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Very High Quality Carpet Washing Line, Kusters washing, Babcock Drying

Quantity: 1, Year: 1998, WW 350 till 520 cm.
Entry and oven is BABCOCK
The oven has 20 pcs MAXON burners an is +- 20 meter long. (with stenter)
The washing unit is KUSTERS
1 normal washing bath with 2 vacumslots and 2 vacuumpumps INTERCONTINENTAL, each 90 kw, air/water separators, filters, etc.
1 FLEXNIP with heat-exchanger to bring chemicals on the carpet.
The line is 100% ok, also electrical.


Benninger Continuous Bleaching Range

Quantity: 1, Year: 2006, Roller width 3600mm, Working width 3400mm.Working speed 10/100mts/min
High frame cloth feeding device, tension bars, expander roll, E+L guiders, J.Scary with cloth spreader, E+L guider model KF 2020, 1 no BEN INJECTA
Steam injection ,size removal circulation with rotary filter
3 nos Extracta double roll cloth guiding, Cloth content 12 mts, Intermediate squeezing rolls
Chemical dozing system, Cloth expander, Final squeezing padder
Expander and electronic cloth compensator, 1 no BEN IMPACTA
Controlled chemical application, Automatic chemical metering system, STEAMER, Combined steamer with single roller bed, Cloth content:1800MTS- 2000MTS
Speed 90mts/min-100mts/min, Steamer length :12m, 1 no BEN EXTRACTA, Double drum washing, Circulation with rotary filter, Cloth content 12m, 5 nos BEN EXTRACTA, Double roll cloth guiding, Cloth content 12m, Acid dozing system, Final squeezing padder, Cloth expander, tension bar Electronic cloth compensator, 2 stack 2 x 12 drying cylinders, cylinder dia 800 mm, Traction roll, J Scary with E+L guider KF2020, Exit with batching, Total length :55m, Total width :8m, Chemical tanks, dozing system available


Alex Fabric Inspection Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 2003, Type M332D-FG-F-D
Made in Gaglianico, Italy , 380 voltage , 60 hz – supplied with 480 volt transformer
Maximum fabric width is 120”or 305 cm
Fabric entering straight from storage truck or A frame , cloth guided over head by rollers to a lighted inspection screen with operator walk board. Including on the inspection screen is a yardage counter, forward and reverse speed controls for the fabric movement. The cloth is then moved to an overhead folding unit and dropped into a storage truck. A take up winder is not supplied with this inspection machine.