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15 ft Cobble 1/10 Gauge Cut Pile ColorTec

Quantity: 1, Year: 2007, Machine Tufting Width now is 365 cm.
Includes Creel, Bolted Mending frame and 2 roll rollup.
Machine is in perfect working condition and has been stopped in middle of 2020.
The cost to widen this out to 4 meters is USD $110,000
Please see a few designs on the LINK.
The design system is not included with this machine. Its recommended that buyer hires someone to create designs and convert them into the proper configuration for the machine to read.


Cobble 1/8

Quantity: 1, Year: 1988, Type: ST88-CP, Width: 4 m , LHS- Inline straight.


Cobble 1/10

Quantity: 1, Year: 1992, Type: ST91 Pantera – CP, Width: 5 m.


Cobble Pantera

Quantity: 1, Year: 2002, ww 5.1 m , Straigth loop, Incl unroll, inspection zone, roll-up & mending gun, Very less production!


Cobble Pantera

Quantity: 1, Year: 2001, ww 4.1 m, Straigth loop, Incl; unroll, inspection zone, roll-up & mending gun


Cobble Loop Pile Tufting

Quantity: 1, Year:1999, 5 meter, 5/32nd gauge
With in-line needle bar, Currently tufting 162″ wide, running automotive carpet.
Pile height range from 1/8″ to 1/2″. Five inch yarn feed rollers. Inverter panel with MagneTek GPD 515 inverter.
This machine has low hours for a 1999 machine. The machine is stop but not dismantled. It has been stopped for 10 years. Requires a 40′ HC Ctr for shipment.


Cobble FRS Tufting

Quantity: 1, Year: 1998, 5 meter, 1/10th gauge .Servo driven yarn feed rollers, 24 inch cam shifter, in-line needle bar, Cobble modular needles and loopers, backing jacks, end out detection, Cobble control system. Currently tufting 3.8m. Utilizes a tube bank to deliver yarn from 1/8th gauge rocker arms down to 1/0th gauge at needles. Can be converted to 1/8th gauge if needed.
Skidded and loaded into one 40HC and one 20ft container.


Cobble Grass Tufting

Quantity: 1, Year: 1998, Type: ST91, Gauge: 3/8th – 3/16th, Working width: 4,2m
Patterning: SSNB for accurate jutemover effect (3/16th), Pile range: 10-40mm, Motorised PIV yarn feed, Motorised PIV/transmission box, Hydraulic motorised bedplate, 3/8” dropper system.


Cobble 1/10” loop Multiroll (Graphic)

Year: 1997, Ww 5m, 7 rolls, servo dives. Type: PANTERA ST 91, Right Hand STRAIGHT, With jute mover
Including: Collector board, 2x Electric Panel, In perfect condition.


Cobble 5/32” Cut & Loop

Year: 1994, WW: 5m, Type: ST91, Cut & Loop, Gauge: 5/32
Including: Collector Board, 2x Electric Panel, Creel, Scroll clotch : LP : 10pc / HP : 10 pc (= 120 clutchen), Needle : SINGLE, loper : SINGLE, Cloth feed : PIV, Working Condition.


Cobble Cut Pile Tufting 1/8th Gauge

Quantity: 1, Year: 1998
In-line needle bar. No shifters.
Pile height range from 1/4 to 5/8 inches.
5 inch yarn feed rollers.
Inverter panel for speed control and needles up stopping.
This machine is located at an automotive carpet facility.
They stopped tufting in 2007
Does not include creel, mending frame or rollup.
It appears to be in very good condition.
This machine was producing automotive carpet using a non-heatset yarn at a low pile. It will also make a very nice print base carpet like it is setup. The needles are smaller than someone will need if they are making broadloom carpet or rugs. Most people running broadloom or rugs will also want a shifter. Adding one to this machine will be expensive and is not really practical. It’s not just the shifter that must be added, the needle bar must be mounted with slides so it can shift.
We would have to add needles, loopers, looper bars, blade blocks and blades to tuft 4 meters.


Cobble Tufting Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 2006‎, ‎4 meter ‎, ‎5/32nd gauge ‎, Cobble ColorTec tufting machine with Cobble control system. ‎, Currently tufting in 365 CM WIDTH.‎, Left hand pickup. ‎, The machine is in very good condition and can be inspected by appointment, Machine under power but not in production, Delivery in 1×40′ HC Container
NOTE: ADD $ 65,000 to make it 4 Meter. This is not a common gauge for Cobble. They make the parts by ‎order and they are expensive.‎


Cobble Tufting ST91

Quantity:1, Year:1992, type Cut pile ; w.width 5 m ; gauge 1/8 ; running speed : up to 1100 rpm ; beam creel : 4 PIV ; Pattern attachment – needle bar cam ; – 5 m beam frame- 5 m inspection frame and doffing re-roll, Machine in excellent condition, reconditioned and complete.


Cobble LCL Tufting

Quantity: 1, Year: 1998, 1/8th gauge, 4 meter, 16” cam shifter, CMC cutting system, Currently tufting 144 inches.
LCL Level Cut Loop tufting machine. The difference in yarn texture and light refraction between cut and loop pile facilitates patterns of considerable subtlety and definition. With the individual hook actuation of the LCL system, the change from cut pile to loop pile is controlled by the position of the hook, and cut and loop pile have the same height.
Skidded and loaded into one 40HC container.


Cobble Cut Pile Graphics Tufting

Quantity: 1, 4 meter, 1/10th , Currently tufting 144 inches (3.657 meters), Running ¾ inch pile height and the machine is capable of 1 inch pile height as set-up, Two, 164 inch needle bars. Shifting via 16 inch cam shifters. CMC cutting system. Dual, 4 roll yarn feed. Inverter cabinet.
Skidded and loaded into one 40HC container.


Cobble Cut Pile Graphics Tufting

Quantity: 1, 1/10th gauge, 4m, With CMC modular cutting system, Currently sewing 12 ft width.


Cobble ColorTec Tufting Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 1996, ‎2 meter, 1/7th gauge, with CES control system.‎Maximum tufting width is 72 inches. Currently running 2 step cam, with 4 step and 6 step available. This machine has been very well maintained and is in excellent condition. Creel, mending frame and cutting table included.