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Rosique Carding

Quantity: 4, Year: 1998, Can Changer: Manual, Can Height: 36″, Waste Collection: Continuous, Autolevelling: 3 X Tomsic, 1 X Texcontrol, Can Dia: 16″, Clearer Roll: 1 X 5, 3 X 4, Worker Roll: 1 X 5, 3 X 4, Breast Cylinder: 1, Main Cylinder: 1, Chute: Yes, Type Coiler: Automatic.


Thibeau Card CA6

Quantity: 1, Year: 1987, Type: CA6 B5P, 2.5 Metre width, Card was reconditioned in 2007, with new card clothing. Delivery into can 700 mm diameter with auto can change. Machine professionally dismantled and moved to warehouse. Very High Quality.


Thibeau CA6 Wool Card or Acrylic

Quantity: 2, Year: 1994, Model CA6, Type CPA356
Thibeau ca6 card for worsted and semi worsted. card for long fiber, wool or acrylic.
machine equipped with linkerin and double morel with can delivery
Type CA6/3M-2M5, working width 2500 mm;
feeding silo, volumetric Hopper Feeder,
Linkedin with 2 couples of workers/strippers,
1st Morel, breast cylinder with 2 couples of workers/Strippers,
2nd Morel, drum with 5 couples of workers/Strippers, comber,
automatic delivery 1000 x 1200, with drafting head.


Theibeau CA6 Cards

Quantity: 4, Year: 1988, Working width is 3500mm, Worsted wool top using, one card. 4x40HQ each card., It is In the factory now.