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Muratec MVS870 Air Jet Spinning

Quantity: 6, Year: 2014, No Of Spindles: 96, Conicity: 4°20, Traverse: 6″, Doffers: 1, Splicer Nozzle Prism: G2Z, Clearer Type: MSC, Crown Attachment: Available, Waxing: Available, OHTC Make: Muratec, Spindle Type: Orient, Spindle Size: M, No Of Splicer: 3 Carriages, Nozzle Type: Orient, With out poly master.


Autefa Crosslapper

Quantity: 1, Year: 1996, Type: CL2003, Infeed width: 2.500 mm, Outlet width: 3.500 mm, Incl. control system, cabinet and panel, Spare parts, Cables, Well maintained. Max speed of the machine in m/min – 60-80 m/min, It is not a profiling cross lapper , Electronic control/ plc is available with the machine, incl. cables, Max gsm is not depending on cross lapper, Machine is stopped and dismantled.


Schlafhorst Autocoro ACO 360 Open End

Quantity: 2 , Year: 2004, with 336 rotors each,model 360, spinning box SE 12, magnetic rotors T 533 BD of 33 mm diameter, clearer Corolab XQ,
combing rollers S21 N, with wax device, Delivery prompt.
NOTE: working 100% cotton yarn Ne 30/1.