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Babcock Stenter/Heatsetting Frame

Quantity: 1, Year: 1999/2000, Type: 5301
Installed in the year 2000, Suitable for woven and knit fabrics, Roller width 2600 mm, 5 chambers gas
Heated with combined pin/clip chain in the configuration of high cloth feeding device with seperate motor driven unwinding motor for tensionfree production compensator, high feed with VACUUM, SUCTION device, entrance into BETA 3 roll squeeing mangle year 2000, deviation of fabric via stainless steel guide rollers onto VACUUM SUCTION device, feeding into MAHLO WEFT/BOW STRAIGHTENER type RFMC 96 year 1999, roller width 2600 mm, feeding into stenter frame with optoelectronic width control make ERHARDT & LEIMER FR5501 series, 3 finger edge uncurlers, TANDEMATIC entrance device for knit fabrics, 5 chambers gas heated, combined pin/clip chain, exit via cooling zone, edge glueing and cutting device, MAHLO WEFT/BOW straightener at exit, guide rollers for delivery of fabric onto A-frame, plaited fabrics, sperate motor driven A-frame winder for tensionfree production, INVERTER


Cibitex Sanforizing

Quantity:1, Year: 2002, Roller width 2400 mm, INVERTER controlled
Comprising out of high cloth feeding device, CORINO FLC 3 spiral and expanding device with optoelectronic sensor, installed above, steaming cylidner in diameter 800 mm, with steam suction hood made by stainless steel, installed rubber blanket in rubber blanket width of 1920 mm, thikness 64 mm, exit and feeding into felt calander with roller width 2400 mm, installed felt width 1960 mm, heating cylinder diameter 1500 mm, drying cylinder diameter 800 mm, exit of felt calander via cooling cylidner in a roller width of 2400 mm, diameter 800 mm, exit and delivery onto A-frajme, electronic sensoric and control for grinding roller device, including grinding unit


Lisa Carbon Brush Machine

Quantity: 1, Year: 2002, Type: EL-BF 12-2100, Roller width 2100 mm, INVERTER driven
With high cloth feeding, entrance into BIANCO spiral expanding roller unit, 3 carbon brush devices with each of carbon brush unit with seperate fluff/dust suction head, exit and feeding on plaiting unit as well as A-frame batch winder, suction device for feeding into seperate trouser filter with 14 trousers