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Stork Brabant B.V.

Year: 1998, Type RT-IV / 20 / 2050 / 12-12 + 2DDII, ww 2050, 12 colors, Raport 64 if desired, with extra charge can be bought 1 set (12 heads), 82er, 91er and 101er Raport, Screen washing unit, Squeegee wash, 4 chamber, direct gas heated dryer, In the outlet cooling cylinder and dock winder, This machine was used to print paper for transfer calenders., So without print blanket.


Reggiani Flat Printing

Quantity: 1, Year: 1999, Model: PRIMA, Width 340 cm, Colors 15
Blanket Length 110 meters, Blanket Width 3920 mm., Electric 3 X 400 V , 50 HZ, Dryer 5 Chambers (Gas heated brand new) + complete set of Old thermal oil radiators)
Reggiani’s Features:
High entry with suction cleaning brushes, E + l Guiders, Pre-heated Printing Blanket, Blanket Washing Device, Exit by Batcher & Plaiter
Reggiani’s Upgrading in 2017:
The Machine had technical upgrading for the Blanket Control System included the following: PLC S7 Siemens for communication and axis control, Feeder of the Siemens System, 2 drives for the brushless motors for the blanket drive, 1 drive brushless motor for traction roller at the entry (“SW” or prearrangement “EKR”)
Screen Preparation & operation Tools:
CST flat engraving machine 2400 mm X 4500 mm Y.O.C: 2009, running in a good condition. Flat screen Gluing machine, Flat Screen Washing machine from Tri Creation Co. (China) Brand new (never used), Dryer for Flat Screen, Tighten machine for Flat Screens.


Robustelli/Epson Digital Printing

Quantity: 1, Year: 2014, Monnalisa Model, Max working width 3200mm , Genesta colorants, N 8 pigment colours , N 32 Epson 12 printing heads , Bianco fabric entry with slatted expander and centering device, Printing unit with blanket and washing with 3 rollers, Infrared dryer 3 stages , Sti winder at the exit, Still running in perfect conditions.


MS Digital Printing JP4

Year 2013, MS Inkjet, To transfer the print from paper to fabric, 4 Heads JP 4, From roll, Working height 1700mm, Output with winding.


Monti Antonio Transfer Printing / Coating

Quantity: 1, Year: 2009, Model 91-2/2000, Rolls width 2000 mm, Work width 1800 mm, Cylinder diameter 500 mm, Electric heat cooling cylinder at exit winder.


Reggiani Digital Printer

Quantity: 2, Year: 2012
Reggiani ReNOIR Plus 180/16 (Width of Printing: 180cm)
Salvade VPM ager , 240 cm wide, 250 m content ager Year: 2012
Salvade sample ager – 2 meters content – Year: 2012 (Width of Steam Ager: 240cm)


Zimmer Rotory Printing Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 2005, working width 180cm, 12 Color, 4 Chamber, Steam heated



Quantity: 1, Year: 2016, Model RD8, 8 Color, Belt Width 1.85M.


MS Printing Solution Ink Jet

Quantity: 3, Year: 2×2015 , 1×2017, Mod.MS-JP7 , Fabric width 1800 mm., 14 heads installed, 7 colors.


Robustelli Digital Printing

Quantity: 2, Year: 2008,2010, w.width 1600 mm.
1x Mod.MONNA LISA ML 160 M12 Year: 2008
1x Mod.MONNA LISA ML 160 T12 Year: 2010





MONTI Calender For Bonding And Transfer Printing

Quantity: 1 , Year: 2014 , Mod.93 , table width 2000 mm., working width 1800 mm., cylinder diameter 500 mm., Machine can do: Sublimation transfer printing, Film/web thermobonding, Embossing using release paper, Lamination.
Felt is in good condition without any damage, it doesn’t need any replacement.


Zimmer Rotary Printing Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 2009, Width 340cm, 16 color, magnetic, brushing and dust collection device, Fabrics Entry device, individual drive, 4 chamber


MBK Rotary Printing

Quantity: 1, Year: 2011, Working width 185cm, 12 color, 4 chambers, Gas heated, Table length 16 meter, Running condition.


Reggiani Digital Printing Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 2013, RENOIR 180/16/16, SIEMENS SINATIC multi-panel digital control, With gas dryer and high output, belt 2m05.


MITEX Printing

Quantity: 1, Year: 1996, Spain brand
Print width :, max printing table width 3820mm.
useful width of the printing table 2700mm, How many colors : 12


MS Ink-Jet Digital Printing (New Fabric Finishing Machines )

Quantity: 1, Year: 2015, Model: MS JPK EVO 320, Print width 3200 mm, the number of print heads 32, currently working 14 print heads.



Quantity: 1, Year: 2001, 1.850 mm working width , Entry from A-frame , KALIN brushing system with dust collection box , Motorized rollers and compensator , Worker platform
E+L centering device , Fabric heater tray , Printing table with 16 printing heads
Glueing device , Blanket washer device , Control screen panel , 16 color pumps ARO (Ingersoll rand), Printing heads with closed system Dryer oil heated , 4 chambers , Single passage , 4 turbines for each chamber, Oil radiators , Smokes extraction unit , Delivery with plaiting device , Machine still connected to power
Machine will be totally checked by our engineer before delivery
ACCESSORIES : squeeges for 1.600 mm , squeeges for 1.850 mm


MS Ink-Jet Digital Printing (New Fabric Finishing Machines )

Quantity: 1, Year: 2014, Model: MS JPK EVO 320 with the dryer MS – POWERDRY
Made in Italy, Working width: 3200 mm, Max. speed (double CMYK)1410 sqm/h, production speed (double CMYK)700 sqm/h
Max. speed (8 single colors)1140 sqm/h
production speed (8 single colors)575 sqm/h, Printing resolution Up to 1200 dpi, Gray levels 16, Drop Size From 4 to 72pl, Features
Open ink system, Open software system, Embedded remote diagnostic, Embedded web server for cost report, Printing width Up to 320 cm, Printing head 32, Installed electrical power: 40 kVA
Required water pressure: 2 bar
Water Consumption: approx. 100-400 l/h
Required air pressure: 7 bar
Compressed Air consumption: approx.150 l/min
Electrical Voltage: 400 Volts – 50 Hz – III
Max roll diameter exit: 350 mm
Diameter of cardboard tubes at entry: 2” internal diameter (48-50 mm)
Max roll diameter entry: 400 mm
Number of installed rows: 4
Number of colours: 8
Power-D dryer:
Installed electrical power: 7 kVA
Installed heating capacity: 43000 kcal
Max. air temperature: 120°C
Compressed air consumption: 0,5 l/m
Required air pressure: 6 bar
Number of passages: 3
Main parts of the printer:
• Unwinding unit
By means of a pneumatic expanding shaft, it is possible to position the rolls to be printed.
• Fabric feeding
Consisting of a “banana” roller and a fix expanding roller, it serves to widen and stretch the fabric entering into the machine. It is possible to increase or decrease the angle by rotating a hand wheel.
• Pressure roller
It is used to make the fabric adhere to the coated printing blanket.
Fix cold roller. This type of roller is fix and not heated; you can adjust the force with which to make the fabric adhere to the blanket through a special regulator. With the machine off, the roller it is kept raised from the blanket through springs.
• Crease sensors
With the aim of increasing the security of the heads, the printer is equipped with a sensor capable of detecting defects in the introduction of the fabric like creases, high seams, etc.
The intervention threshold of the sensor is adjustable by the operator. MS Printing Solutions srl accept no responsibility for damage caused by “non-reading” of the sensor.
• Printing blanket
It is a closed loop polyurethane blanket designed specifically for digital printers whose purpose is to feed the medium to be printed (paper or fabric). It is coated with adhesive substances to improve the adhesion with the fabric.
The movement is given by two rollers, one of which is motorized (the one positioned above the washing unit).
• Blanket heating
It is a blower for warm air to heat the printing blanket improving the adhesive qualities of the resins applied on it. It is composed of two tangential fans and a battery of electrical resistances. The incoming air passes through the metal mesh filters that prevent the entrance of parts that could damage the fan.
• Blanket washing
It has the purpose of removing any residues from the blanket like threads, color or other impurities before it receives the fabric to be printed at the entry.
The washing unit is made of a rotating brush, two water sprayers and two doctor blades. In addition to the pause position, in which it is detached from the blanket, thanks to pneumatic actuators it is possible to move automatically the washing unit into the working position, ie against the carpet. From the pause position, it is possible, by opening two hooks, to pull out the washing unit for maintenance. From here, you can clean it and maintain it.
• Print carriage bar
It is the fixed part fitted with guides and permanent magnets on which the printing carriage slides.
• Print carriage
The carriage is the mobile part where the print heads are housed, it is moved by a linear motor and driven by suitable skids along the guides of the cross member.
It is equipped with vertical movement both to adjust the distance of the heads from the substrate to be printed, as well as to move it into the rest position (parking ) during the phases of machine downtime and maintenance. Thanks to this movement, it is possible to print media with different thicknesses. Above them also a part of the ink management system is positioned that feeds the heads as well as the electronic control system, both connected to the machine via power track trains.
Kyocera print heads model KJ4.
• Fabric detachment sensor
This sensor is only installed if the printer is equipped with an external dryer. It is intended to detect an excessive detachment from the printing blanket at the entry of the dryer.
• Fabric detachment roller
It is a roller covered with a non-slipping material or silicone rubber (smooth or textured), with more or less grip. It makes it possible to remove the fabric from the blanket and send it to the dryer.
• Dryer
In-line dryer model MS-POWERDRY with three passages.
The dryer is equipped with:
– Glass fiber conveyor belt with PTFE coating
– Slot nozzle boxes for a uniform air distribution over the whole fabric width
– Highly efficient fans for the circulation of the process air
– Heating system by means of either gas, thermo oil or steam heating. In case heating of the dryer through gas burning NOT SUPPLIED WITH THE MACHINE. Please contact local Weishaupt dealer. Recommended model: WG10 N/0-D burner
• Winder
It has the purpose of rolling up the printed fabric at the exit of the dryer. It is possible to place a roll of protection paper in order to protect the fabric that is rewound avoiding replications.
• Blanket drying roller
It is a roller that allows eliminating the water drops that may remain on the carpet at the exit from the washing unit.
• Resin squeegee
It is a steel blade, which is mounted during the resin coating operation and allows spreading a layer of resin / glue on the blanket.
• Cleaning tank
The cleaning tank is composed of two main parts:
A. Capping-station: is a tank full of water with a seal whose purpose is to ensure the correct humidity of the print heads during the stages of “stand-by”. It also collects the ink during some phases of head cleaning.
B. Wiping-station is composed of a belt on which are found, at regular intervals, a series of aluminum blocks that support the rubber blades (Wiper) for cleaning the plate of the print heads.
By the term “plate” is meant the lower part of a print head equipped with micro-holes (said nozzles) from where the color is sprayed. It is a very delicate shock-sensitive part and must be kept clean in a humid environment so that the ink tends as little as possible to dry.
• Touch screen
It is the main control panel of the machine from which you can manage all the features of the same.
• Computer housing
Removing a panel, you can access the main computer of the machine
• Electrical cabin
In one of the lateral frame works, you will find the electrical panel of the machine
• Ink framework
This compartment houses the main tanks of the inks. Here you will also find the pneumatic system for operating the ink system with related control pressure gauges and pressure adjustment switches.
For a proper function of the technology used in ink jet, it is mandatory to install MS machines in a room with air conditioning. The temperature should be around 25°C and the humidity should range between 60 and 65% with a reduced load of dust. By controlling the air temperature and humidity, the aim is to prevent irreversible print head damages and to keep the correct function of the heads as well as to avoid that a high number of cleaning operations is required. Without the above-mentioned conditions, we do not guarantee the correct function of the inks and other consumable products. Furthermore, inks and consumables must be stored in the same environmental conditions as the machine.


MS Digital Printing Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 2013, Model: JP7, Working width: 1750 mm, Number of heads: 16, Number of colours: 8, Maximum speed: 340 linear meters per hour (around 500 square meters per hour), Currently the machine work with acid inks, but it is able to work also with reactive and disperse inks. Machine can be used to print sublimation paper used for transfer printing. Machine is in prompt delivery.


Digital Printing machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 2013, Brand: MS Italy, Modell: JP 7, Max. printing width: 1,800 mm, Nr. of heads: 16, This unit is composed of:, unwinding station, fabric opening unit Bianco with stretching roller you 2012, MS JP 7 printing machine, MS Power Dryer with 2 section, heating system : Gas, exit: for fabric with plaiter, exit: for paper with enrolling device, Machine in excellent conditions, Condition: on Mill floor



Quantity: 1, Year: 2014, Brand: MS Italy, Model: LARIO for NON Stop production!, Nr of Printing Bars: 7 / 15 heads each Bar, 1 Bar : with 30 heads for BLACK Color
, Max. printing width: 1.800 mm, Blanket width: 2.300 mm, Printing speed: upon coverage but average 60 m/min, Dryer: MS AXI D, Heating system: Gas, Entry: for Nonstop operation from MT, Exit : with plaiting device and Batching device, Special cooling installation, for the printing section, of MS Lario Ink Jet printing machine, Condition: on mill floor





Reggiani/EFI Rotary Printing

Quantity: 1, Year: 2018 , Model: UNICA, Max. printing width: 1850 mm, Nr. of colors: 12, Repeat size: 641 mm, Color feeding side: right side, Operating side: left, Electrical tension: 3 x 380 V 50 Hz, Dryer heating system: Gas, Thermoplast application system
Machine is compsed of: Fabric Entry with BIANCO unrolling unit from Rolls, 1 Electonic unwinding device from A Frames, 1 Bianco Suction unit with 2 nozzles, 1 Bianco weft straigthener with 4 electronic sensors, 1 E&L Fabric guiding system, 1 E&L Lattice spreading roller, 1 heating plate fort he fabric, 12 printing heads with 641 mm repeat size, 12 Magnet bars fort he color application, 1 Hot Air dryer fort he fabric with 4 compartments, 1 Hot air exhaust system, 1 Fabric exit with plaint rollers, 12 Color feeding pipes with 1850 mm width, 12 Pneumatic color feeding pumps.


Reggiani Digital Printing

Quantity: 1, Year 2012, 1800 MM Width, 16 Heads Capacity, 16 Installed, Heads from Kyocera Japan, Open Ink System, Entry and Exit System, One Chamber Gas Dryer with Wieshupt Burners, Heads are still new less used recently changed.


EPSON Digital Inkjet Printer

Quantity: 1, Year: 2014, Type FP-30160 , 2 Printing Heads, 155cm printing width, 8 color, 2 x MicroPiezo TFP, 35m2/h (540 dpi x 720 dpi 4 pass), 27m2/h (720 dpi x 720 dpi 4 pass), Acidic, reaction, dispersion 700ml x 8


Reggiani Digital Printing

Quantity: 1, Year: 2016, Model Renoir 340, 2.60 m, 16 heads, Gas dryer


Reggiani Digital Printing

Quantity: 1, Year: 2013, Renoir 340, w.w. 2.60 m, without heads, gas dryer


Zimmer Flat Bed Printing

Quantity: 1, Year: 2012, Austria origin, 225 cm max working width,, 8 color, 60m table length., 4 chamer,gas heated, Lenze invertor, running time less than 1000 hours,


Zimmer Rotory Printing

Quantity: 1, Year: 2008, Width 340cm, 16 color, 4 chamber, Oil heated, Stopped in mill floor test running ok.


STORK – MBK Printing Machine



BUSSER F8 HYDRAULIC Flat Bed Printing machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 2006, Working width: 3200 mm ( 126 inch ), 14 colours, 3 chambers dryeing machine with natural gas heating, Table lenght: 46 meters, Very good running condition, Electrical tension: 3 x 380 V 50 Hz


Zimmer Rotory Printing Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 2008, width 300cm , 16 color ,4 chamber China made, Oil heated, Stop in mill floor test running ok


Stork Rotary Printer RD IV

Quantity: 1 , ww. 2200 mm, 12 colours, 64+91 raport, 3-chamber dryer, 3 burners (Flamenco Eclipse)


Reggiani Unica Rotary Printing

Quantity: 1, Year: 2019-2020, Fully Rebuilt and Re Condition, Width 3.0 Mts, 12 Clrs All Installed, 3 Chamber Gas Dryer.
Machine has been Re – conditioned and Re Built in All aspects Each and Every Single Part.


Rotary Printing Line STORK

Quantity: 1, Year: 2000 Updated 2018 , 1620 mm, 20 colours made of :1 MAhlo Inlet combination made of Surface Unwinder + 1 Kalin brushing unit with spreading roll + raddrizzatrama + 1 MAhlo spreading roll + 1 Rotary printing machine Stork 1620 mm YOC 2000 Model Pegasus ID DD 1620 20 20 with belt cleaing at the beginning and at the end and Rotovac at inlet with 20 colours individually liftable + 1 StorkDrier Model Discharge EX-P 1850 mm 8 F YOC 2000 + 1 plait


Buser Flatbed Printing Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 1998, Type: F7E1680/30R, 14 colours
Printing table length: 30 Meter, Including Dryer Type F128.1610G with gas heating, working width approx. 1600 mm, 3 field rotation units, 1 x Mahlo Feeding unit RFMC-74 AN, Y.O.C: 1998 with Buser Sample Strike off table, length: 20m., type 1680/20.000 (DW 88 A 1680) and screen washing


Zimmer Printing ZIMMER AUSTRIA Printing Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 2006, Type: Rota-TG/49, Working Width : 200cm, Colours: 8


Zimmer Printing

Quantity: 1, Year: 2008, CHROMOJET, 8 colors


Reggiani Digital Printing

Quantity: 1, Year: 2016, Model: ReNOIR 340, 16 heads, Working Width: 3400 mm. 8 tanks feeding colours, 2 heads for each colour = 16 total heads, With printing carpet, With 16 heads printing, Resolution points for inch = 600×600 , Printing speed = 120 mt/hour, Resolution points for inch = 300×300 , Printing speed = 200 mt/hour, Software: Original Reggiani, Reggiani Original Dryer DD-HF , 2 modules , with 4 fans & burners metan-gas (2left-2right), For digital printing Reggiani , the range working speed is minimum 100 mt/hour to maximum 200 mt/hour, The working speed depend from resolution of fantasy-design, Machine is still working


STORK Rotary Printing line

Quantity: 1,Year: 1997, 1620 mm with 16 colours made of : 1 Testa Inlet combination installed on swiveable frame for elastic fabric s/n 3885 YOC 2014 with big roll inlet from axial winder or small roll from surface winder + 1 belt accumulator + 1 spreading roll +1 MAhlo Weft straightner Model Orthomat with spreading roll + 1 STORK printing machine 1620 mm YOC 1997 Pegasus RDDD 16 colori + 1 STORK Drier 4 chamber steam heated + 1 plaiter


Zimmer Rotary Printing

Quantity: 1, Year: 2008, No of Colours : 16, Blanket width 3400mm, Fabric Width:3200 mm , Machine total length:35m, 4 chinese drying chamber steam heated, Servo motor driver, Repeat size:640, Sometime running, sometime stop.


Reggiani Unica Printing

Quantity: 1, Year: 2001, Fully rebuilt and reconditioned in 2019-2020.
Width 3000mm, 12 colours all installed. 3 Chamber Gas dryer.


MS JP7 Natural Fabric Direct InkJet Printing

Quantity: 1, Year: 2018, Max. speed (double CMYK) – 650 sqm/h, Ind. production speed (double CMYK) – 325 sqm/h, Max. speed (8 single colors) – 460 sqm/h, Ind. production speed (8 single colors) – 315 sqm/h, Printing resolution (dpi) – 600 x 600 dpi, Graylevels – 16, Drop Size – from 4 to 72pl, Printing width – 180 cm, Printing heads – up to 16, Excellent running condition , like new


STORK Rotary Printing

Quantity: 1, Year: 2004, type PEGASUS., W.W. 1850 MM, 20 Colours, special entry MT, For knitting fabrics , gas dryer 5 chambers, exit plaiter