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RITE Cone to Hank Winder

Quantity: 1, Year: 2018, Type : MACH4
Adjustable electronically crossing angle
Adjustable electronically hank width, 40 heads
Adjustable electronically speed
The machine has worked only a few hours
Machine is in full working condition.


Assembly winder Rite AER/L

Quantity:1 , Year: 1994, Type of product
n.20 heads, pitch 8 inch(200 mm), cylindrical tube diam. 43 mm
main unit DX, internal creel for 3 ply, automatic doffing, bobbin unloading belt
Exit bobbin is 8” that means the tube length is 230 mm.‎
There is one motor for all the machine that drive the yarn guide ‎
and ‎
one motor each spindle that drive the roller where the cone is.‎


Rite Assembly Winders

Quantity: 1, Year: 2002, Type A-RDL, Traverse 150mm, Take up: cilynder, Yarn guide, 1 x 48 heads :16 heads 7 plus , 32 heads 6 plus – Auto loading of empty tube, 2 Mesdan splicer Aquasplicer 4923B, Independant counter of speed , meters , etc , even 6 heads.


Rite/Italy Assembling Winder AER-L

Quantity: 1, Year: 1994, 40 spindles, 6” traverse, Tubes length 170 mm, With metercounter, Automatic doffer, Creel in front of machine for 3-ply, Electronic sensors, Speed 400-800 m/min.


Rite Assembly Winder

Quantity: 1, Year: 1982, Mod.AGR, n.16 heads, Pitch 10″ (250 mm), Tube diam.54 mm, External creel 6 ply + reserve (optical sensor BTSR y.o.c. 2020), Meter counter with selection head by head.


Ritte Assembly Winders

Quantity: 2, Year: 1994, Type AER-L, 40 spindles, 6” traverse, tubes 170mm long, with ‎meter counter, automatic doffer, creel for 3-ply, electronic sensors, speed 400-800 m/min