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Superba Heatset B401‎

Quantity: 5, Year: 3×2006, 2×2005, 48 Head, ‎TYPE LV


Superba Heat Set Machine

Quantity: 4, Year: 2×2005, 1×2004, 1×2002, Each 48 spindles, 2004 and 2005 winders B401 same high model, 2002 winders B400.


Year: 2004, 2005


Year: 2002


Superba TVP3 Heatset & Volkmann VTS05 Twisters

1x Superba TVP3
Year: 2008, 72 spindles, With frise box

3x Volkmann VTS05-C and VTS05
Year: 2006,2010 , Cabling, 168 spindles
Year: 2002, Not Cabling, 160 spindles


Superba Heat Set

Quantity: 2 , 60 spindles


SUPERBA Shrinking Line For Carpet Yarns

Quantity: 1, Year 1984 but improved in 2004
Crimping Box Type MF year 2003, 1 Tunnel year 1984/97, Cooling unit Type RTV (Front and Rear)
Dryer Type STV
ARGM control system, SUPERBA Winder year 2003, Type B401, 24 spindles, auto-doffing


Complete BCF Line with Twisting and Heat Setting


Neumag S Plus BCF

Quantity: 2, Year: 2021, 4 winders each, Mono pp, With steelframe


Volkmann Twisting Cabling VTS05/C

Quantity: 2, Year: 2017, 176 spindles


Superba Heatset TVP3

Quantity: 1, Year: 2017, 72 spindles


Complete BCF Line with Twisting and Heat Setting


BCF Neumag S plus

Quantity: 1, Year: 2013, mono PP, 2 extruders, 4 winders

Volkmann Twisting VTS05

Quantity: 2 , Year: 2007, 2013, No cabling


176 spindles


160 spindles


Superba Heatset TVP3

Quantity: 1, Year: 2010, 60 spindles


Superba Single Tunnel Heatset

Quantity: 2
Year: Reconditioned by Superba in 2018
Model TVP/2
Each Comprising of
1x 36 End Creel with Stop motions Year 2018
1x Pre Feed unit with motors type PRE/2 Year 2000
1x Coiling Head type DAV/2 Year 2000
1x New Stainless steel belt 200mm wide
1x High Efficiency Pre Steamer Type HEP Year 2000
1x Counterband Tracking Device
1x Heat Setting tunnel 9 meter with hydraulic heads, Year 2000
1x Circular Blower System Type CBS 4 circulation blowers, Year 2000
2x Turbo Cooling Chamber Type TCC Year 2000
1x New Electrical Control, System with Cabinet
1x New Superba Take up winder Year 2018, 36 end Model B401, Traverse 10 inches, Automatic Doffing
1x New Dryer Type STV3 Year 2018
1x Control, System type APQPRO Year 2018


Superba Acrylic Yarn Heatset

Quantity: 1, Year: 2002, Type: LV, 48 spindles, With accumulator, Winders B400, Machine is in good running condition, complete without any missing parts.


Superba Heatset

Quantity: 2, Year: 2014, 60 HEAD.


Superba Heatset

Quantity: 2, Year: 2007, 48 positions each machine, No Friez Units and no accumulators. B 401 winders, 9 Meters Tunnel.
NOTE: Its possible to sell WINDERS only that can be used for factories that have heatset machines and want to UPGRADE winders.


Friezing Machines + Several Spare Parts

Quantity: 2, Year: 1999 & 2000
NOTE: All spare parts seen in pictures come with the machines


Superba Heatset + Volkmann VTS-05 + Other Related Machines

Superba Heatset
Quantity: 4
Year: 2007
48 positions each machine
No Friez Units and no accumulators.
B 401 winders, 9 Meters Tunnel

VTS-05-0 Volkmann
Quantity: 2
Year: 2007
Two for one (not cabling) 144 spindles
Series 8.02
Number of sections: 18
Spindle gauge 495,0 mm
Without balloon limitors
Overhall length with conveyor belt: 38.809 mm
Overhall width 1.500 mm
Total height 2.027 mm
Max. spindle speed: 8.500 rpm

Untwisted Yarn (Feed Packages)
Cylindrical packages
Traverse: 10″(254 mm)
Tube length: 290 mm
Inside diameter of tube: 73 mm
Max outside diameter: 285 mm
Net yarn weight, depending on yarn quality and package density, approx: 5KG

Twisted Yarn (Take-Up Packages)
Cylindrical cross wound bobbins
Traverse: 10″(254 mm)
Tube length: 290 mm
Inside diameter of tube: 73 mm
Max outside diameter: 400 mm

All machines YOM 2007 installed in 2008
NOTE: Machines would be dismantled end of Sept 2021


Superba Heat Set

Quantity: 1, Year: 2018, Type: TVP3 , 78 positions, Fitted with Friezing head, 15Kw, Capacity: 6800 kg/day.


Superba line TVP-2S

Quantity: 1, Year: 2003 , with creel for 48 cones, electronic sensors, frisebox MF,conveyor 260mm width,
high pressure tunnel length 18,-m, temperature 100-150°C,
2 dryers type STV-3, accumulator MAT 4,5 m length,automatic control PEG/E2 Electro and REG/E2 Base,
automatic winder Belmont type AD-3051,24 spindles, 10″ traverse, conic tubes 280mm
The long tunnel of 18,-m has the advantage of 2 times longer residence
compared with a 9m tunnel. This fact allows to work with much higher production speed
or lower temperature for wool, to get a good heat setting without yellowing.
It is possible to shorten the tunnel easily about 3, 6, 9, 12 or 15 m by sections of 3 m.


Superba Yarn Steaming And Shrinking Machine & Gilbos winder IDS-10

Superba Yarn Steaming And Shrinking Machine
Quantity: 1
Year: 1995
type Spirovap WPM/U,
with 10 conveyors, perforated stainless steel tapes,
steam heated 98°C, variable speed 300-600 m/min,
very good condition, still in working position

linked with

Gilbos winder IDS-10
Quantity: 1
12 spindles, 10” traverse, cylindrical tubes 280 mm,
meter counter, automatic doffer, conveyor fur full cones,
very good condition, still in working position



QUANTITY: 2, YEAR: 2005, 48 POSITION, Winders B401.


Superba Heat Set

2x Superba heat set line #2,3, TVP 2S (48 running ends). This is a complete line from creel to winder that was refurbished in 2017. Line includes creel, MF4, coiler, pre-steamer, Superba entrance cooling fan, tunnel entrance, two meter entrance cooling section, nine meter heat set section with CBS steam circulation, two meter exit cooling section, tunnel exit, exit cooling fan, 25 ft yarn accumulator, yarn takeoff system and 48 spindles of Superba B4 auto-doff winding with tube take-up. Very little use since refurb.


Superba LV Heatset

Quantity: 1, Year: 2014, Type: B401, 60 spindles.


Carpet Yarn Fixage Superba B401

Quantity: 1, Year: 2006, 48 head 10 inch for acrylic carpet yarn


Superba TVP-2S & Superba TVP

Superba TVP-2S, Quantity:1, Year:1997, Number of Ends:36
Superba TVP, Quantity:1, Year:1989, Number of Ends:24
Machines are in running in excellent condition., NOTE: THE 2 MACHINES ARE SOLD AS ONE LOT, 4 containers to load both machines.Good for all three fibers PA, PP & Polyester.