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Ornek Heat Set

Quantity: 3
1x Year: 2008, 60 spindles, With frise box.
1x Year: 2010, 48 spindles, With frise box.
1x Year: 2012, 48 spindles, With frise box.
Belte system
1x Mass system.
Stopped on mill.


Friezing Machines + Several Spare Parts

Quantity: 2, Year: 1999 & 2000
NOTE: All spare parts seen in pictures come with the machines


Ornek Heat Set

Quantity: 1, Year: 2007, Spindles: 48, Winders Mitas, Very clean, Already dismantled.


Ornek Belt Heatset

Year: 2012, 48 spindles, With frise, Winder Mitas.


Heliot Tubular Heat Setting

Quantity: 1, Year: 2001, Rollset model, Working width 1500 mm
Knitted fabrics made of synthetic fibres, Polyester, Polyamid, Acrylic,
Chlorofibres, Lycra, etc. Pure or blended with natural fibres, should be thermoset.
Thermosetting is necessary to guarantee the dimensional stability and to develop the handle and the touch of the different articles.