Slasher Dye Denim Plant


Slasher Dye Denim Plant

1 Benninger High Performance Direct Warper
Model Ben-Direct 800
54 1/2 inches Warping width
800mm flange diameter
With pressure Roller
With Zig Zag Reed and Lint screen
Year: 2001

1 Benninger V Creel
Model GV/Optostop-600
600 Running Ends
600 reserve Ends
5 rows high
Inside Loading & Outside Discharge
Benninger broken end detector system - Optostop
Benninger Ben-Tens Tension units
Automatic cutters
Package holders pitch
435mm vertical
240mm horizontal
Creel height to top row 2222.5mm
Total Height 2700mm
Creel Length 14902mm
Creel width at back 11838mm
V Creel 35 degree
Year of manufacture: 2001

1 Completely Rebuilt MASTER-TEMSAN Indigo Dye Slasher Range
Year 2019
Master Indigo-Compact Dyeing
Karl Mayer Beaming
Rotal Sizing
Temsan High Efficiency Air & Oxidation
Working width 1400 mm
Comprising of

Beam Creel
16 Beam Creel by Master Srl
Working width 1400mm

Indigo Dyeing
3 Warp Preparation Boxes
With high pressure Squeeze
1 High mounted Tight Strand Steamer
9 Indigo Dye Boxes with
Temsan Patented Forced Air Oxidation
For high efficiency dyeing, Low cost
Increased production speed
And Deeper Indigo coloration
Each box with High Pressure Squeeze Nips
1 High Mounted Tight Strand Steamer
3 Wash off Rinse boxes each with
High Pressure Squeeze Nips
Accumulator stand for continuous running
12 Mayer-Rotal Steam Heated Cylinders

Sizing & Beaming
1 Rotal Size Box with 2 Dip and 2 Nips
12 Mayer-Rotal Steam heated final dry cylinders
Karl Mayer Beaming Heastock
Model BM2600
2600mm maximum beaming width
1000mm maximum flange diameter

Fully Synchronized Speed controls, Dye Circulation
Temperature and Dye flow controls

Color & Size Kitchens:
Dye Color Kitchen with Stainless Steel Dye Mixing
And Storage Tanks
Size Kitchen with Mixing and 2 storage tank