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Bematic T-Max 350 Airlay System

Quantity: 1, Year: 2016, ww: 2.6 m, With 2 Bematic Bemablow fine openers, year: 2016, ww: 2.5 m.


Fleissner Through-Air Dryer

Quantity: 1, Year: 1998, Type: 8/1414-2500 , Width: 2500mm
8-section perforated drum dryer, drum dia – 1414 mm, direct gas heating, installed heating capacity 1600 kW, drying temperature 120 – 160 deg. C. (220 deg C. possible without PES-sieves), including a CO2 fire extinguishing system.


Trutzschler Web Drafter

Quantity: 1, Year: 2011, Make: Trutzschler – 4 Trios, Working width: 3.600 mm


Trutzschler/Temafa/Hergeth/Autefa/Klieverik Airlay Line

Year: approx. 1996
Materials: synthetic & recycled fiber
Weight: approx. 35-500 g/m²
Working width: 2.600 mm
Consisting of:
– Blending line Trutzschler 3 components, each with weighing pan
– Blending opener, Trutzschler
– Disk opener, Temafa
– Chute feed, Trützschler with condenser
– Micro tuft opener (MTO) Hergeth
– Moisturing unit
– Feeding unit with traveling condenser
– Weighing unit, Kugla
– Airlay unit V21, Autefa
– Airlay unit K12, Autefa
– Calender, Klieverik
– Winder with edge trimming
– Including control system / electrical cabinets


Trutzschler ­­SPUNLACE LINE

Quantity: 1
Year: 2007
Materials: PES, Viscose, ….
Weights: 35 – 500 g/m²
Final width: 1.800 – 3.500 mm

Water preparation:
Filtering systems
4 high pressure pumps
2 Vacuum pumps

Production machines:
2x Blending and storage box
2x Fine opener
2x Dosing unit
1x Chute feed
1x Weighing scale
1x Carding machine, 4.000 mm
1x Cross lapper, 4.000 x 5.500 mm
1x Spunlace unit, 3.800 mm
2x Dryer / Oven


Bonino Hopper Feeder

Quantity: 2, W.W. MM. 2000


New Dilo Exccentric unit

The Unit has 60 mm stroke and is brand new.
It´s prepared for central lubrication system.
The eccentric unit is originally packed.


KUSTERS Foulard + HANSA Mixer Junior

Quantity: 1
Year: : 1983 (Foulard), 1985 (Mixer)
type: 222-50-1800 (Foulard)
Junior 1K-5/L (Mixer)
working width: 1.800mm (Foulard)
dimension mixer: length: 1.800mm
height: 1.400mm
depth: 850mm
technical data: output mixer: 80–400kg wet foam/h
foam density: 100–500g/l
rotation: 1.500/min.
Stainless steel tank with mixer
Infrared field 2x 10KW (YOC: 2015)
Control cabinet with Siemens touch screen
Engine overhauled; winding machine; 2 electr.
heating ramps; mechanical and electrical modification


Pierret P.28 Guillotine Cutter

Quantity: 1, Year: 1981, ww: 280 mm.


Fleissner Drum Oven

Quantity: 1, Year:1993, ww: 7 m.


Temafa Mixmaster Blending Boxes

Quantity: 2, Year:1993, length: 7 m, Width: 3 m, Height: 5.1 m, With 2 bin emptiers.


Bombi Drum Oven

Quantity: 1, Year: 2004, With padder, ww: 2.5 m.


Santex Oven Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year: 1996, Model: Santatherm, Width: 2500 mm.
Single burner – gas heated, cooling zone, Glass fiber double compression belt, production capacity 100 – 4000 gsm, Modified so that it’s possible to compact 4000 gsm to 25 mm height. Inlet height 5-100 mm.


Complete Production Line for Bleached Cotton

Year: 1986-2013
For when absorbency, whiteness and purity are desired, cotton or other natural fibers can be scoured and bleached. Bleached cotton finds a wide range of end uses, such as medical and cosmetic swabs and in feminine hygiene and other absorbent hygiene products. This specific bleaching plant utilize one of the most common methods of cotton bleaching that is safe and eco-friendly. This method combines Hydrogen peroxide and Sodium hydroxide which requires less water and there is no need for souring after bleaching.

Complete cotton fiber bleaching line with a capacity of approximately 10 tons/day from opening of natural cotton in bales to compression of the bleached fiber also in bales. Preventive maintenance and cleaning is performed on a weekly basis.

The line is fully automatic (in house and Siemens S7-300) and employees have basically a monitoring role when line is running except for lifting the cake formed cotton to and from the bleaching vessels.

The unit consist in general of;

Fiber opening:
1x Hergeth GMP fiber opener, yoc: 2009 for 16 bales
1x heavy and foreign particles trap, yoc: 2009
1x JOSSI MD-21 fire and metal trap control, yoc: 2004
1x Hergeth silo for fiber and dust removal, yoc: 2009
1x Trützschler DX-385 Deduster, yoc: 1995

Capacity: maximum 2000 kg/hr

Bleaching process:
2x stamping presses (one SME from 2007 and one Autefa from 1986 both fed with Trützschler condensers. Spray water is added in the process.
2x bleaching vessels each containing 3 cakes for each batch, along with separate peroxide tanks/system (see sketch) and water tanks for rinsing. A separate fully automatic chemical kitchen is integrated in the process in house made 2005.
While 2 baskets are in bleaching process, 2 baskets are under loading. Balanced process.
2x Mühlmann centrifuges from 2013 each with max speed of 700 rpm
The whole process with cakes is served by an overhead movable crane make Demag DR-com rope hoist is from 2012, the traverse/carrier is from 1984.1.
1x Temafa model 360 wet opener with feeder, yoc: 1998

Drying and baling process:
1x Fleissner T6413 cylinder drier, yoc: 1998 with 6 drums drying material app. 40% moisture down to average 6% moisture. Steam heated dryer (boiler not included) with a power consumption of 651 kW/hr. At exit is a built-in moisture control measuring moisture on band as well as a metal detector also built in on the transport band.
1x Autefa 280.400 semi-automatic bale press, yoc: 1999. Pressed bales measure 1370 x 640 mm and weight is 180–220 kg/bale.
Handling of effluent water for the full process (see drawing).
The actual bleaching process heat (50-120 deg. C) and the cooling is NOT included in the scope. However, we can through layout show what is needed for this.

Rinsing first round, 85 deg. C from rinse water tank
Rinsing 2 recycled water 50 deg. C from tank 700
Rinsing 3 water 80 deg. C from tank 300
Rinsing 4 water 50 deg. C from tank 400
Handling of chemical for the bleaching process

Fully automatic chemical process built in 2016 with Siemens S7 automation in house engineered. All installed in one room (see drawing)
Still on mill floor (but stopped).


Bonino Web Forming Line

Year: 2006
One complete installation for preparation of sliver for production of tampons including Bonino preparatory equipment and Luwa humidification and filtration unit for the fiber preparation.
Consisting of:
2 x Bonino AB88 bale-openers
1 x Bonino MX6 mixer
1 x Bonino AP50 fine opener
2 x Bonino CC150/70B carding machines
Complete with Luwa humidification and filtration unit for the fiber preparation.
Still on mill floor (but stopped).


Fleissner Drum Oven

Quantity: 1, Year: 1983, with padder, ww: 4.15 m, 2 drums


Fleissner Drum Oven

Quantity: 1, Year: 1995, ww: 2.2 m


Stork Coating Unit

Quantity: 1, Year: 1999, Type: CT-IV , Width: 2200mm
roller width 2400 mm, speed 4-80 m/min, repeat size 64/91,4 cm, effective air pressure 6-10 bar,


Dilo Filler Pad Machine

Quantity: 2, Year: 1989, Dilo filler pad machine for fully automatic forming of waddings, in particular for shoulder pads in various sizes, shapes and contours. Type: SKE, Width: 250mm, Capacity: approximately 420 pieces/hour waddings for 420 pairs of shoulder pads, depending on size. Automatic ejector, base material max 250 mm width, ingoing roll dia – max 500 mm. Consolidating of wadding by 1 needle board with max 500 felting needles.


Schaetti Powder Scatter Coating/Lamination Line

Year: 2000, Control and electrical panel from 2020, ww: 3.2 m, With calender.


Muller Needle Looms And Accessories

1 MULLER ribbon loom type NFN53, exit 2 x 210 mm

1 MULLER ribbon loom type NFN53, exit 6 x 50 mm

1 MULLER ribbon loom type NFN53, exit 10 x 18 mm

3 MULLER ribbon looms type NFN53, exit 6 x 42 mm, 4 x 66 mm and 6 x 27 mm

1 MULLER ribbon loom type NFN53, exit 6 x 42 mm

2 MULLER ribbon looms type NF53, exit 8 x 27 mm

5 MULLER ribbon looms type NF53, exit 6 x 42 mm

11 MULLER ribbon looms type NF, exit 4 x 66 mm, 6 x 42 mm and 8 x 27 mm

6 MULLER ribbon looms type NB, exit 2 x 42 mm

1 MULLER direct warper type R75RE, with creel for 240 bobbins

1 OMM direct warper, with creel for 240 bobbins and second positive creel

3 ribbon finishing calander, with impregnation padder and drum dryer


Bonas Varitex Needle looms

3 BONAS ribbon looms type VARITEX, exit 2 x 110 mm
1 BONAS ribbon loom type VARITEX, exit 6 x 40 mm


Schott & Meissner Oven/Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year: 1995, Type: Top Con LP, Width: 2500mm, Gas heated, single burner up to 350 kW, circulation fan 15 kW or 15,000 m3/hr, including cooling chamber with separate exhaust fan, double belt – max gap 20 mm, + 2 spare belts.


Fleissner Through-Air Dryer

Quantity: 1, Year: 1995, Width: 2200mm, Type: 1/1414-2200, Perforated width 2260 mm, speed max 500 m/min, oil heated, temp max 120 deg. C., Complete with all accessories such as control panel and electrical cabinets.


Fleissner Oven/Stenter‎

Quantity: 1, Year: 2003, Width: 2300mm , single belt dryer for indirect heating
‎- 3 heating zones, each 3 meters long‎
‎- heating air nozzles from top and bottom
‎- possibility to regulate the temperature and circulation fan in every heating zone.‎
‎- heated with steam, pressure 14 bars
‎- circulation fans
‎- fiber glass belt coverd with Teflon
‎- distance between bottom and upper nozzles is 100mm
‎- mechanical speed range 0,75 – 30 mtr/m‎
‎- max circulating temperature 175 C.‎
‎- water evaporation capacity up to 430 kg/h
‎- production capacity up to 500 kg/h depending on the web weight