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Fleissner Hydro-Entangling Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 1998, Type: Aquajet , Width: 2500mm
hydro-entanglement section for cotton spunlace, based on 30-250 gsm production, max fiber throughput 1035 kg/hr and max speed 30 m/min at 250 gsm, consisting of:
1 pre-wet + 2 injectors drum type, mechanical speed 4-40 m/min, jet strip type 0.12 mm dia, 40 hpi, belt with final de-watering section. Uraca HP-pump for max 50 bar. AS1 separator for extraction of first and second drum unit, AS2 separator for extraction of final dewatering unit including suction fans and feed pumps.
Filtration system consisting of a belt filter, 1 HydroSystem sand filter, safety filters and recirculation tanks. Includes a high-pressure filter cleaning system.