Pickering Autotuft Tufting 1/10"


Pickering Autotuft Tufting 1/10″

Quantity: 1
Year: reconditioned in 1999
4200 mm working width
With control panel.
1/10" gauge machine, cut-pile, left hand tufting tools.
Straight needle bar.
Reconditioned in 1999 for automotive application (automotive carpets).
Set at 4200 mm on the needle bar with 1740 needles resp. 145 modules.
Speed up to 900 stitches per minute.
Adjustable bed plate. Adjustable needle stroke.
Adjustable knife stroke.
4 x 4" diameter yarn feed rollers.
PIV variable speed control to yarn feed and cloth feed.
Special knife drive system for low profile pile height.
Roller bearing top shaft.
Variable speed main drive inverter with stop at the top attachment.
Modular needle bar and threader.
Cobble looper module system.
Semi modular knifeblock system and setting jigs.
Extra low profile reed plates.
Unroll bracket cones and centre tube.
Broken yarn detector.
[Cobble tight end detector. NO LONGER AVAILABLE.]
Air jet cleaner.
The scope of supply does not include the gauge parts.
The Cobble tight end detector was added later and has been removed in the meantime.
The machine is suitable for tufted carpet in a square meter
range of 250 to 1000 gr/sqm.