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Monfongs Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year: 2020, width 360cm, 10 chamber, gas heated, without weft straighner, Brand new machine


Monforts Single Layer Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year: 2007, 8 gas chambers, Model: MONTEX 8F-V, Useful working width: 2.200 mm., Weft straightener brand BIANCO, with 6 optical heads, year 2002, Nr. 8 chambers gas heated, Nr. 8 Maxon burners, Horizontal pin chain, Length of the input arms: about 5000 mm., Steamer under the entry arms, Cutting device and selvage suction device, Cooling system at the exit from the oven, Delivery fabric in plate and in tangential big roll, Double exhauster for the expulsion of exhausted fumes, Electrical cabinet, Machine suitable for knitted and woven fabrics. The machine is still in running condition, but it has been stopped lately due to little work.


Monforts Montex Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year: 1993, Completely overhauled and repainted in year: 2016, Model: MONTEX 12G/K, Useful working width: 2.200 mm, Entry arm’s length: about 5,5 meters, Number of chambers: 4, Heating system: gas, Burners brand: MAXON, Horizontal chain, Pin chain, Cooling device at the exit with air blowers, Fabric delivery: big roll or plate, N. 2 exhauster for the expulsion of exhausted fumes, Exit fabric in plate, Electrical cabinet, The stenter will be supplied complete with the gas system on the machine and the electrical system on the machine, Suitable for woven and knitting fabrics.


Monforts Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year: 1999, Model: Montex -7F-Twin air, Heating mode: Thermal, Number of rooms: 7, Cooling chamber: 1, Number of extractors: 2


Monforts Thermex-C Thermosol

Quantity: 1, Year 2005, ww. 2000 mm, with Wumag cylinder dryer (10 cylinder), Pleva weft straightener


Monforts Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year: 2001, model: MONTEX 5000
Working height 2400mm, Horizontal chain with pins,
7 chambers powered by diathermic oil, Entrance with Monforts brand scarf, with 2 cylinders.


Monforts Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year: 1998, ww: 2900 mm, Horizontal pin&clip chain, 5 compartments, Gas heted, padder, MAHLO weftstraightener at entrance and exit, Equipped with non-stop feeding system, fabric exit by A-frame and/or by folding.


Monforts Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year: 2003/2004, MONFORTS MONTEX 5000 5 bay stenter, gas, pin, 2.400 mm roller width.


Monforts Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year: 1995, Model: MONTEX 8F-TWIN-AIR, oller width: 2.400 mm, Entry from big roll or plate, MAHLO dogal centering device, Steamer in entry, Entry arm’s length: about 5,5 meters, Number of chambers: 6, Number of burners: 6, Number of fans: 12, Heating system: gas, Horizontal chain, Pin chain, Cooling device at the exit with air blowers, Fabric delivery: big roll or plate, Exhausters: 2, Suitable for woven and knitting fabrics.


Monforts Montex Stenter

Quantity: 2, Year: 2000, 8 chambers, 2400mm, Horizontal chain, Mahlo fular.
1x hot oil, working condition, machine condition is good.
1x gas heated, dock shaking unit , cutting edge, working condition.


Monforts Stenter

Quantity: 1, Oil, 2.200 mm w. w. Horizontal chaine pin/clips, 6 chambers, Kusters padder, Isotex racla Year 1986 Electronics parts refurbished and changed in 2019~


Monfongs Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year: 2014, 260cm roller width, 240cm working size, 10 chamber, 1 padder, Gas heated, Without weft straighner, Pin chain, lenze invertor, Simens plc,simens motor, Running condition.


Stenter Monforts

Quantity: 1, with ISOTEX from year 1995
w.w. 2.20 m, 6 chambers, horizontal chain with pins and clips, oil, padder
Kusters, . Machine totally electronic updated with inverters in 2018 (total investment of 100.000€)


Monforts Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year: 1985, With 8 Chamber (Oil/Gas), 3400 MM Roller Width 2800 MM Working Width with 8, Chambers (Gass / Oil) , Entry Scray Cloth Gider, Kuster Padder, IR – 2 stack Zimer, Weft Statener – Mahlo, Long Entry Chain, Exit Batcher, Lubricant Free chain.


Monforts Cylinder Dryer

2 Roll cylinder Dryer, Exit with Plaiter and Batcher.


Monforts Stenter Frame

Quantity: 1, Year: 2011, Roller Width 3400 mm, 8 chambers, Gas fired, Weko system installed, Continuous entry with J scray, 2 bowl monforts padder, Mahlo weft Straightnr, Exit Mahlo in addition , 2 roll cylinder dryer, Exit with plaiter and batcher. Pin Chain only.


Used Open Width Pad Steam Range

1x Monfort (Germany) Thermosal
Year: 2007, Working width: 1800mm, 3chambers – gas heating, Buner: Maxon – Belgium, IR : Monforst- 3pcs – gas heating, Buner : Maxon – Belgium, Cooling roller : 2rollers, Tension roller, J-box, Exit batching roller.

1x Kuster (Germany) Dyeing Padder:
Year: 2007, Width: 1800mm, Entry device, J-box, Centralling device, Tension roller, Waxing device.

1x Kuster (Germany) Pad team washing
Year: 2007, Working width: 1800, Entry device, J-box, Chemical Padder – Kuster, Dyeing steamer – 1pcs, Washing box : 8pcs, Padder : 8pcs, Dryer roller : 26pcs, J-box
Exit batching roller, Siemen PLC controller, Control panel with air condition, Condition: stop and test running before loading., Power: 380V, 50Hz.


Monforts Montex Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year: 2001, Montex 5000 8F, Width 2200
inlet from big roll or plaiter with J-Box, padder, weft-straightener, 8 chambers, gas heating, Conti-Clean dust filetr system, outlet with driven exit roller, nr.2 cooling drums, peripheral winder combined exit.
Beta Padder and Mahlo Weft Straightner are not included, but we can supply Padder and of Mahlo weft Straightnr from another place that we have, it would be a complete stenter line pre dryer and frame is not included.


Monforts Thermosol

Quantity: 1, Year: 2014, ww. 3400 mm, feeding combination with cloth scray, Benninger Küsters dye padder 222.18, Thermex infrared red dryer, Thermax hot flue, exit combination with J-scray


Monforts Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year: 1999, For weaving fabric and knits, Type MONTEX -7F-Twin air, Working width 240 cm, 7 chambers, Thermo-oil heating, 1 Cooling chamber, 2 extractors.


Monforts Stenter

Quantity: 3, Year: 2010, Roller size 200cm, Working size 180cm, 8 chamber, Chain with clip and pin, Mahlo weft straighner, With centring, With padder, Horizontal chain, Steam heated, Running for woven fabric.





Monforts Montex 6500F Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year: 2008, Stenter Thermic Fluid 1800 mm, 6 chambers, 60~100mts/min, Power 90kw, Tension 440v.


Monforts Stenter Frame Montex

Quantity: 1, Year: 1986 (several times overhauled)
ww. 2400 mm, foulard, combi chain (needle and pin), gas heated, 2 chambers, cooling section
renovations: driving system changed to frequency inverter (2011) / new batcher (2014) / new installed Pleva sensors TDS95 for heat control (2015)


Monfongs Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year: 2014, width 260cm, 9 chamber, oil heated, with weft straighner, Horizontal chain, with centring, with padder


Monfongs Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year: 2011, Width 280cm, 8 chamber, Gas heated, With centring padder, Horizontal chain.


Monforst Stenter

Quantity:1, Year: 2004
working width roller width 3600 mm, Erhart-Leimer opener , padder,
1 mahlo narrow width 1 Mahlo wider width
entry lenght 3.5 meter, horizontal pin and clip chain , 8 chambers , gas heated ,cooling zone, fabric delivery plaiter and batcher
machine is in excellent condition


Monforts Stenter

Quantity: 1, Year: 2000, Type Montex 6F TWIN AIR, Working width 240 cm, 6 chambers, Oil heating, Horizontal chain with pin, Finishing padder type Monforts Matex-Finish, Mahlo weft, traightener type RFMC-10A, Exit with big batcher and plaiter, Bianco happy scout tank is not included, 6 ctrs.