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Monfongs Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year: 2011, Width 280cm, 8 chamber, Gas heated, With centring padder, Horizontal chain.


Monforst Stenter

Quantity:1, Year: 2004
working width roller width 3600 mm, Erhart-Leimer opener , padder,
1 mahlo narrow width 1 Mahlo wider width
entry lenght 3.5 meter, horizontal pin and clip chain , 8 chambers , gas heated ,cooling zone, fabric delivery plaiter and batcher
machine is in excellent condition


Monforts Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year: 2000, Type Montex 6F TWIN AIR, Working width 240 cm, 6 chambers, Oil heating, Horizontal chain with pin, Finishing padder type Monforts Matex-Finish, Mahlo weft, traightener type RFMC-10A, Exit with big batcher and plaiter, Bianco happy scout tank is not included, 6 ctrs.


Monforst Stenter Montex 10 FM Twin-Air

Quantity: 1, Year: 1996, 2 padders and weft straightener, Gas heated 10 chambers, Maxon Burners, Working width 1850 mm, Horizontal pin chain, Exit batcher or plaiter. Running condition.


Monforts Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year: 1991, Montex 16G/K, 230mm ww, Gas heated, 8 chambers, Speed 7-150 m/min, KUSTERS padder, Type 222.17.


Monforts Flat Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year: 1990, This machine was completely reconditioned and repainted in year 2017, Suitable for woven and knit fabrics , Model: Montex 12G/K, Useful Working width: 2.200 mm, 8 chambers, Gas heating by burners with Maxon, Horizontal pin chain, Cooling zone on the exit, Delivery of the fabric in plaits, 1x padder brand BETA, construction year 1990, with spreading and centring device brand BIANCO, 1x weft straightener brand BIANCO with optical heads, year 1990, with a new screen recently installed, Double exhauster for the ejecting of exhausted fumes, Electrical control panel, The machine will be supplied complete with gas plant on board of the machine and the electrical plant on board of machine.


Monfongs Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year: 2016, width 240cm, 8 chamber, steam heated, with weft straighner, with center padder, Horizontal chain


Monfongs Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year: 2015, Width 340cm, 10 chamber, Gas heated, With centring padder, Horizontal chain, sStopped on the mill, Suitable for Knitting and woven fabric.



Quantity: 1, Year: 2003/2004, ‎upper roller width 2.200 mm, suitable for a fabric width of upto 2.000 mm, 5 chamber, gas heated, ‎horizontal pin chain, high cloth feeding device, edge uncurlers make ERHARDT & LEIMER type KF2020, ‎entrance into 2 roll squeezing mangle make KÜSTERS/FEYEN type 222.50.2200, roller width 2.400 mm, ‎high cloth feeding and fabric guiding by stainless steel rollers into 2nd pad mangle make ‎LÜSTERS/FEYEN type 222.50.2200, deviation rollers to deviate the 2nd. pad mangle, feeding into ‎weft/bow straightener make PLEVA with VISUALISATION type CINTEX, entrance into stenter frame ‎with working panel SATELITE and VISUALISATION, PLEVA moisture control type DSD-1 and SD-1P, ‎optoelectronic width control make ERHARDT & LEIMER type FR1501, overfeeding, horizontal pin chain, ‎‎5 chambers gas heating, gasburner make MAXON type VALUPAC, exit of stenter by cooling zone, ‎plaiter and/or big batcher, SIMATIC touch panel at exit with VISUALISATION, LENZE INVERTER


Stenter Frame Monforts Montex 5000 6F

Quantity: 1, Year 2002, 2,4m working width, Horizontal Pin chain, Oil heated, 6 chambers Mahlo weft straightener with 6 scanning heads, 6 meters entrance, Double foulard Bianco Linea Taflierina 2002, Glueing, Steaming, Infrared drying, Cooling


Monforts Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year: 2009, Width 280cm, 9 chambers, Gas heated, With padder, With straightener & center device



Quantity: 1, Year: 1986, Type MONTEX, AML INVERTER, installed on frame (drying section) upper roller width 2.800 mm, fabric width upto 2.600 mm, pulling roller, dancing roller, application/squeezing mangle make KÜSTERS type 222.53.2400 year 1986, dip vat, sewing detector, stenter frame on frame installed with air squeegee, stenter frame with optoelectronic width control ERHARDT & LEIMER FR 1501, 6 chamber stenter, horizontal combined pin/clip chain, steam heated, exit via cooling zone, fabric delivery underneath frame by E+A KOMBI exit device onto double Aframe batch winder, MAHLO moisture, control, BAELZ temperature control, AML INVERTER/LENZE.
‎-connected, on mill floor and partly in production in excellent condition
‎-machine/s of year higher than 1995 have CE Certificate ‎
‎-available spare parts will be given

For dismantling:‎
‎-all would be professionally marked, many pictures and video would be made during the ‎works
‎-professional electric and mechanical disconnection, packing of the dismantled items onto ‎wooden skid, pallets, boxes


Monforts Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year: 1995, w.w. 2.20 m, 6 chambers, Horizontal chain with pins and clips, oil, With padder Kusters, Racla Isotex from year 1995.


Monforts Stenter Frame

Quantity: 1, Year:1997, Type Montex 6F Twin air, 6 chambers, Gas heating, Width 260cm, working width 70cm-240cm, speed 5-100 m/min, Entry with plaiter trolley, Monforts finishing padder type MATEX, Mahlo weft straightener type XRFMC-12, y.o.c. 2007, Horizonzal pin chain 6 m entry, Tandematic Deculer with Erhardt+Leimer Sensor, Maxon burners type VALUPAK 325 KW and Siemens gas burner program controller type LFL1.335, With Mahlo moisture control, Lenze inversters, exit with Corino inspection table or falding machine, It is an excellent machine.