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Construma Automatic Length Overlocking Machine for Carpets

Carpet width from 40cm to 400cm.
for the simultaneous continuous overlocking of both lengths of carpets by means of a right and left sewing machine.
Overedging is done with Titan DK2500 sewing machine L+R with puller.
Machines are moving left and right for following the border of the carpet and move forwards and backwards for thread reparing.
Thread controls for checking yarn ruptures, machine stops automatically when a yarn is broken.


Very High Quality Carpet Washing Line, Kusters washing, Babcock Drying

Quantity: 1, Year: 1998, WW 350 till 520 cm , Washing machine FLEXNIP Kusters with heat exchangers.2 pcs vacuumpu,ps CONTINENTAL, each 90kW capacity with vacuumslots, air/water separators, filters etc., SS spray/wash unit KUSTERS, All pull-rollers SS with speed accumulators.Complete blow through drying oven BABCOCK total +- 20 lm with 10 MAXON gas burners, entry winches, chain, etc


Hansa Foam Mixer

Quantity: 1, Year: ‎1980’s‎


Tacome Acrylic Blankets Printing and Processing Line

Quantity: 1
Year: 2009
Working Width: 3200 mm
Suitable to print and process acrylic blankets with the following parts:


– Yoc 2009
– 3.400 mm roller width
– 3.200 mm working width
– Magnetic system
– 10 colours
– 7 colors single electro-magnet
– 3 colors double electro-magnet
– 39 meters table length
– Min. rapport : 300 mm
– Max. rapport : No limit
– Lateral square-frames supports : 20
– Poliuretane printing blanket
– Blanket washers

– In high position
– Brushing device with 2 brushes for yarns and dust, with yarn/dust collection unit.
– Horizontal and vertical centering device for correct fabric position
– Fabric compensators for speed sincronism
– Glueing device to glue the fabric into blanket printing

– Machine structure frames with entry, guiders, washers (blanket) and standart accessories
– Polyurethane printing blanket
– Blanket rollers to hold, give tension and movement of the blanket
– Blanket guiders and tension device
– Support frames and supports for printing square frames
– Printing carriages with electromagnets
– Control panel and control desk, keypads around the machine
– Machine covers and lids. doors and protections

– Hydraulic delivery
– Raising and lowering mechanism for printing squares
– Fabric delivery ramp
– Speed synchronous device (for fabric bags formation).
– Electronic group with frequency variators for the blanket movement with speed control for acceleration and deceleration ramps for the rapport adjustment
– Blanket movement with frequency variator and servo-motor
– Electromagnets with individual CC variator
– Washing device for printing blanket with motorized brushers
– Machine equipped with 4 sets of 10 magnetic stainless steel rods , different diam
– Machine management program with positioning and draws memory untill 100 draws


– Yoc 2009
– 3.400 mm roller width
– 3.200 mm working width
– Pump for colour feeding
– Hydraulic pressure


– Yoc 2009
– 3.400 mm roller width
– 3200 mm working width
– Capacity 220 meters
– Máx. speed : 20m / min
– Fabric permanence : Depends speed
– Normal work temperature : 101º
– High work temperature : 180º
– High temperature system : 3 modules
– Stainless steel construction
– Double isolation wall

– Entry device with fabric loop formation.
Fabric entry and delivery on the steamer will be in bottom position
– Fabric rollers for fabric loop supports covered with special inox tape
– Inox steel transport rollers chain with special lubrication
– Water tanks for steam production in saturated steam phase
– Steam extraction system for residual steam or steam renovation
– Roof heating to avoid drips
– Doors and windows to access inside the machine and views
– Temperature of 101º with saturated steam (depending on the altitude of the area of installation)
Water automatic feed with steam entry regulator with valves
– High temperature system composed by 3 lateral modules conveniently isolated
Each module composed by:
Burner of 170.000 Kcal/h. with combustion home, 2 pirotubular batteries for heating exchange, driving pipe for combustion gases inside the steamer for maximum heating profit.
Recirculation steam fan, steam goes through heating batteries and combustion home and come back to the camera with the temperature increased


– Yoc 2009
– 3.400 mm roller width
– 3.200 mm working width
– Máx. speed : 20 m/min
– 3 washing boxes with padder
– 28 meters wash box : 1
– 17 meters wash box : 2
– 3 squeezing padders of 360 mm bowls
– 1 squeezing padder with 440 mm bowls for chem treatment (softener).
– Vacuum device ( sucsose ).

– Washing unit in steel inox with 2 compartments, 1st compartment with 6 fabric passages in water bath, 2nd compartment with suction lips device,
squeezing padder of 360 mm, motors, pumps, filters and recirculation pipes for the recirculation and countercorrent of the washing water, compensator for speeds syncronism.

– Washing units in steel inox with 2 compartments. 1st compartment with 2 fabric passages in water bath, 2nd compartment with suction lips device,
squeezing padder of 360 mm, motors, pumps, filters and recirculation pipes for the recirculation and countercorrent of the washing water, compensator for speeds syncronism.

– Yoc 2009
– 3.400 mm roller width
– 3.200 mm working width
– Bowls diam. : 440 mm
– Immersion bath tank for softener application
– Filter and pump tank for softener bath recirculation for the immersion tank
– Dosing pump of softener in filter tank

– Device placed at the entry of the dryer and after the padder
– Device installed to reduce the softener humidity on the fabric before to go to the dryer
– Complete equipment with soundproof vacuum device


– Yoc 2009
– 3.400 mm roller width
– 3.200 mm working width
– Máx. speed : 20 m/min
– Capacity : 160 meters
– Fabric permanence : Depends speed
– Working temperature : 80º – 200º C
– Big smokes extraction unit
– WAYLER burner : 1.250.000 Kcal/h.
– Gas Fuel : GN or GLP

– Vertical dryer built in a chamber with isolated panels, interior passage with rollers and drivers in the upper side and free in the bottom side.
Fans, pipes and filters for hot air circulation. Combustion camera in high position with gas burner with circuit and gas train.
Automatic temperature control with regulation from 0º to 200º,. compensators and guider rollers. Entry from washing range and delivery to trolley. Access doors etc …

– Yoc 2009
– 3400 mm working width
– Vertical pin chain
– High position ( with metal structure )
– Delivery with plaiter device to trolley
– To fix the fabric width after dryer machine and before delivery to trolley


– Main tank with agitator and pump for preparation and send to destination tank
– 6 tanks for paste of 1000 lt capacity each (to confirm) with pipes and valves
– Filter with pump
– Cans washer machine
– Big weighing scale for cans and tanks
– Small weighing scales for color
– Small squeezing padder
– Big agitator for big cans
– Lab. small dryer
– Lab. small oven
– Safety devices (eyes)
– Cans trolleys etc …

– Double and single inox rods for printing with color tanks and other accessories
(to prepare a list with all widths availables and all accessories available).
– Lot of printing squares (if buyer could be interested, factory can supply a lot of draws available,the factory will inform about the designs and quantity.)

Line stopped but still connected and perfect working conditions.


Complete Zimmer Chromojet Printing Line

Year: 2010, Very High Quality, Printing Head Re-Newed Year 2013, fine definition HSV 800, Width 250 cm, Only 4000 hours worked
Print depth: you can have 100% penetration on 20 mm pile height: all depending on yarn quality & speed.
Visit website of Zimmer Chromojet 800 (76 Dpi)


ETF Quality Control And Packaging System

Quantity: 1, ww 520 cm, fully automatic with fabric tension sensor, with slitter and width cutter, with barcode system, with 3 accumulators


Chromo Jet Tufting Printing Line

Quantity: 1, Year: 2006 Installed in 2007, 12 colors it’s mean 12 group each 512 jet , Machine 90m length : , 3.4 m printing, 20.2 m steamer, 13.3 m dryer ( 6 burner ), Speed for 250 g , Single speed maximum 5.2 m/min, Double speed maximum 9.2 m /min, Dryer maximum 180 C degree, Width 4150 Cm, 16 tank in kitchen, Washing including


Complete Continuous Nonwoven Printing Line

Year 2000-2006
Working 400 mm (16”)
this line is used to print on flat nonwoven webs
Speed max. 250 m/min.
Consisting of:
Automatic Unwinders with Rewind Sleeves
for automatic change of the rolls without stop
Splice Unit with several guide and edge controls
Cutter for length cutting
EINSIEDEL Flexoprint Printer, Type A 510, Year 2006
for single color printing
Automatic Winder with Rewind Sleeves
for automatic change of the rolls without stop


Kusters Complete Carpet Printing & Dyeing Range

Type 222.20-5200
Year 1991-1996
Working width 5000 mm (197”)
Roller width 5200 mm (204”)
Consisting of:
ETF Fabric Entry with Guides, Reversals and J-Box, Year 1991
ETF Jet Bulker, Type 232.50 with Vacuum System, Year 1991
KUSTERS Pre-Steamer, Type 242.13.43, Year 1991
KUSTERS Padder (Foulard) with swim-rolls, Year 1991
MITTER Printing Machine, Type MMB-C-ROM 94 with 9 Heads (Quickchange), Year 1994
KUSTERS Dye-Applicator
FPA Gum-Applicator
KUSTERS Horizontal and Vertical Steamer (Cloud Control)
KUSTERS Tower Washing Machine
BRUECKNER Stenter Frame, with 5 Compartments, with transport belt, gas heated
ETF Double Accumulator, new and fully automized in 2017
SELLERS Shearing Machine with 3 Heads, Year 1996
DEMAN Overhead Crane, Capacity 2,5 T
CONTINENTAL Vacuum System, Year 1995


Chromojet Printing

Quantity:1, Year:2007, 2 meter width, They use it in laboratory.


Zimmer Chromo Jet Printing Machine

Quantity:1, Year:2000 full recondition at 2012, 4 Meter -10 Color, Full options machine, The machine in very very very good condition with full options, in include with: Zimmer head F11 jets .16.66 dpi , 400 cm waking width, Dye applicator, Quick change dyeing unit, Vertical steamer, Water suction unit and spare suction pumps, With 24 meter steam station ,With the water treatment station, With the water R.O unit and with waste water station, With full automatic color kitchen, With movable tanks, With mixers, With thickener supra mix, With Fleshner horizontal steamer, With very strong dryer and with the cooling unit, With laboratory for preparing the colors, With all necessary spare parts big quantity and with two units to check and repair the damage jets, With stainless steel big storage tanks for the soft water and for the ready thickener and for the feeding tanks, With its pumps and with two accumulators. Factory can give good technicians for Dismantling and for Installation and Start-Up, Capacity if the colors less than five we can run at 5 linear meters and if more it will be 2.5 linear meter, Machine dimensions: 6 meter width, 5 meter high, Just run 3 days in month