving Systems: Flyer shaft driven by timing belt, Bobbin shaft driven by gear,Flyer and bobbin driven by helical gear.
    Shaping Motion (Mechanics and Electronics): By lifting servo motor
    Sliver Feeding Can: 20 inch diameter x 45 inch or less height
    Creel and Rows of Feeding rollers: For feeding of single sliver, Stainless Rows 6-Line
    Ross of feed rollers for lifting up sliver: 5
    Height of feed rollers (floor to center): 1,830mm
    Overall length from m/c top to creel end: 4,065mm
    Spinning Conditions, Sliver to be fed: 420 gr/6yds (Card Fibre), 420 gr/6yds (Card Fibre)
    Roving to be delivered: 420 gr/30yds, 350 gr/30yds
    Total Draft: 5.0, 6.0
    Twist multiple: 1.1, 1.3
    Twist per inch: 0.849, 1.099
    Flyer and Delivery Speed (Mechanical): Max. flyer speed 1,500rpm, delivery speed 60m/min.
    Flyer and Delivery Speed (Practical): Max. flyer speed 1,200rpm, delivery speed 50m/min.
    Electric Source, Motor: AC 380V / 50Hz, 11 kw - 4P Standard type
    Winding up, Lifting, Suction and Blow motor: 3.7kw 4P, 2.2kw 4P, 3.0kw 4P
    Indicator, Auto Counter: 5-figure, 3 shift indication, 5-figure indication unit
    Tower-shaped signal lamp: Gear-end Side
    Special Attachments included: Automatic Tension controller by micro-computer, Irregular roving preventing device, Package shoulder collapse preventing device, Miss-bobbin donning prevention , Function Panel, Flyer speed control device (Inverter), Main gearing in oil bath (new type), Automatic grease supply device for draft gearing, Automatic roving positioning device for re-start, Set-length stop and Constant-position stop
    Options included: Stop motion upon roving breakage at middle part of package, Safety cover in front of flyer, Automatic lubrication device for flyer and bobbin gear, Luwa BS-Type traveling cleanerInclusive of Spare Parts, Roving Bobbins etc. : Some spare parts shall be provided, 3,000 Bobbins will be provided with each machine, Floor plan diagrams, electrical diagrams, Instruction manuals, and other diagrams, parts lists in English are included., Sliver Cans will be included in sufficient quantity (as which will fit into empty space of container while loading these 2 machines)
  • AF54/190819/
    Toyota Roving Frame Simplex
    Toyota Roving Frame Simplex
    Quantity: 4, Year: 1994-1996
    Model : Toyota FL16, No. Of Spindles: 120, With oild bath, Roller: 4/4, Flyer Type: Closed, Staff length: 440MM, Drafting: SKF PK-1500 , No.of Creel Roll: 5, Power: 380v/50Hz, Material Processed Cotton
  • AC09/150819/AY/
    Zinser Simplex 670
    Zinser Simplex 670
    Quantity:5, Year:2000, No of Spindles:120, Staff Length in mm:520, Flyer Type:Closed, Cradle Size:Short, Inverter Drive For MainMotor:Available, OHTC:Available, Delivery : Immediate
  • AC09/030719/BS/
    Toyoda FL100 Simplex
    Toyoda FL100 Simplex
    Quantity: 2, Year: 2002, Model: FL100, No of Spindles: 120, Staff Length in mm: 520, Flyer Type: Closed, Drafting Make: PK1500, Drafting Type: 4 Over 4, Cradle Size: Short, Bottom Roller Dia in mm 28.5, Roving Tension Control: Available, Top Positive Clearer: Available, Bottom Positive Clearer Available, Inverter Drive For Main Motor Available, OHTC: Available, OHTC Make: Electrojet,Oil Bath: Available
  • AE51/110419/CW/
    Zinser Roving Frames
    Zinser Roving Frames
    Type: FL –670-120-1
    Type: FL –670-120-2, Year: 2006
    Type: FL –670-120-3, Year: 2006
    Type: FL –670-120-4, Year: 2005
    Type: FL –670-120-5, Year: 2007
  • AC09/160119/BQ/
    Zinser Simplex 68i
    Zinser Simplex 68i
    Quantity: 4, Year: 2005,2007, No of Spindles: 120, Staff Length in mm: 520, Flyer Type: Closed, Drafting Type: 3 Over 3, Cradle Size: Short, Top Positive Clearer: Available, Bottom Clearer: Positive, Inverter Drive For Main Motor: Available, OHTC: Available, Bottom Roller Dia in mm: 30, Drafting Make: ex parts (Germany )
  • AB45/020119/AQ/
    Zinser Roving Frame 670
    Zinser Roving Frame 670
    Quantity:1, Year:2002, No 120 spindles, Short Arm for Cotton, Murao cleaner System, Spool Exit 16”x 6”, Draf SKF PK1500, DRAFTING SYSTEM : 3 OVER 3 (30-25.5-30), Automatic Doffing, Creel in alimentaton for can 18 ” in 4 row, Blower, 380 V 50 HZ, (dismantled)