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Savio Gemini Twister

Quantity: 1, Year: 1997, 160 spindles, 6” traverse cone, 2 x 6” feed package, air threading.


Savio Geminis Twisting

Quantity: 16, Year: 1998/2005, mod. 202.A
8 mcs 288 heads each (1998/9)/ 8 mchs 336 heads each ( 2005), Electronic head Twistronic
Dualdriver, Feeding 8” coupled diam. Max.140 mm.
Pneumatic threading, Second overfeed roller, Yarn reserve
Exit 6” 4°20’, Drum with a rubber, Travelling blower Magitex, 380V 50Hz.


Savio Geminis 242 C Double Twisting (2×1)

Quantity: 1 , Year: 1996, mod. 242 C, With Nº 220 spindles, Double drive , two independent frames, Package lifting to yarn breaks, Feeding from assembly winder, 8 “ inch ( tube 225 mm.) x diam. 185 mm. Internal diameter basket 200 mm. Delivery 6’’ ( 152 mm. ) x 4º20′, Pneumatic yarn thread in, Blower Electrojet
Inverter to speed set, V 380/50-60 hz, Machine complete in good running condition.


Double Twisting SAVIO

Quantity: 1 , Year: 1982, mod. TDS 20 NR , with n. 104 spindles ,
gauge 265 mm. , double drive , two independent frames ,
package lifting to yarn breaks, twin complete set feeding : by bobbins from assembly winder
pitch 8″ or 10 ” inch , or 2 x 6 “ Soleil , max bobbin diam. 185 mm.,
delivery 6’’ ( 152 mm. ) Biko tube or 5º57′ ,pneumatic yarn thread in ,Inverter to speed set ( one each/ frames ) ,
380 V /3 / 50hz . Condition: Mill floor


Savio Geminis Twistings with Simet Winder

Quantity: 2, Year: 2004, 240 spindles, 8 feeding, 6 inch delivery.
With one Simet, Year: 2004, 72 spindles, Delivery 8 inch.
Simit its 3 ply but owner using 30 spindles 2 ply, they take Out parts and not available with machine but we can find out.


Savio Twisting Machines AES12 & Savio Geminis Double Twist


Savio Twisting Machines AES12

Quantity: 3
Year: 1996
40 spindles with flyer cleaner ( spools included )


Savio Geminis Double Twist

Quantity: 7
300 spindles
with flyer cleaner included
Machines running


Savio Double Twisting (2×1) Frame TDS 15 N

Quantity: 1, Year: 1981, mod.TDS 15 N, n.190 Spindles, 2 inverter automation panels (1 per side), Feeding 8″ (200 mm) by assembly winder, Basket internal diameter 180 mm, Delivery 6″(152 mm), Conicity 5°57′, Tractor drum with rubber bend, Ceramic yarn guide, Pneumatic thread-in, Yarn reserve, Take-up package, Creel.


Savio Two For One Twisting With Saurer Peass Assembly Winding

Saurer Peass 3 fold Assembly Winder
Quantity: 1, Year 2016
Model PPWA Nr 1462 Year 2016
3 fold creel with electronic detectors and spring tension
24 spindles
Precision wound 155mm parallel package 43mm O.D
Jacobi Overhead cleaner
Length 6500mm x width 1800mm

Savio Sirius 201 AR Two For One Twisting Machines
Quantity: 4, Year 2017
240 spindles each (120 per side) delivery 150mm dia. package 4 deg 20
Feeding with precision wound 150mm parallel package dia. 125mm
200mm pitch, dia 180mm limiter, dia.130mm pot
Flyer, Pneumatic threading , overfeed rollers, overhead cleaner
Range Ne2 15 to 120
Length 27,000mm x width 665mm

The factory continues in production.

Probably require 5 containers

200mm pitch is the distance between each spindle
The pot/spindle is Feeding with precision wound 150mm parallel package dia. 125mm
The take up wound cone is 150mm dia. package 4 deg 20



2x SAVIO TWISTER, 240 SP, 6″ FEED-6″ TAKE UP, AIR THREAD, YEAR: 2003-2005.


Savio Geminis 204B Duo Pot Double Twisting (2×1) Frame

Quantity: 2, Year: 2001, n.288 spindles each, double drive, feeding 2×6 inch Duo Pot
maximum diameter of feeding bobbins 165 mm, exit 6 inch (152 mm) – conicity 4°20′, pneumatic threading
reserve yarn, soft cone device, take-up package
inverter for changing the speed of the spindles via the Inspector Control
continuous variator of torsions to set the desired torsions via the Inspector Control
total length 31010 mm – width including Magitex 1960 mm


Savio Geminis 242 C Double Twisting (2×1) Frame

Quantity: 1, Year: 1999, mod.Geminis 242 C, n.220 spindles, Double drive machine, Feeding 8″ (200 mm) by assembly winder, Internal basket diam. bobbin max 185 mm., Delivery 6” (152 mm), Conicity 4°20’, Pneumatic Thread-in, Driving drum with rubber band, Yarn reserve, Soft cones device, Creel, Take-up package, Waxing device, Inverter for the variation of the speed of the spindles, Trolley Blower Magitex with dust discharge in the main unit. Machine in warehouse.
Its Limited Balloon, It is possible to use also as “free balloon”, the customer have just to ‎open 3 hooks and remove the basketAll Geminis work this way.‎