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Schlafhorst Open End Autocoro 8

Quantity: 1, Year: 2012


Saurer Schlafhorst SE11 Open End

Quantity: 2, Year: 2002, Aco 312, SE11 Spin box, 288 rotor, 2 piecers.


Schlafhorst Open End BD480

Quantity: 1, ⁠Year : 2018, ⁠448rotors, T34, ⁠No yarn clearer, ⁠No auto doffing, ⁠No waxing device, ⁠Cotton opening roller ( DN-coating ), ⁠OHCT, ⁠Measuring device, ⁠EMerson inverter, ⁠Power: 380V , 50Hz, ⁠RPM: 98,000rpm, ⁠Condition : stop.


Schlafhorst Open End ACO 8

Quantity: 1, Year: 2011, Type ACO 8, 408 Pos., Rotor dia. 33 mm, Rotor type TB 633 B, Spin box SE 20, Corolab Yarn Clearers, Type XF, Face Plate Type 31, Opening Rollers Type B 174 DN, Navel Type Spirit R, Informator OSC with Touchscreen and USB, Conometer, Traverse Motion System (Tooth Belt), Automatic Package Lift, 4 Doffers, DIGI Piecing, Waxing device 75 mm x 45 mm, Green Torque Stop, Angle of Wind 26-44 deg, Cradle Pressure 0-60 N, with Multilot 3 & Pilot System, approx. 70.000 Working hours.


Oerlikon Schlafhorst Open End Autocoro 8

Quantity: 1, Year: 2013, Mod. Autocoro 8, 312 rotors dia., Corolab XQ clearers. Working 3 different count yarn at same time, from 8/1 to 30/1, cilindrical delivery, Programming weight and diameter, Loaded in 2 x 40″ container.


Rieter Open End R60

Quantity: 7, Year : 2016, No of rotor: 600rotors, 4robots, Yarn clearer: Rieter Q.10A, rotor dia T33, opening roller: B174-DN 64, Inverter driver, Power: 380V , 50Hz, Condition : running.


Saurer Schlafhorst Open End Spinning Autocoro 9

Quantity: 10, brand new 2020 , each equipped with 552 rotors.
all in brand new box packaging and accompanied by a one-year warranty for added peace of mind.
Machine is original made in Germany comes with 1 year warranty and 2 % spare parts



Quantity: 2, Year: 2019, 504 ROTORS, 34mm rotors, Corolab yarn clearer


Schlafhorst ACO8 Open End Spinning Machine

Quantity: 1, Year 2015, 554 rotors, 4 DCU, Corolab XQ clearers
Rotor diam. 33mm, Combing rollers for cotton, Pilot spin, Multilot3, Waxing, Cheese type take up, Fancynation for 138 positions, Quickstarter 12


Rieter Open End BT 923

Quantity: 2, Year: 2006-2010, Each with 320 positions, Centralized suction, Discharge feed and manual splicing, Carding drums: cotton, Rotors diameter: 33 mm, Cleaners: Uster quantum, Output: cilyndrical coils, Status: stopped.


Year: 2006


Year: 2010


SCHLAFHORST/SAURER Open End Spinning Machines

Quantity: 2, Year: 2004, Autocoro Typ 360
336 rotors each, Type SE12 spin box, Corolab XQ
Waxing, Status: In operation making Ne 30/1 cotton, THEY ARE IN PRODUCTION


Schlafhorst Open End Autocoro 8

Quantity: 1, Year: 2014, Nº of rotors: 480, Corolab, XQ, B 174 DN, Rotor Diameter: 30 mm, Rotor type : G-630, Length measurement : available, Drum type : SRZ, 170 mm, Conicity: cylindrical, waxing, Navel type : KS-K6-A, Front plate: A-31, Inverter main motor: available , Top line sensor monitoring: available, EVA (Electronic Vacuum Adjustment): available, SDSI available, Number of amendments: 6, Multi-batch: 3, Delivery Package: Cylindrical, Doffer: 2, Tube color sensor: Available, Suction Motor:: 65 kW, Production: 12-30 Ne, TORK STOP: black, Digi Winding Density finding: Available, Removal cleaning units: 2, Digi Piecing – Splice control: available, Cotton: 100%.


Schlafhorst Autocoro 8

Quantity: 2, Year: 2016, 264 heads, Rotor dia.40 mm. Waxer, 2 piecers.


Rieter R35 Open End

Quantity: 2, Year: 2016, 320 rotors, Rieter Q10 yarn clearer, Rotor size: 33mm, Running on mill floor.


Rieter R35 Open End

Quantity: 2, Year: 2016, 320 spindles
rotor dia 33, open roller ok40, Rieter cleaner, running in mill floor


Saurer Open End BD480

Quantity:3 , Year: 2017, Model: BD480, 416 rotors,Rotor dia: T34 original, Combing roll: OK61
Spiral navel, With yarn lifting, Without yarn clearer, With overhead blower


Saurer Open End

Quantity: 3, Year 2021, Model: BD480, 480 Rotors, Rotor size: T42mm, With yarn lifting.


Schlafhorst SE10 ACO 288 SRK

Quantity: 2, Year 1998, 192 positions, , 2 piecers
Corolab 7 yarn clearer, exit cone 6” 4°20
Rotors G46BD, , Opening rolls B174, Waxing device, , 380 Volt 50 HZ


Rieter R35 Open End

Quantity: 10, Year: 2014, 460 Rotor, Rotor Type : BD 533/U-D, Rieter Yarn Clearer, Overhead Cleaner, Spinning type: 100℅ cotton, Spinning Navel, Machine Condition : A+ 90 %New, Machine Status: Running.


BD 480 Oerlikon Schlafhorst

Quantity: 1, Year 2018, 480 Rotors


BD 480 oerlikon Schlafhorst

Quantity: 2, Year: 2017, 416 Rotors


BD 448 oerlikon Schlafhorst

Quantity: 4 , Year: 2017, 416 Rotors


BD448 oerlikon Schlafhorst

Quantity: 2, Year 2016, 352 Rotors


Rieter R35 Open-end

Quantity: 6, Year 2015, 2016


BD480 416 Rotor

Quantity: 2, Year 2016


BD448 416 Rotor

Quantity: 2 , Year 2016


Schlafhorst Open End BD448

Quantity: 6, Year : 2013, Model : BD448, No of rotor: 448rotors, T34, No yarn clearer, OHTC have, Inverter driver, Condition running.


Rieter Open End R60

Quantity: 4, Year: 2013, With Rieter Yarn Clearer,540 rotors per set, Rotor Dia. 28mm, and 33mm 1 Set, each machine with 4 Robots.


Schlafhorst Autocoro 8 Open End

Quantity: 1, Year 2006, Nos. 216 Rotor , MULTILOT 5, 108 Rotor whit waxer and 108 whitout waxer, Rotor T640 or T634, Opening rollers B174DN, Exit cone 6″ cylindrical, Navel KS, Torque stop White, 2 Robots,, Corolab XF clearer, Condition: Running


Rieter Open End R35

Quantity: 3, Year: 2014, No of rotor: 460rotors, With Rieter yarn clearer Q.10, rotor dia T33, opening roller, Cleanning device, Inverter driver, Power: 380V , 50Hz, Condition: running.



2 Rolando feeders
Year 1989-1994
w.w. 2.500 mm
feeding belt lenght 6 meters,
suction discharge material
electrical panel on machine

01 Marzoli B140 mixer
year 1984
6 chambers

01 Truzschler feeder mod. BOAL 046
year 1997
without belt
02 LVSA cage condenser included

02 Trutzschler cards mod. DK803
Year 1998
exit can size 40”
automatic can changer
03 licker-in

01 Rieter draw frame mod. RSBD30
Year 2000
Exit can 18”

01 Open End Schlafhorst SE10 ACO 288
Year 1995
Uster COROLAB clearers
Exit 6” SRZ
02 piecers
Opening rollers for cotton
Rotor diam. T340 BD

01 Electrical panel
Included :
Fans, deviators, pipes and accessories
Condition: Running


Rieter Open End R60

Quantity: 1, Year: 2013, No of rotor: 260 rotors, Yarn clearer: Usterquantum2, Rotor dia T36, Opening roller: S21-DN-64, 2robors, Inverter driver, Power : 380V , 50Hz, Condition running, Capacity: 1ton/day.


Rieter R35 Open End

Quantity: 2, Year: 2015, 320 spindles, With Rieter cleaner, Rotor dia 42, Running in mill floor.


Saurer Open End

Quantity: 4, Year 2016, Model: BD448, 416 rotors,
Rotor dia: 34, Combing roll: OK40, Spiral navel, With overhead blower, With corolab yarn clearer


Saurer Open End BD480

Quantity: 2, Year 2018, 480 rotors, Rotor dia: 36, Combing roll: OK61, With yarn lifting
With overhead blower, Running on mill floor


Rieter R923

Quantity: 1, Year:2013, 400 spindle, 533 rotor dia, original cleaner, Quotation based on demand


RIETER Automatic Open End R20

Quantity: 1, Year: 2000, 200 rotors, 20 rotors one extra section to review.
Cone outlet 6”x2º., 2 robots (one without the knotting pick).
Electronic steam trap USTER brand model QUANTON.
Paraffin. Spike rotor Ø 33 mm, For yarn number M15/M60.
Measurements: 1,500 width (2,550 width with robots) x 34,000 mm length.
Status: inn warehouse, dismantled



Quantity: 6, Year: 2016, MODEL: R60, 600 ROTORS, 4 robots, Rieter yarn clearer, 380V 50HZ, Running on mill floor


Schlafhorst Open End SE10

Quantity: 7, Year: 1999-2001, Model SE10, Type ACO 288, 240 rotors type T336 BD, diameter 36 mm, COROLAP clearers, Combing roller B174 DN Belcoro, waxing, 1 doffer, 2 piecers, Take up cones 4 deg.20.


Rieter Open End R60

Quantity: 4, Year: 2017, With Autoconer


Saurer Open End BD7

Quantity: 1, Year: 2021, 528 ROTORS, 43 mm rotor, Corolab yarn clearer, 380V 50HZ.


Schlafhorst Open End SE 09

Quantity: 4, Year: 1996, ACO 288, 288 rotor, SE 09, 2 robot, Cylinder take up, Quantum 2 cleaners.


Schlafhorst Open End ACO 240 SRZ

Quantity: 2, Year: 1991-1992, Type: ACO 240 SRZ with SE 9 spinbox, 216 rotors, Exit cone 6” Cylindrical, Opening Roller for cotton, Clearer: Corolab tybe B , Electronic yarn tensioner, Rotors: 1 T336 BD, Machine year 1991 1 robot and machine 1992 2 robot, Without waxing, 380 V 50 HZ, Condition: Mill floor.


Rieter R60 Open End

QUANTITY: 3, YEAR: 2014, MODEL: R60, 540 ROTORS, 4 robots, Rieter yarn clearer , Rotor size: 33/37mm, Combing roll: OB20, 380V 50HZ , Running on mill floor.


Rieter Open End R35

Quantity: 5, Year: 2014, No of rotor: 460rotors, Rotor dia T28, Opening roller, No waxing, Yarn clearer, Cleanning device, Inverter driver, Condition stop, Power : 380V , 50Hz, This machine have yarn clearer – Rieter Q.10.


Schlafhorst Autocoro 288 & 312

Quantity: 2

Year: 2005, Rotors: 240, Rotors type: U346BD, Ring type: S21DN, Navels: KSK-R4, Number of Piecing Carriages: 2, Yarn measurer: YES, Waxing: YES, Purgator: COROLAB.

Year: 2003, Rotors: 240, Rotors type: U346BD, Ring type: S21DN, Navels: KS, Number of Piecing Carriages: 2, Yarn measurer: YES, Waxing: YES, Purgator: COROLAB.

Stopped since October.


Cotton Machines

1x Zinser 351 ring frame
1x Zinser 670 flyer
1x Trutzschler TC 11 Carding
1x Trutzschler TC 03 Carding
1x Trutzschler TC 07 carding
1x Trutzschler DK 803 carding
1x Rieter blowroom Line
1x Trutzschler blowroom Line
1x Schlafhorst Se12-480 open end
1x Schlafhorst Se12-360 open end
1x Rieter R60-540 open end
1x Rieter R40- 360 Open end


Saurer Open End BD480

Quantity: 3, Year: 2021, 512 rotors, With cleaner, Rotors cup size 54mm.


Open End Saurer BD 320

Quantity: 1, Year: 2002, 224 rotors, Rotor diameter 54 mm (suitable to produce yarns counts 4 and 8/1), Lot of spare parts available, Machine has capacity for 320 rotors, Excellent working conditions.


Saurer Open End BD480

Quantity: 1, Year: 2018, 480 Rotors, Rotor size: T36mm.