Complete Carpet Finishing Line


Complete Carpet Finishing Line

Back coating line (latexing line) max width 4200 mm
The line is composed of:

Dohle double sewing machines YOC 2006
J box Matthys
Coating machine Sellers YOC 2010
Oven Sellers (gas burners, 4 chambers)
Metal detector
Steambox Sellers YOC 2014
Calendering and shaving Lamperti machine YOC 2013
J-box Matthys
Heated rolls x 2
Heat drum
Cutting: 4 cutting knives Van de Velde. Width adaptable
3 types of exits:
roll-up system Handsaeme for cut fabric
rolling on tube system Handsaeme for full width fabric)

And Carpet dedusting line - 4000 mm
The line is composed of :

J box Matthys YOC 2002
Steam box
Brushing and beating machine Matthys YOC 2002 (removing the dust and vacuum) - 3 times
shearing machine Sellers YOC 2010 ( 1 shaving head, metal detector, 2 manual chain hoists)
J-box Matthys
Matthys bobbin
Drum suction Lysair 2008