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BABCOCK Stenter Frame

Quantity: 1, Year: 1990, reconditioned 2018
table width 2000 mm.,
w.width 1800 mm., 6 compartments, gas heating, only pins chain,
MAHLO Weftstraightener mod.RFMC-10A


Babcock Stenter Line

1x Stenter line table width 3400 mm.,direct gas heating.
Axial winding system type Berico.
BETA Padder year 1995, table width 3400 mm., 3 cylinders dia.470 mm., differentiated squeezing.
Pre-Dryer at 2 compartments.
1x BABCOCK Stenter frame type 5000-4700 year 1995, 7 compartments, unilateral ventilation.
Selvedges Gluing basin + central basin.
Pins and clips chain with oil lubrification.
1x MAHLO Weftstraightener mod.RFMH-96H year 1995, 6 reading heads.
Air cooling unit.
Selvedges cutting group + central cutting.
Tangential winding arm.


Babcock Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year 1988, Width: 3400mm, 7 Chambers, Gas Fired, Combined Pin & Clip Chain ( Only Clips Installed), Entry from a Batcher to Small Kusters Wash Box, Erhardt & Liemer Guiders, 2 x Kusters 2 Bowl Padder, Mahlo Weft Straightener RFMC-10AP Year 2005 ( 8 Reading Heads), Mahlo Weft Straightener at Exit Equipped with 4 Reading Heads, Mahlo Humidity Sensor, Corino Cylinder and Accumalator, Corino Two Position Surface Winder with Traversing Roller E & L Installed in Year 2019, Running on Factory Floor, Invertors Driven, Excellent Condition.


Artos Babcock Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year: 1988, Oil 6 Chamber, 3200 MM Roller width , 2800 MM working width , Entry with cloth Guider. Padder, Weft statener EL 2006, Cooling Zone, Long chain Entry, Exit on Batcher, Lubricant free chain.


Babcock Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year: 1995, with 6 Chamber Oil/ Gas, 6 Chamber 3650 MM Roller width, 3200 MM working, width Oil and Gas , Entry with cloth guider, 3 bolls Padder CIATTI Italy, Weft statener Bianco, cooling zone , Long chain Entry, Exit on batcher and platter, Lubricant free Chain.


Babcock Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year: 1995, with 5 Chamber, 3400 MM Roller Width, 3200 MM Working Width, with 5 Chambers (Gas / Oil), Entry With Cloth Gider & Brushing Roller, Padder 3- Bolls Kuster Pakistan, Weft Statener – Mahlo Cooling Zoon, Batcher & Lubricant Free chain Pakistani.


Babcock Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year: 1995, with 7 Chamber Oil / Gas, 3400 MM Roller Width 2800 MM Working Width with 7 Chambers (Gass / Oil) , Entry with cloth Guider, 2 boll kuster padder ,weft statener Mahalo, Exit mahalo but not working,cooling Zoon, Exit on batcher, lubricant free chain.


Babcock Stenter Frame

Year: 1996, Width: 3400mm
8 Chambers, 2x Chambers pre-dryer, Pin chain, Entry with J Scray, 2×3 Bowls Padders, Bianco Weft Straightener, Inventor Controlled, Siemens Electronic, Upgraded in 2018, Continous exit with roller and batcher + plaitor.Heating is Gas


Babcock Stenter Frame Line

Quantity: 1, Year: 1995, Width:3200MM ,Hor chain 7F GAs Heated
Berico Axial Unwinder
Idle roller with E&L Fabric Guidance
Beta Padder s/n.1239.95 YOC 29/6/95 with 3 cilinder diameter .470 mm, with differentiated squeezing and 2 through
2 chamber gas heated predrier (Over head ) Optional
Mahlo Weft Straightner with 6 heads RFMH-96H 4/1995 s/n 22/636H/12194
Babcock Stenter type 5000-4700 YOC 1995 s/n.165625 P 95009-001,7 chamber i with unilateral ventilation
Seldvedge glueing unit
Oil lubrificated horizontal combined chain
Mahlo Weft Straightner at the Outlet with 6 Heads Type RFMH-96H YOC 4/1995 n.s/n 23/636H/12195
E&L Fabric Guidance
Cooling Unit
Seldvedge cutting plus central cut
Surface WInder