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Rieter Open End R 20

Rieter R 20 open end
Quantity: 1,Year 1998, 200 rotors, 2 Robot, Rotor 48 diameter, waxer, without clearers, Opening roller OS21DN, exit cone 6″ 1°51

Rieter R 20 open end
Quantity: 1, Year 1999, 220 rotors,2 Robot, Rotor 56+ 48 diameter, waxer, UPG 5 Uster clearers, Opening roller OS21, exit cone 6″ 1°20


Rieter R923 Open End

Quantity: 3, Year: 2013, 400 rotors, 33/36mm rotors, 380V 50HZ, Running on mill floor.


Schlafhorst SE12 Open End ACO480

Quantity: 1, Year: 2007, MODEL: ACO480, 360 ROTORS, 2 Robots, COROLAB XQ yarn clearer, T536 rotors, B174DN combing roller, 380V 50HZ.


Rieter R923 Spinning Machine

Quantity: 9, Year: 2013, 400 spindle, opening roller type Ok40,original cleaner, Rotor dia 41
can make 2 varieties at the same time, running condition


Schlafhorst Autocoro

Quantity: 2, Year: 2004, Model Aco 360, 312 rotors per set, Rotors dia 40mm., Combing roller B174DN, Running now.


Schlafhorst BD480 Open End

Quantity: 2, Year: 2019-2020, 480 rotors, Rotor dia: 36mm, Without Corolab yarn clearer, Opening roll is OK40, Rotor diameter 36mm, Exhaust upward, Currently one machine running cotton and another running Poly, Can size 400*1000mm, It is made in Euro, Running on mill floor.


Schlafhorst BD416 Open End

Quantity:5 , Year: 2013, 416 rotors per set
rotors size 34mm 3 set / 40 mm 2 set


Schlafhorst SE10 Open End

Quantity: 4, Year: 1998, Aco288 model, with 288 positions, 2 piecer robots , Corolab yarn clearing, Doffer robot , Belcoro Rotors G331BD, Faceplates 31mm, Combing rolls B174, Naval type KSK6, With waxing , Tube take up.


Rieter R.923 Open End

Quantity: 4, Year: 2013, 400 Rotors, Tube Take up, 33mm Rotor Diameter, Rieter IQ Yran Cleaners, Manual Doffing, Manual Piecing, In Operation until sold.


Schlafhorst Open End ACO 288 SE10

Quantity: 2
1x Year 1997, 192 rotors, Corolab clearer, T534 BD Rotors, B174 N or S21 N Combing roller, 1 piecer.
1x Year 1996, 192 rotors, Corolab clearer, S540 BD Rotors, B20 N Combing roller, 1 piecer.
Status: stopped on mill floor.



Quantity: ‎4, ACO-288 SRZ
‎(2) 216 rotors, Year 1998, ‎(2) 240 rotors, Year 1999 , Corolap, Informator, ‎2 Robot , Waxing.


Rieter‎ Open End

Quantity: 1, Year: 2000, Type BT-905‎, ‎192 rotors‎, Diam 46 mm, ‎2 Piecers‎, Waxing


Rieter‎ Open end

Quantity: 1, Year: 2001, Type R-20‎, 240 rotors‎, 2 piecers‎ , Informator, Uster Quantum, ‎Waxing, Delivery 4º 20‎


Rieter‎ Open End

Quantity:1, Year 2004‎, Type R-40‎, ‎280 rotors‎, Uster Quantum, Waxing, Take 2º‎, Informator, ‎2 piecers‎


Schlafhorst BD7 Open End

Quantity: 3, Year: 2019, Model . 432 rotors per set. Rotors cup 34mm, Corolab Q2 cleaner, Ok 40 combing roller, Ceramic spiral navel.


Rieter R20

Quantity: 1, Year: 2000
Power: 380V , 50 Hz. Spinning unit Nr. 260 , 13 section, Automatic operating device Nr.2, Automatic operating device type: R20-Roboter, Roller type: OB20-DN, Rotor Spindle type: 30-S-B , Exit tubes: cylindrical tubes , Outlet piece: Spirit-R ceramic 8 grooves, Parafin: yes, Control yarn: Uster Quantum IMK C20


Schlafhorst Open End Machine


Schlafhorst Open End Machine Autocoro 360

Quantity: 3, Year: 2006, No. of Spindle 216/ Machine
Waxing, Rotor Type K531-B (Dia 31 mm)
Opening Roller BD20, Naval KS K6 - A, Running Speed 120000 RPM
Current 210 AMP,Voltage 380V - 50Hz
Installed with 2 COROMAT/ Machine (Auto Piecing System),With Corolab Yarn Clearing System


Schlafhorst Open End Machine Autocoro 480

Quantity: 1, Year: 2009, No. of Spindle 216/ Machine
Waxing, Rotor Type K531-B (Dia 31 mm)
Opening Roller BD20, Naval KS K6 - A, Running Speed 120000 RPM, Current 246 AMP
Voltage 380V - 50Hz, Installed with 2 COROMAT/ Machine (Auto Piecing System)
With Corolab Yarn Clearing System

The machines are currently working in Indonesia until May 10 and will be available to ship by May 15-18. Yes can be inspected.
6 containers for 4 machines.
4 containers for 3 machines
3 containers for 2 machines
2 containers for 1 machine


Schlafhorst ACO 312

Quantity: 4, Year 2003, 312 spindles.Uster quantum 2.Rotor T36.
Opening roller 174.Insert 31, Naval K6.Rotors and openings changed to new ones in 2020.The machines are running in production.


Rieter R923 Open End

Quantity: 4, Year: 2010, 360 spindle, no cleaner, 533 rotor, Opening roller C-61, ex cotton.


Rieter R923 Spinning Machine

Quantity: 3, Year: 1×2012, 2×2013, 400 spindle, U33 rotor, With Rieter original cleaner, carding stick OK40, ex cotton, running condition


Schlafhorst BD480 Rotor Spinning Machine

Quantity: 2, Year: 2017, 416 spindle, Rotor dia 34, make cotton,no cleaner, opening roller 174, running condition


Rieter R923

Quantity: 1, Year: 2013, 400 rotors, Rotor did 33mm, Combing roller ok40.


Schubert & Salzer OE Rotor Spinning Machine

Quantity: 1, Year 1985, Type RL10, 48 positions, D130 mm rotors, needle opening rollers, ceramic nozzle , Container: 1 x 40 HC + 1 20 box.


Schlafhorst Open End SE12 ACO480

Quantity: 6, Year: 2008, 480 rotors, 4 robot


Rieter R35 Open End

Quantity: 2, Year: 2014, 300 spindle, with Q10 cleaner, with waxing, rotor dia 42, opening roller 37, working 10000 hours, stopped now but can test running.


Schlafhorst BD416 Open End

Quantity: 1, Year: 2010, Model: bd416, 416 rotors, cup size is 36mm, for cotton spinning now


Rieter R35 Open End

Quantity: 2, Year: 2014, MODEL: R35, Conical, 300 ROTORS, Rieter Q10 yarn clearer, 54mm rotors, With waxing


Rieter R40 Open End

Quantity: 2, Year: 2004, 240 rotors, 2 Piecer, Waxing, Informator, Cleaner Uster Quantum, Take up 2º, Combin ròl·lers B 174 DN, Navel, Rotor 40 TC.


Schlafhorst SE11 Open End

Quantity: 2, Year: 2001, 288 Spindles, B174 Combing Roll, 31 Rotors.


Saurer BD416 Open End

Quantity: 2, Year: 2011, 384 Rotors, Rotor size: 42mm, With yarn lifting, Running on mill floor.


Saurer BD6 Open End

Quantity: 2, Year: 2014 , 312 ROTORS, 54mm rotors, Corolab yarn clearer, With waxing, Both side can run, Different yarn, With 10 inverters, REQUIRES 2 CTRS EACH FOR SHIPMENT.



Quantity: 1, Year: 2015, Type: R35, 120 Positions, Rotor Día. 66 mm, Rotor type 66 C166/V-D, Cylindrical tubes 54/60, Opening Rollers, Type C61 DN64, Nozzles with holder C-R10, Yarn Range Nm 3,5-5-8, Delivery Speed max. 200 m/min
Spin box Type S35, Optical Clearer, Type Q10, independent drives for each side, AMI-Spin Piecing, Continuous Doffing, Can Dia. 500 mm, Can Height 1070 mm, Exhaust Air upwards


SCHLAFHORST OPEN END Type ACO 288 with SE10 spinbox

Quantity: 1 , Year: 1999, 240 Rotors, exit cone 6” cylindrical, Opening rollers OS 21 DN Belcoro, 2 Piecer and doffer, Clearer: Corolab XQ ,Electronic yarn tensioner ,Rotors 46 mm,waxing