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YEAR 2006

The Line is Comprising Of:

1 TEMAFA Mixing Bin Model Mix Master with inclined spiked Apron and flat Belt

1 TEMAFA Heavy Particle Separator

TEMAFA Fine Opener 1.6 meter wide

1 MESUTRONIC Metal Detector with Drop Bag

1 TEMAFA Reserve with Condenser

1 THIBEAU Chute Feeder model TMS/TCF 2.5 meter wide

1 ANDRITZ Servo weight control.

1 FEHRER Pre Feeder Model V21 2.4 meter

1 FEHRER Airlay Card Model K12, 2.4 meter

1 FLEISSNER Air Through Oven Model Vario Air TV/224

4 Zone Heat Section, 3 Zone Cooling, Double Teflon Belt, Top & Bottom

1 TECHNOPLANTS Accumulator, Type AC.26.MB, 100 Yard Capacity

1 TECHNOPLANTS Auto Compression winder, Low Tension Accumulator

Working Width 2.6 Meter with 3 Crush Cut Slitters with Trim Grinders

Cross Cutter, Automatic Tube Loading & Doffing, 1.5 Meter Max Roll Dia