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Kusters Washing, Soda and Bleaching Line

Quantity: 1, Year: 2001, Working width 1800mm, ET entrance J-Box type year 2003. 8 stainless steel tanks on ground level, completed with relating squeezers. Steamer on the upper level on mezzanine structure. Ramallumin dryer with 20 drying stainless steel/tefloned cylinders, year 2004. ET final fabric winder, Arrot type, year 2002.


Lafer Raising

1x Lafer raising machine with 2 vertical drums , model GRI 228C , with 22 satellite cylinders.
1x Lafer machine model GLC 128C


MCS Continuous Rope Washing Line for After Print Fabrics

Quantity: 1, Year: 2004, Model: WR 12, Washing positions: 12, Machine in very good condition.


Benninger Ben-Extracta Washing Line

Year: 1998, Cylinder width: 2000 mm. Useful working width: 1800 mm. Number of washing tanks: 3, Entry fabric with widening and dogal centering device, Fabric entry from plate or big roll, Fabric delivery in plate or big roll, Squeezing cylinders re-rubberised at end 2020, The machine can used for fabrics of width 190 cm. The machine is in very good condition and has done very little work.


Goller Clip Chain + Roller Mercerizing Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 2011, Nominal Width: 200cm, Working width: 180cm, Fabric entry, 2 big padders, 16 cooling cylinders, Clip chain + Rollers, 6 Washing boxes , 20 drying cylinders , Fabric Exit, Stopped on the mill floor


Benninger Mercerizing

Quantity: 1, Year: 2015, Type Dimensa ML2, w.w. 2.20 m, 4 washing boxes.


Benninger Open Width Washing Line

Quantity: 1, Year: 2007, Type EXTRACTA 2000, w.w. 2.0 m, 4 Washing tanks composed by 3 washing tanks with double drums and fabric , Capacity of 8 metros and 1 washing tank with fabric passage and chemical , Dosing system, with fabric capacity of 20 metros, dryer unit with 10 , Cylinders, outlet with winder


Arioli Washing Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 2015, Type Uniwash, w.w. 2.20 m, 5 washing boxes.


Erbatech Open Width Washing Range

Quantity: 1, Year: 2006, WW 200cm, ERBATECH (German), With 4 Washing Compartments, Big roll entrance, J Accumulator, Folding fabric delivery, Type 2000, Status: Stop in mill floor.


Zonco Washing Wool Fabrics 4 Ropes

Quantity: 3


CIMI Continuos Washing

Quantity: 1, Year: 1996, Model roto dyer ” lavanova “, Working width 2000mm. N.⅚ thanks +1 relax box tank.


Goller Washing Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 2013, roller width 280cm
working size 260cm, 6 padder
5 drum, running condition, for knitting and woven fabric


MCS Open Width Washing

Quantity:‎1, Year: 2017, Type: STAR-WASH 2G-36 TAV.3600, roller width 3600 mm, fabric width 3400 mm, min. 700 mm, 2 boxes. Bianco hydro extractor, Conroler Termoelectronica,‎ mech. speed up to 50 m/min, electric supply 3x480V, 60 HZ.
Fabric contents:‎ fabric inlet group Mod. EN400 – 5 m‎, washing unit Mod. STAR-WASH-FS – 5 m‎, plaiter on exit Mod. UF17 – 5 m‎, Dimensions: L 8015 mm x max.W 4600 mm, Status: running.
They were washing mainly PES and Cotton/PES fabrics of weight over 300 gsm ( table cover, ‎curtains designated fabrics mainly)‎.
They changed some valves for water only . otherwise machine was running well and rarely ‎used and quite new.‎


Babcock Wash/Scour Range

Quantity: 1, Year 2001 , Entry and exit rollers are 4.6m width, with 4 wash boxes, Barco monitoring system
Menzel accumulator model 110PS01 year 2015 at entry, fed from A-frame with automatic unwinder
Menzel compensator with multiple rolls
Potable water utilized in heat transfer process and dispensed to sewer, steam condensed and returned to condensate tank for reuse in boiler
Wash box #1 has 15 rolls
Wash box #2 has 17 rolls
Wash box #3 has 17 rolls
Wash box #4 has 16 rolls


Ferraro Continuous Washing Line

Open width for after printing fabrics, Year: 2018, Working width 1800 mm, No. 8 tanks: 7 for washing and rinsing + 1 for relaxation, Self-cleaning filters on each tank, Entry and exit of the plaited fabric, Electrical cabinet, Machine in excellent condition, practically like new and still working.


Pozzi/Babcock Mercerizer

Quantity: 1, Year: 1995, Completely overhauled in 2011 with inverter drive system. 1830 mm compartment, washing machine roller width 2000 mm.


Cimi Washing Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 1998, Model: Lavanova TAV-2000, Complete with brushing unit, centering unit, 2 rollers and centering device. 4+4 teflon-coated drum dryers, diameter 800 mm. Folder output with quick change for 2 trolleys.


Goller Washing

Quantity: 1, Year: 2012, Width 220cm, 7 padder, 7 washing box, Make for knitting fabric, Connect power now.


Xetma Emerizing Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 2001, Type: Multisystem XRE, ww. 2600 mm, 24 rollers


Osthoff Singeing With Benninger Desizing Range

Quantity: 1, Year: 2001, (modified in 2014)
ww. 2200 mm, brushing and dedusting box, singe type U97/3 with 2 Variojet singe bars (suitable for 2 sides single singeing or double singeing on single side), Benninger desizing compartment type Extracta


Kusters Combined Pad Steam & Mercerising Line

Model CPSWR-CMR, Working width 2 meter, Year: 2011.

Comprised of:
Pad Steam:
Entry Scray, Tension rollers stands, E&L Air Guiders, 4 Roller Brusher, 4 Burner Singer, 4 Roller Brusher.

Dye Pad:
Kusters 2 Roller Dye Pad, Kusters Tight strand steamer with 28 top and bottom rollers, Kusters 2 Rubber roller pad.

Kusters Roller Mercerizing with Bypass Lane, 20 rollers.

7 Kusters Wash Boxes, Single lace with 5 top and 6 bottom rollers, Each with Rubber over Rubber Nip rollers, 6 with 5-ton Nip and 1 with 10 Ton Nip capacity.

Tensioning stand, 2 Stacks of Drying cans, Each with 12 cans x 2-meter-wide x 30-inch diameter, Steam heated.

E&L edge Guiders, With A Frame take up.


Rapid Washing

Quantity: 1, Year: 1996, 4 ropes


Babcock Washing/ Scouring Range

Quantity: 1, Year 2001, Width 3 m, Entry and exit rollers width 4 m, BARCO monitoring system, 4 Washing boxes width 280 cm (15 rolls + 17 rolls + 17 rolls + 16 rolls), MENZEL Accumulator model 110PS01 year 2015 at entry, Fed from A-frame with automatic unwinder, MENZEL compensator with multiple rolls.


Zonco Washing

Quantity: 1, Year: 2000, TYPE: TWIN 800


Santex Actiwash Washing Machine

Year: 1993/2015, Working width 1800 mm, 5 washing boxes each with 2 sieve drums, Dwelling chamber is 500 meter fabric capacity, after each washing chambers squuezer, Speed 0-80 meter /min. with dosing vessels, exit plaiter, Machine is suitable for woven and knitted fabrics, machine is overhould. Running condition.


Sperotto Rimar Formalux MT 15/3 Mercerising Range Tubular

Quantity: 1, Year: 2010, Roller Width 1500, Turn Table, Automatic Untwisted, Hot Mercerizing Equipment, 3 No of Cigars, ​Fabric Impregnation tank: with Bath Caustic Soda and Squeezer on the delivery, ​No of Cigars: 3 (1st, Washing and Neutralization Tower with Squeezer for Connection with 2nd and 3rd Neutralization Tower), ​Na-OH Depository, uipment, Density & Level Control, ​Dosing Pump, ​Caustic Soda Recycle Unit, ​Chiller Unit.


Goller Washing Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: refurbished in 2019, 5 washing compartments, w/w 2000.


Benninger Open Width Washing Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 2007, Width: 360, This is woven home textile for woven fabrics. There are squeezing rollers in between 3 cabins. There is an air conditioner on the inverter control panel. It is in working condition.


COMBI-SOFT Washing Range

Quantity: 1, Year: 1997, Washing range in rope form – cap 7 ropes – (MAT Spa)


Menzel Mercerization Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 2010, width of goods: 800-1600 mm finish, 1580-1750 mm coarse
width of cylinder WOB: 2.000 mm
material: cotton fabric
weight of goods: 80 – 200 g/m2, average 140 g/m2
production speed: 37 m/min, technical speed: 55 m/min, production capacity: 10 million meters/year
(250 days, 3 shift )
compressed air: 6 bar, steam pressure: 6 bar
electrical connection values: 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 Ph
operator side: in the direction of goods running to the right
steel: 316 for chemie, other 304
installed electrical power of the mercer device: 111 KW cca.
installed electrical power of the cooling liquor: 25 KW
installed electrical power of the lay recovery: 18 KW
installed electrical power of the expansion field: 10 KW
water consumption desizing: cca. 2 – 4 liters/kg goods = 2 m3/h
water consumption finishing washing: cca. 6 – 8 Iiters/kg goods =
4 m3/h
water consumption for lay cooling: cca. 6m3/h at 10-15°C
water consuption for lay recovery: cca. 7 m3/h at 18°C
steam consumption for water heating in the washing areas: cca.
1000 kg/h (z 20°C na 95°C)
steam consumption for the lay recovery: cca. 1.100 kg/h
consumtion the compressed air: average cca. 500 l/h, shortly
2500 l/h
rubberizing the device between squeezing: hard rubber
100°Shore against soft rubber 80° Shore
rubberizing squeezing device Rowatex: hard rubber 100° Shore
against Rowatex 95° Shore
squeeze effect the devic Rowatex: 60 % – 65 %, depending on
the weight of the goods and speed


Kusters Wash Boxes

Quantity: 4
Type: 225-74 310
Year: 1993
Box size: L-75”, H-62”, W-90”
Door opening: 31×18”
Overall structure: 115×130” H- 86”

top metal roller: 6” diam. 80” width
Green rubber roller: 4” diam. 80” width
Black rubber roller: 12” diam. 80” width
Inside: 6 metal rollers: 6” diam. 80” width
Metal roller: 6” diam. 80” width
top metal roller: 6” diam. 80” width
Green rubber roller: 4” diam. 80” width
Black rubber roller: 12” diam. 80” width
Copper rubber roller: 4” diam. 80” width
Inside: 6 metal rollers: 6” diam. 80” width

top metal roller: 6” diam. 80” width
Green rubber roller: 4” diam. 80” width
Black rubber roller: 12” diam. 80” width
Inside: 6 metal rollers: 6” diam. 80” width

top metal roller: 6” diam. 80” width
Green rubber roller: 4” diam. 80” width
Black rubber roller: 12” diam. 80” width
Copper rubber roller: 4” diam. 80” width
Inside: 6 metal rollers: 6” diam. 80” width


Menzel Mercerizing Line

Year: 2010
Feeding from big batcher
Relaxation unit
Infeed rolls with edge control; E&L
2 washing vats with squeezers
Spreading zone Monforts
Merecerizing unit
Squeesers unit
Stabilisation section
Squeezers unit
Washing vat with sqeezers
PH neutralisation with pump
Washing vat with squeezers
Compensating/relaxation zone
Delivery with edge E&L control
Big batcher
Line is 48 meters long ( 53 m with service space) ; 3.90 m heigh and 5,0 m wide.

It is dismantled by factory specialists ( experienced – because they were also erecting new machine in 2010)
For fabrics raw 1580 – 1750 mm wide ( max tube 2000 mm ) Finished cloth – 800-1600 mm wide.
Practical speed 37 m/min.
Steam needed – 6 bar; Compressed air – 6 bar. Power voltage 400V, 3 ph ; 50 Hz
Condition very good
It is dismantled


Benninger Combi Merceriser

Quantity: 1, Year: 2006, Model MS4-LG-ZT, Roller width :3600mm, Working width :3400mm
Working speed 10/100 mts/min, Type :Dimensa, High frame cloth feeding device , j scary KF 2020 guiders, Pre wetting tank
Heavy duty squeezing padder, Caustic impregnation tanks with steel grew rolls and hollow
rolls, Caustic circulation pump, 2 nos caustic storage tanks, 2 nos small tanks from CRP
Magtrol load monitoring system to control the fabric tension, Rotary filter, Total length: 8.10m
Number of steel grew rolls : 21, Number of Hallow rolls (big dia) : 16, Number of Hallow rolls (small dia) : 8
Total fabric content :40mts, Speed :60mts/min – 70 mts/min
Squeezing padder .Max pressure : 1.4 KN
Timing zone, Number of grew steel rolls : 5, Number of hallow rolls (big dia) : 5, Number of hallow rolls (small dia) : 6
Total length: 2.15m, Chain section with E+L Tandamatic selvedge guider
E+L photo sensors selvedge edge
Double Pinning device, Total length : 7.8m, Squeezing padder , max pressure : 1.4 KN, Stabilization compartments comprised of
Number of grew steel rolls : 10, Number of Hallow roll (Big dia): 8, Number of hallow roll (Small dia): 5
10 nos spray lines for circulation, Rotary file, Magtrol load monitoring system
Total length : 4.5m, Squeezing padder max pressure : 1.4 KN
4 Extracta with multi chamber washing system, 6 top and 5 bottom rolls
Cloth content in each washing chambers :12m, Acid dozing system
Heavy duty final squeezing padder, Cloth expander, compensator, 2 stack drying cylinder 2×12, dia 800 mm
2 section drive with belt, Traction roll, J scary E+L KF 2020 guider, Exit with Batcher, Total machine length :56 m ( with work space), width :7m


CABER Continuous Washing line

Quantity: 1, Year: 1998, with drying cylinders tower
Number of tanks: 4, Rollers width: 2.000 mm., Working Width; 1.800 mm.
Entry frame with adjustable brake fabric device
Centering widening device brand BIANCO
Tank for soaping
1° tank with two perfored drums complete of pump of circulation and filter
2° tank with conveyor belt in stainless steel for fabric relax complete of pump of circulation and filter
3° tank with two perfored drums complete of pump of circulation and filter
4° tank with two perfored drums complete of pump of circulation and filter
Hard final squeezer with 2 rollers
Delivery fabric of the washing is in plaiter or in big batch roll
Electrical box with controller
All tanks have the possibility of thermoregulating the temperature for each tank
Tower with N. 20 Drying cylinders (N. 2 columns)
Drying cylinders brand: Webetex
Roller width 2.000 mm
Year of construction: 1980, Maximum steam pressure: 4,5 Bar, N, 10 tefloned cylinders, N. 10 motorized cylinders
Delivery fabric of the drying cylinders is in big batch roll


Goller Washing Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 2015, Roller width 240cm, 5 drum washer, Simens PLC, Lenze invertor, Running Condition.


Benninger Mercerizing

Quantity: 1, Year: 2015, Type Dimensa ML2, w.w. 2.20 m, 4 washing boxes.


Anglada Continuous Washing

Quantity: 1, Year: 1998, Type: TURBANG, Working Width: 1.80 m, 3 chambers


Bianco Open Width Washing

Quantity: 1, Year: 2017, Italy origin, Working width 240 cm, 1 padder, 4 washing boxes, for knitting fabric, Running in the mill floor