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‎1x LOT, Comprising Various Machines For TURF/Artificial Grass or Ordinary Synthetic Yarn ‎Such As BCF


Barmag Winer ATW 300 GTA

Quantity: 1
Year: 2003
Positions: 32
Cone Diameter: 70mm
Spooling width: 300mm
Spool diameter: 240mm


ICBT Twisting machine

Quantity:1, (Rieter) 48 Positions, tape twisting machine, used mainly for turf/ARTIFICIAL GRASS twisting, but you can also use it for carpet yarn or other multifilament,

The total machine length of approximately 18 -19 meters
8 modules with 3 twisting stations on each side à each 2 meters long
Control Unit à about 2 Meters
Each Module is 210cm high and 150cm wide
According to the twist range: The machine is able to twist on cones with a length of 290mm
The exact measure of denier/ maximum diameter of the yarn is unknown, yet (see picture two to get an idea)
The diameter of the bobbin pot is 32cm

According to the ICBT:
Twist range:We were twisting with S and Z which means lefts as well as right turn twisting
Depending on the material we were twisting in a range of 30 – 50, but I assume the machine is able to twist up to 100
Denier: We are measuring the thickness of the yarn in dtex and were twisting yarns in a range of 6000 – 20000 (dtex)
stored in warehouse.


Marathon Engines

Quantity: 5
Model: Black Max
High: 35cm
width: 35cm
Lengh: 88cm
(20HP-1470RPM) & (25HP-1460RPM) & (30HP-1450RPM) & (30HP_1450RPM) & (30HP-1450RPM)


Cone Drives

Quantity: 5
High:66 width:40 Lengh:90
Transmission: (1x 25:1) & (4x 20:1)


Koch Dosing Systems

Quantity: 5
Year: 3x2010 - 2x2009
Type: Gravimetric
Model: GK300


Hansa & Campen Mixer

Quantity: 2, Year: around 1993
Both mixers have: Capacity 1.000 lt./h, 1 head, 3 pumps
Both mixers are functional, just need to be cleaned. The machines were still working 1 year before.


Hansa Mixer Compact Mix 600

Quantity: 1, Year: 2015, The Hansa mixer is able to work with standard SBR latex and gel foam latex. The machine has been used for approx. 200 hours only and has a cooled mixing head. Optional: Latex-Tank, 1 qbm, with mixing device.
Weight of the machine: 780 kg., Main dimensions approx.: 2360 x 850 x 1770 mm LxWxH., Continuous sound pressure level: db (A) < 70., Suitable for: SBR Latex / Latex / Gel., Total flow rate: 100 - 600 kg/h., Limitations of flow rate: min. 297 kg/h at 900 g/l heavy foam., Infeed denseness: 1100 - 1500 g/l., Foam denseness: 200 - 900 g/l., Measuring range air regulator: 1 - 50 Nl/min.


Hansa Mixer

Quantity: 1, Year:1989, but in good working condition, single head.Machine is cleaned and in good condition