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Gualmec Italy Vertical Press

Quantity: 1, Year: 1997, Model FRT/300, 02 Rotary Box, Pression 300 ton, Manual bild, Dimension Bale 1250 mm x 1100 mm x 720 mm, Bale for 300/400 kg more o less dipend of material, Production 1500/2000 kg for hour dipent of the material, Automatic Bale unloading, Weighing scale included, 380 V 50 hz.


Ormic Horizontal Bale Press

Quantity: 1, Year: 1990, Model OCT 5.6, Pressure 17 tons, Bale weight up to 80/100 kgs , Automatic bilding.


Gualchierani Vertical Press

Quantity: 1, Year: 1995, Model BSG100, 100 ton, Bale for 250/300 kg more o less dipend of material, Whit automatic bild, Revised and modify all electronics whit PLC Siemes S7 in the year 2005, 380 V 50 hz.


Horizontal Bale Press LTG

Quantity: 1, Year 1992, Model AKB 20 A , 20 ton pression
Automatic binding, Bale dimension 60 x 80 x 115 cm, 380 volt 50 hz, Condition: dismantled


Piferoen Horizontal Bale Press

Quantity: 1, Year 1999, Type CBH/3 S, 60 Tons, Manual Tying, Tunnel Dimension: 0.75 X 1.10 X 2.40 m.


GUALCHIERANI Vertical Bale Press

Quantity: 1, refurbished by CINTI in 2017, Type BSG200, 200 tons


Gualchierani Press

Quantity: 1, Year: 2004, For bumps and reels complete with roller conveyor and scale case size 80/150 CM. 200 tons


Presto Horizontal Bale Press

Quantity: 1, Year: 2012, Pressure: 20 tons.


Rolando Bale Slicer

Quantity: 1, Year: 1989, Table width 1300, Belt length 400 mm.


Gualchierani Loose Fiber Press

Quantity: 1, Year: reconditioned in 2000, Out of ground, 30 tons, Box 1200×700 mm, Bale 200 kg, Cage Condenser, Feeding belt.


Gualchierani Baling Press

Quantity: 1, Out level, Power 150 tons. Double Rotating Boxes.


Autefa Single Box Bale Press

Quantity: 1, Year: 1983, Single box baling press for textile materials. Feeding of the machine with condenser and fan. The machine is in running conditions.
Pos.1 Single box baling press, Type: 282.20, Pressure: 70to, Box size: 1.200mm x 700mm, Bale weight: approx. 200 kg, Dimensions: 6,5m (H) x 3,5m x 5,5m.
Accessories: Condenser, Fan, Machine is complete and fully functional (but no more in use).


Autefa Double Box Bale Press

Quantity: 1, Year: 1972, Double box baling press for textile materials. Feeding of the machine with condenser and fan. The machine is in running conditions and was producing during the inspection.
Pos.1 Double box (carousel type) baling press, Pre-piston: 15to, Main piston: 50to, Box size: 1.200 x 800mm, Dimensions: 6,1m (H) x 6,4m x 5,0m
Accessories: Condenser, Manual strapping unit, Machine is complete and fully functional.


Autefa Bale Press

Quantity: 1, Year: 1989, With 200to pressforce, Bale size B 1.400 x L 600 x H 1.200 mm, Automatic strapping, Max. electrical load: 155A (Approx. 100KW), Dimensions: 7,5m (H) x 18,0m x 7,5m.
Accessories: Condenser + Chute, Fan, Bag filter unit, Automatic strapping unit CYKLOP, Bale lifting unit, Automatic stretching unit (self-made), Automatic exit conveyor (self-made), Weighing unit, Machine is complete and fully functional.


Autefa Bale Press

Quantity: 1, Year: 1995, Type. 282/800, Pressure: 70 to, Press plunger: 1.100mm x 600mm, Smallest bale height: 600 mm, Biggest bale height: 1.150 mm, Weight of bale: 200 – 240 kg, Capacity: 800 kg/h with 15 kg/m³, Including: Control system.


HSM Bale Press

Quantity: 1, Year: 1991, Type: 200 TEXTIL, With feeder and filtering unit, Pressure 200 KN, bale weight app. 130 kg, Bale size 700 x 812 x 600/1200 mm, Feeding size 600 x 620 mm.


Dell’Orco Baling Press

Quantity: 1, Year: 1995, Make: Dell’Orco & Villani, Type: AG/100/C


Gualchierani Baling Press

Quantity: 1, Out level, Power 60 tons.


Gavazzi Baling Press

Quantity: 1, Out level baling press, Power 40 tons, Aerial conveyor, Manual binding, Box with retaining blades for voluminous material.


Dabizzi Baling Press

Quantity: 1, mod. DL15/60 tons installed in pit. “CE” certificated.


Gualchierani Press FTC/200 Hydraulics

Quantity: 1, Year: 1998, Mod.FTC/200 hydraulics for packing bobbins and bumps, Pressure 200 Tons, Max capacity n.48 Bumps of 400 mm, Bale size 1600 x 1100 x 800, Bale weight about 480 Kg., Time to produce a bale 12 to 15 minutes, N.4 trolleys for bumps or bobbins.


PRESTO Bale Press

Quantity: 1, Year: 2008, horizontal


Austropress Waste Bale Press

Quantity: 2
1x Year: 1997, Type 5G06-horizontal, Pressure 25t, Bale Size: 800 mm (W) x 600 mm (H)‎.
1x Year: 1997, Type 5G05-horizontal, Pressure 25t, with Compactor, Bale Size: 800 mm (W) x 600 mm (H)‎


Ormic Autom. Horizontal Press

Quantity: 1, Year: 2001, mod.OCT 40X45 15 T , With condenser and loading table, Feeding hopper 350 x 600 mm., bale 400×450 mm.


Autefa Waste Bale Press

Quantity: 1, Year 1988, Type 273-226-horizontal, Pressure 20t, With PP-Strapping Unit, Bale Size: 750 mm (W) x 800 mm (H).


Austropress Waste Bale Press

Quantity: 1, Year: 2002, Type APK- 21b400 -horizontal, Bale dims 750mm x 650mm, Pressure 20t, ‎with Compactor, with Wire-Strapping Unit, Bale Size: 700 mm (W) x 700 mm (H)‎


Austropress Waste Bale Press

Quantity: 1 , Year: 2007, Type AP 25/20- horizontal, Pressure 20t, with PP-Strapping Unit, Bale Size: 1000 mm (W) x 700 mm (H)‎


Toel Bale Press & Felutex Filtration System



Type DIXI 60 SLS
Year 2014
Pressure 60 t
Feeding 990 mm x 1010 mm
Bale Size 1100 x 800 x 1200 mm
with 3 times Bonding unit
hydraulic motor 11 kW 400 V-32 A
Press Speed 27 sec.
Installation area 4860 mm x 2240 mm
Weight 5000 kg



Type closed
Year 2013
Capacity 14.000 m³/h
1 Drum Filter, Type TFB 15/15
1 Main stream Fan, 7,5 kW
1 Highpressure Exhaust Fan, 4 KW
1 Cyclonseperator, dia. 630 mm


Italiana Pressing Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 2002, 40 tons, To be installed on the floor level (without pit), Equipped with condenser, Height from the floor level: 7 meters approx.


Gualchierani Press

Quantity: 1
A beautiful Gualchierani press mod. BSG
60 tons
(always serviced), with condenser and pusher, automatic loading, complete with motor fan and filter bags (the connection to the suction network must be prepared on site by the customer).

Pressure box dimensions: 70×112.
It is a semi-underground press.

Designed as a continuous-pressing plant, composed by two pressing units: one in the bottom part of the machine, the other (of prepressing) in the top part.
composed by:
– basement;
– 2 columns;
– head;
– mobile pressing box;
– mobile pressing plate;
– pre-pressing box;
– material-pushing feeder;
– hydraulic central.

The pressing is made in the bottom part of the machine, by using the more resistant structure-components (basement, head and columns). The pre-pressing unit is installed over the machine head, made by:
– pre-pressing box;
– moving up-and-down plate;
– material-pushing feeder;
– condenser.
The material coming from the condenser goes into the upper part of the feeder, where a system with swinging palettes makes the load uniform in the lower part (measuring device).
The measuring device is equipped with a horizontally-moving plate pushing the material under the pre-pressing plate. Such a loading system allows to get bale having a quite regular shape since the quantity of material going into the pre-pressing box is distributed in a uniform way. The feeder is composed by a stockpile chamber to receive the material during the horizontal-moving phases of the loading plate. This chamber has variable dimensions according to the material volume and to the production output.
The control of the plate horizontal movement is made either by the pre-pressing device or by a timer.
The reaching of the full load of the pre-pressing box, shown by an acoustic or optical signal, makes the bottom of the box (that is the top contrasting plate of the press, too) moving. This side-movement is hydraulically controlled and allows the passage of the pre-pressed material into the mobile pressing box. When the material passage is finished, the top contrasting plate goes back to its
original position under the machine head and the final pressing phase starts.

(actually the machine works with relais and synoptic, it does have PLC)


Valvan Bale Press

Quantity: 1, Year:2000, Type VVH20, Pressure 20 tonnes, For balls 45x75cm x variable height.


Gualcherani Bale Press

Quantity: 1, Year: 1996, Model GR60, 60 ton capacity, Twin sheel rotary, hydraulic, 275” x 44” bale size, with hydraulic, Power unit and control panel, with motor, hydraulic type, 37 kw, With Oust collection system.


HSM 200 Bale Press

Quantity: 1, Year: 1999, Useful for textile waste.


Gualcherani Loose Fiber Press

Quantity: 1, Machine reconditioned year 2000, Out of ground, 30 tons, Total h.7800 mm. Box 1200×700 mm. Bale 200 kgs. Cage Condenser, Feeding belt.


Ken Mills T60 Revolver Twin Bale Press (Blue)

Year: 1996, 70 tons main press ram. Twin chamber baling machine for compaction of textiles. Condensor feed with reserve chute. Fan to dust collection unit (4 bag). Bale weight of up to 450kg. production rate of up to 10 bales per hour. Bale size: – Approx. 1150 x 790 x 1140 high. ISO standard bale size to optimise the loading of either 45’-0” trailer of sea container. 60 strapped bales fit into a 40′-0″ container. Steel wire manual strap.


HSM 200 Horizontal Bale Press

Quantity: 1, Year: 1991– refurbished in 2015, 200 horizontal, Bale weight: 130 kg, Pressure: 20 tons.


Gualchiarani Automatic Waste Press

Quantity:1, With Automatic Waste Feed from Cards and Blowroom with Automatic Bale Strapping


Out Level Baling Press

Quantity: 1, Power 60 tons.


Valvan Vertical Balepress

Quantity: 1, Year: 2003, Type: PTH200AT, press capacity 2000 kN (200 tons), complete with automatic strapping system, packing system and bale handler, turntable with weighing terminal, buffer conveyor, bale stacker and hoist. it’s a double box.