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  • AC44/230818/BG/
    Johannes Zimmer Rotary Printing R94-V-EA-ACR/57
    Johannes Zimmer Rotary Printing R94-V-EA-ACR/57
    Quantity:1, Maximum printing width: 3.200 mm, Number of colors: Printing table for 12 and 10 colors installed, Mechanical speed: 0 - 100 m/ min, Operating side: Right, Color feeding side: Left, Repeat sizes possible: 64-102,6 cm, Electrical tension: 3 x 380 V 50 Hz, Dryer heated by: Gas
    Other technical details:Fabric Entry:
    1.) J BOX, 2.) E&L Fabric guiders pneumatic, 3.) Fabric opener E&L diagonal SW 757, 4.) Lint removing system: KE 30
    Printing table:
    1.) Glueing system: Hydrosoluble, 2.) Thermoplast with heated pressure roller, 3.) Screen drive: individual with digital repeat setting, 4.) Repeat adjustment: digital 360 degree, 5.) Printing table is made for 12 colors but 10 installed, 6.) Magnet system type: Thermostabil E 70 W
    7.) Color pipes: 1 set of 320 cams width, 8.) Color feeding pumps: Pneumatic, 9.) Blanket washing system: Brushes
    Dryer and Fabric Exit:
    1.) Model: TR III, 2.) Evaporation capacity: 1.200 kg/h, 3.) Exit with: J Box and Enrolling system, Command system for the machine: PC / ACR
    Also included: Quick change system by crane for 4 screens at the time, Colorpipe washing machine COMINOX model: Polirot for 280 cm and 320 cm, Screen washing machine for max 4 Screens at once repeats from 64 to 102 cm, Machine has been overhauled in 2017 and is in optimal conditions on Mill floor. Machine can be inspected in running conditions.
  • AB72/290719/
    Reggiani Rotary Printing
    Reggiani Rotary Printing
    Quantity: 1, Year: 1995, WW 2200 MM
  • AA02/010319/BY/
    Complete Continuous Nonwoven Printing Line
    Complete Continuous Nonwoven Printing Line
    Year 2000-2006
    Working 400 mm (16”)
    this line is used to print on flat nonwoven webs
    Speed max. 250 m/min.
    Consisting of:
    Automatic Unwinders with Rewind Sleeves
    for automatic change of the rolls without stop
    Splice Unit with several guide and edge controls
    Cutter for length cutting
    EINSIEDEL Flexoprint Printer, Type A 510, Year 2006
    for single color printing
    Automatic Winder with Rewind Sleeves
    for automatic change of the rolls without stop
  • AA02/010319/BY/
    Kusters Complete Carpet Printing & Dyeing Range
    Kusters Complete Carpet Printing & Dyeing Range
    Type 222.20-5200
    Year 1991-1996
    Working width 5000 mm (197”)
    Roller width 5200 mm (204”)
    Consisting of:
    ETF Fabric Entry with Guides, Reversals and J-Box, Year 1991
    ETF Jet Bulker, Type 232.50 with Vacuum System, Year 1991
    KUSTERS Pre-Steamer, Type 242.13.43, Year 1991
    KUSTERS Padder (Foulard) with swim-rolls, Year 1991
    MITTER Printing Machine, Type MMB-C-ROM 94 with 9 Heads (Quickchange), Year 1994
    KUSTERS Dye-Applicator
    FPA Gum-Applicator
    KUSTERS Horizontal and Vertical Steamer (Cloud Control)
    KUSTERS Tower Washing Machine
    BRUECKNER Stenter Frame, with 5 Compartments, with transport belt, gas heated
    ETF Double Accumulator, new and fully automized in 2017
    SELLERS Shearing Machine with 3 Heads, Year 1996
    DEMAN Overhead Crane, Capacity 2,5 T
    CONTINENTAL Vacuum System, Year 1995
  • AE39/220219E/TRI-RI/C/BG/
    Tacome Complet Blankets Printing Line
    Tacome Complet Blankets Printing Line
    Quantity: 1, Year 2009, Working Width: 3200 mm, composed of: ‎
    flat bed printing machine, magnetic device, 10 colours, 40 mts table lenght ‎
    dyeing padder ‎, Steamer, capacity 190 mts, stainless steel, steam and high temperature with gas heating ‎
    ‎3 washing boxes, with padder and vacuum device ‎
    padder ‎, Mini tenter ‎, loop dryer, That line is special for heavy fabrics
  • AC58/280119E/AIII-X/M/AS/
    Chromojet Printing Line
    Chromojet Printing Line
    QQuantity:1, Year:1999, 16 Dpi, 4 M. Workable Width, Complete Line Still In Operation, Including Entrance C Box, 2 Printing Heads
    Steamer And Dryer And Exit Section With Accumulator, The Plant Can Be Inspected Whenever Required.
    They overhauled dryer section in 2010 by adding some more heaters with bigger capacities
    All other sections including 2 groups of printing heads, steaming section all are in original condition
    In the year 2005 and 2009 we added a new printing head and replaced the old dryer with fully original one
    Our chromojet printing line is from Johannes Zimmer Austria.
    Machine width is 4200 mm and rollers width is 4400 mm.
    Nozzles (jets) are washed automatically after each printing process by a special software embedded into the machine itself.
    An important extra equipment which we did not mention previously is as follows:
    Küsters multicolor system with:
    1 x Küsters table with crosswalk and Küsters pulling unit.
    1 x Küsters gum applicator.
    1 x Küsters dye applicator with dyestuff, flow meter and operation panelx
    The line itself is still under operation without any problem
  • AC06/230119/
    Stork Rotary Printing
    Stork Rotary Printing
    Quantity: 1, Year: 1993 retrofitted in 2002, Model RDIV RENOVA, 12 colours, With 1850 mm, Both magnetic and squeege type, with gas, heated dryer, entry TESTA for knit fabric, With cylinder washer, Machine in excellent conditions.
  • AE80/240818E/PPI-RI/M/AS/
    Tufted Carpet Printing Complete Line
    Tufted Carpet Printing Complete Line
    5,00 meter Width x 110 meter length, Working width: 4 meter
    ( Listing from enter to finish )
    Un-roll, J – Box 2 pcs, Pre –steamer unit ( MITTER 2004), Pre –washing unit and vacuum ( MITTER 2004), Foulard padder print unit ( KUSTERS 1973 – Rev : 2004), Rotary screen printing line part A ( MITTER BRAND 8 COLOUR PRINTING UNIT 1997), Dye appicator quick colour chnage ( FLEISSNER BRAND), Rotary screen printing line part B ( 45 METER HORIZONTAL STEAMING UNIT KUSTERS BRAND), Hot washing unit ( KUSTERS BRAND) and 3 suction vacuum ( ABB BRAND), Scotchgard application unit, Rotary screen printing line part C ( BRUCKNER BRAND DRYING UNIT ), Elevators, Rolling unit
    Complete colour kitchen with 29 Mixer tanks, Screens with end rings ( approx. 50 design 200 screens), Quick screen changing lift and unit, Screen washing unit, All electirical cabins
    Lap printer for flat screens, lab washer, electrical lab dryer and steamer, Colour tester and lab mixers, All other small lab equipments (etc. Pots , ph meter ,viscometer), Lab screens
    The line can print Polyamide and also Polyester too. We have samples for both of them. Also the line can print cotton, wool and acrylic too. Only paint is different for polyester. You can use same paints for the others. ( PA,Cotton,wool and acrylic)
    Status: Running
  • AC29/291118E/AAII-X/M/AS/
    Chromo Jet Tufting Printing Line
    Chromo Jet Tufting Printing Line
    Quantity: 1, Year: 2006 Installed in 2007, 12 colors it's mean 12 group each 512 jet , Machine 90m length : dryer ( 6 burner ) , Speed for 250 g , Single speed maximum 5.2 m/min, Double speed maximum 9.2 m /min, Dryer maximum 180 C degree, Width 4150 Cm
  • AB64/191118E/ASI-AI/M/DR/
    Chromojet Complete Carpet Tile Printing Line
    Chromojet Complete Carpet Tile Printing Line
    Quantity: 1, Year: 2009, Single or multiple tile printing
    Also for mats and rolls, Zimmer Chromojet type HSV 400 resolution 1mm (25,4 dpi)
    Print width max 210 cm, 8 colours, 128 jets/colour
    1,3 – 1,6 m/min , Positioning for the tiles or mats
    Steamer Fleissner, Washer Fleissner, Dryer Fleissner, Colorkitchen Zimmer
  • AB64/300418E/TII/
    Chromojet Complete Carpet Tile Printing HSV 400
    Chromojet Complete Carpet Tile Printing HSV 400
    Quantity:1, Year:2009, Single or multiple tile printing, Also for rolls or mats, Resolution 1mm (25,4 dpi), Print width max 210 cm, 8 colours, 128 jets/colour, 1,3 – 1,6 m/min, 130-150 m2/hour in tile print mode (50x50 cm), Positioning for the tiles or mats, Steamer, Washer, Dryer, Colorkitchen COMPLETE & NEW
  • AE80/110917E/LC/M/AS/
    Chromojet Printing
    Chromojet Printing
    Quantity:1, Year:2007, 2 meter width, They use it in laboratory.
  • AD73/220717E/SII/M/BP/
    Zimmer Chromo Jet Printing Machine
    Zimmer Chromo Jet Printing Machine
    Quantity:1, Year:2000 full recondition at 2012, 4 Meter -10 Color, Full options machine, The machine in very very very good condition with full options, in include with: Zimmer head F11 jets .16.66 dpi , 400 cm waking width, Dye applicator, Quick change dyeing unit, Vertical steamer, Water suction unit and spare suction pumps, With 24 meter steam station ,With the water treatment station, With the water R.O unit and with waste water station, With full automatic color kitchen, With movable tanks, With mixers, With thickener supra mix, With Fleshner horizontal steamer, With very strong dryer and with the cooling unit, With laboratory for preparing the colors, With all necessary spare parts big quantity and with two units to check and repair the damage jets, With stainless steel big storage tanks for the soft water and for the ready thickener and for the feeding tanks, With its pumps and with two accumulators. Factory can give good technicians for Dismantling and for Installation and Start-Up, Capacity if the colors less than five we can run at 5 linear meters and if more it will be 2.5 linear meter, Machine dimensions: 6 meter width, 5 meter high, Just run 3 days in month