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KMT Blown Film Extrusion Line

Quantity: 1, Year: 2008, with printing station, to work LLDPE / LDPE / HDPE / EVA etc., still working


Bombi Oven and Impregnation line

Quantity: 1, Year 2004, Consist in the following components:
Unwinder, Accumulator with rolls 30 meters
Liquid and Foam Foulard Impregnation System
Perforated Drum Thru air dryer, Gas heated
Accumulator with rolls 30 meters, Cross Cutter with 3 longitudinal slitters, Roll Winder, Control Board, Technical specs, Working Width: 2.5m, Line speed: Up to 25 m/min, accordingly with the product, Perforated Drum Dryer diameter: 2.2m, Gas Burner Weishaupt, Metallic Transport Belt


Integrated Plastic Mat Factory

The factory consists of 20 pp mat machines and their accessories as follows:
Mat machine, width 180 cm carton jacquard: 3 pcs
Mat machine, width 180 cm computer jacquard: 1 pcs
Mat machine, width 270 cm computer jacquard: 10 pcs
Mat machine, width 270 cm, carton jacquard, 6 pcs
Tubes cutter: 16 pcs
Warp machine: 1 pcs
Complete preparation line: 1
Pet mixer capacity: 1.5 Ton
Pet mixer capacity: 250 kg

The factory is ready for work with a production capacity of 150.000 square meters of mats per month.


Starlinger re-pelletizing machine

Quantity: 1
Year: 2011
Starlinger recycling technology offers a spectrum of innovative machinery solutions for the efficient recycling of a variety of plastics, such as PE and PP, PET, PA, PS, PLA, PMMA, and many more.

Starlinger’s product line recoSTAR quickly asserted its place in the market and has become a global and leading player in the field of plastics recycling.

Type: recoSTAR universal 65 VAC

Versatile single shaft cutter/extruder combination for fibres, tapes and lump waste from PP fleece, PP + TPU nonwoven, TPU non woven 20 – 500 gsm

Consisting of:

– Conveyor belt type CB800 – 4800 mm long and 800 mm wide, feeding speed 0.2 m/s, power 0,55 kW.

– Metal detector – with double layer coil for detecting all metallic materials.

– Roller infeed NFR700R – roller width 700 mm

– Single shaft cutter, type EWV800 – 800 mm long – 400 mm shaft dia, 48 rotary knives.

– Extruder EXU65 – Including melt pressure sensor, melt temperature sensor and air conditioning for the electronic components and the control unit. Extruder screw dia – 65 mm. The extruder drive is speed-controlled via a frequency converter. The screw speed can be controlled fully automatically depending on the process requirements from 50-180 rpm.

– Masterbatch dose unit MBD100 8 – Volumetric dosing device consisting of a trapezoidal housing made of stainless steel and a frequency converter controlled drive

– Dehydrating unit VAC65CC incl. Closed Water Circuit – absolutely necessary for printed, moist or hygroscopic material

– Single piston filter / screen changer with 4 screens for continuous operation.

– Water ring pelletizing unit – max capacity 200 kg/hr, 3 knives

– Drying centrifuge and cyclone.

– Touch panel – The system is operated via the 10 inch color touch panel. This can be used to enter parameters, manage recipes, display trends and read out data via Ethernet or USB interface.

– Storage silo 1000 liter capacity, with transport fan.

– Machine output: PP 80 – 120 kg/h, TPU 70 – 110 kg/h


Malimo Malivlies Stitch-Bonding Machine

fully refurbished and modernized in 2005, ww: 3.6 m


Autefa Vertical Double Bale Presse

Quantity: 1, Year: 1988, Bale weight: 250 kg, Pressure: 70 tons.


SOTEXI / PIK-PIK Quilting machine

Quantity: ‎1 , Year: 1997, Model CHAINTRONIC, Type CT2 series 180, Bar width: 183 cm, 2 bars, 72 needles per bar, With batcher and un-roller


Piferoen Vertical Double Bale Press

Quantity: 1, Year: 1998, bale weight: 150 kg, pressure: 60 tons


Nowo Plant for Cushions and Pillows

Year: 2002-2005
Conveyor bale loader
Bale breaker
Fine opener
Reserve/ feeding tower:
Dust remover and filter unit
Ball fibre unit NOWOROLL “S”
Reserve/ feeding tower
Double blow filling line with feed and weighing system.


Fleissner Drum Oven

Quantity: 1, Year: 1987, ww: 2.4 m, 6 drums, With Küsters padder (foulard).


Fleissner Drum Oven

Quantity: 1, Year: 1982, ww: 4.5 m, With Küsters padder (foulard).


Schott & Meissner Omega Type Drum Oven

Quantity: 1, Year: 2012, ww: 3.5 m, 2 drums, Cooling drum.