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Chromojet Complete Printing Line

Quantity: 1, Year: 2009, For Carpet Tiles, mats and rolls.
Chromojet type HSV 400:
Resolution 1mm (25,4 dpi), Print width max 210 cm, 8 colours, 128 jets/colour, 1,3 – 1,6 m/min, 130-150 m2/hour in tile print mode (50×50 cm).
Positioning for the tiles or mats
Steamer Fleissner
Washer (belt washer Zimmer, with 2x spray suction, vacuumpump and air/water separator.)
Dryer Campen (belt dryer.)
Colorkitchen complete

All necessary items to prepare thickneren, dyes, etc.
IN VERY GOOD CONDITION, very less production hours.


Digital Carpet Printing Unit

BRAND NEW and NEVER installed
1 ZIMMER Digital Carpet Printer – BRAND NEW AND NEVER
Model Colaris
Year of Manufacture 2021
Carpet Width 200cm to 420cm
Carpet Weight 1000 GSM Max
PES Carpet and backing material
Without secondary backing
5 Colors (CMYK+Diluent)
8 Printer heads per color
Printer Heads Fuji Dimatrix Starfire 1024/L
Nominal resolution 400 DPI
(depending on the ink amount required the resolution
Can be adjusted for example 400×800, 600×800

Entry from Lapped carpet in U Box
Average speed 4.5 meters per min
Depending on ink density and carpet weight
E&L Edge Guiders
Carpet Backing must withstand 180 degrees C Temp

Blanket Glueing device with Knife Squeegee
Blanket Washing Device with 2 spray pipes,
2 Brush rollers and 2 Drying Squeegees

Main control cabinet with Beckhoff PLC

RIP Software 9.1 series transfers the design into
Readable files for the printer

Operating environment
22 degrees C +/- 1 Degree C
50- 70% humidity (not condensing) dust fee and well ventilated

1 BRUCKNER High Capacity Single Layer Belt Dryer
Model BE.SFP.44/4 DG
Year of Manufacture 2021
Specifically Design for the drying of Digitally
Printed carpets
Max Fabric width 4400mm
Min Fabric width 3000mm
Roller width 4600mm
Mechanical speed 10 meter per min
Belt transport of Fabric
4 Zones x 3 meter long each
Direct as heated
Min 90 Degrees C
Max 230 degrees C


Chromojet Printing

Quantity:1, Year:2007, 2 meter width, They use it in laboratory.