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Viessmann Steam Boiler Plant

Quantity: 1, Year: 2017, Type M95 A247, Steam output: 15,5 t/h, operating steam pressure: 16 bar, Pressure stages /pressure reducer 8 bar and 3 Bar, Heating Type Natural Gas
Available in System:
Economizer, sludge ejector, Burner speed control, Automatic conductivity measurement, Automatic blowdown control, Warming device, Water treatment, Raw water Tank, TRD 604-72 HR, Pumps, Dosing station for chemicals, Mobile demountable boiler house, Chimney for transport must be dismantled.


Superior boiler

Quantity: 1, Year: 2001, model 6-5-1000, heating surface 1028 sq ft, design pressure 150 psi, steam capacity 6900 lbs/hour, min valve capacity 8224 lbs/hr, natural gas fired, deaerator tank also available


Ferroli Gas Fired Steam Boiler

Quantity: 1, Year: 2018 , Type: VAPOREX HVP 5000 / 12
Rated output (from and at 100°C): 5000 kg/hour, Working Pressure: 1000 kPa g, Design Pressure: 1200 kPa g
Design Code: PED 97/23/EC-SANS 347, Factory certification: DIN EN ISO 9001 TUV and EN 729, Fuel Specification: Natural Gas
Electrical supply: 380 Volts/3 Phase/50 Hz, Burner Manufacturer: Unigas, Operation: Fully modulating

Capacity: 10’000 litre Boiler feed water system.
Includes water softeners, TDS controller, dosing pump as well as a salt addition tank.


BABCOCK Steam Boiler

Quantity: 2 , Year: 2010 /2011, Modele 150 A. PRESSION 15 B. 15 T/H


Viessmann Steam Boiler

Quantity: 1
Year: 2007
Vitomax 200 HS type M235 037 ÜH
Nominal steam output of 12 tph, 13 bar, heating: natural gas

Boiler Purpose: production of steam for heating buildings, hot water production technology
Boiler type: stationary medium pressure steam boiler
Fuel: natural gas
Allowable working pressure: 13 bar (1.3 Mpa)
Test pressure: 24.1 bar (2.41 Mpa)
Minimum burner output: 2.3 MW
Nominal burner power: 10.0 MW
Boiler output 8 MW
Thermal power boilers 8.51 MW
Permissible temperature steam according to label data: 260 ° C
Rated steam temperature according to the technical specifications of delivery: 225 ° C
Nominal feed water temperature: 103-105 ° C.
Water volume of the packed boiler / at operating level: 28400/22600 l
Designation of the boiler: “K1” left, fire-tube boiler flame with three strokes with pressure furnace
Water treatment installation with feed water pumps
steam boiler dismantled and secured

Jaroslav Vlcek – Heat and Combustion Technology Ltd. Prerov
Type AVP 10
Year of manufacture 2007
Nominal output of 10 MW
Minimum power of 2.3 MW
Fuel Pressure 100 kPa.

Specified efficiency of thermal energy production fuel boilers: Ø 95.00%
The boiler was operated a total of 10,962 hours.

The boiler was carried out regular inspections according to the decree for power equipment:
4 x yearly operational review
1 x yearly leak test
1 x yearly adjustment of the burner
2 x yearly revision BOSB elements
1 x yearly emission measurements